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No Resting on the Laurels

Breathe Me to Life in the Once Upon A Twisted Time box set has been out for a little over a week now. It’s now available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a KU membership and have been waiting for it to switch over…your wait is over. ūüėČ

So, what have I been doing since release day? There is no rest for the weary, wicked, or authors.¬† I’ve been working on Celine and Coipeail’s story. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a shortish story, but who knows…characters sometimes throw you for a loop and insist certain events that weren’t initially planned happen. I’ve also agreed to do a short story anthology…and there may be another project in the works…I’ve also agreed to do an anthology that isn’t going to be released until next year. In other words, I’ve been presented with a writing challenge that will not only push me, but will introduce my writing to different audiences. Of course I answered that challenge with a “yes”. Pray for me and my sanity. I promise to let you all know what is going on with these other projects as they come up.

In the meantime…I need to get back to Coipeail and Celine.

Until next week…Happy Reading!¬†




Worder Wednesday won (1)

If you’ve been following along, you may have noticed that each of the EBB authors are getting a day, and I think there are others who will be guest posting from time to time.¬†I got Wednesday in the big scuffle. I’m not sure when everyone is starting, but I figured I’d start now and get it rolling. I’m not sure either if someone planned to announce it or not, but here’s what I know about the days.

While initially¬†I think it¬†was going to fall on Sundays, influences and articles from the web are moving to Social Media Mondays. ((no body wanted to think about blogging on Mondays)). Yours truly is hosting Worder¬†Wednesdays. Abyrne¬†is pulling F3¬†Fridays…which I’m sure you can make the connections, and Savannah is toying with ‘Savy¬†Saturdays’, which leaves Sundays, Tuesdays¬†and Thursdays as the guest post days or freebies. All in all I think it’s an okay schedule, what do you think?

Moving on,

Yes, I’m aware I mis-typed one in the heading, but¬†I liked the alliteration. In theory, perhaps this will snap me back to getting my own website back on track as I’m afraid that I’m not the blogger type. If I’ve got that many words in me to spill out, I believe I’m grabbing a legal pad and parking for a spell to work on whatever book is in progress. OR, I’m plotting another that happens to be lodged in the frontal lobe. Either way, the idea of sitting a writing out a blog is just beyond my comfort zone. Guess we’ll learn together.

For those who don’t know me, let me begin this thing with an introduction. My name is Aedan¬†Byrnes. I am the author of the Fantasy/Paranormal Vengelys¬†Series. Book I – Through the Oracle’s Mist was published in 2013 by Drake Valley Press.¬†After¬†I moved¬†to Eclectic Bard Books, ¬†Book II – Warrior’s Watchtower was published in 2014. Kingdoms Fall – Vengelys¬†Book III is slotted to come out later this year if I can make up my mind which way the¬†story goes. Right now, a lot of my decision is hinging on the idea of if I want to continue this series beyond book three or if, as was the original plan, The Vengelys series¬†will remain¬†a trilogy.

I have heard from many people along the way and I welcome feedback¬†or comments on this front of stopping or continuing. The thing is, there are tremendous works out there that have this elusive quality of stopping at¬†just the right time. I don’t mean to imply that The Vengelys series is necessarily in that league, though one day I hope to write to that caliber. The notion is that I want to be good at the complete part and stopping when the time is due.

With that, here’s the feedback loop question of the day for those of you who know the series (actually everyone…but some of you will need to grab books I & II before responding.)::

Of the open story lines in The Vengelys Series, which ones are you most anxious to see complete? Which story line that has not been revealed are you still waiting to learn? Generally speaking, what is the perfect number of books in a series and why?

Thanks for reading along.