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Distractions and Snippets

I’ve been working on Veiled Hearts or Veiled Hearts Revealed. I’m still bouncing around those two possible titles for the third book in my Veil Series. There is also the question of, since this is going to be a short story or novella, is it really book 3 or is it more book 2.5? These are just two of the random thoughts bouncing around my head and are not really helpful when trying to write.

The last week and a half has been full of distractions. The kind of distractions that don’t allow for sticking your head in the sand. Nope, the ostrich method was not an option…and I don’t mind telling you how much that sucked.

Every day I get a little more written. Not as much as I would like, but every word on the page is one more than was there before. Anyway, I thought I’d give you a brief, unedited, subject to change, snippet of Celine and Coipeail’s story. I’m not going to do a lot of these snippets for this story because it is going to be shorter than a full length book. This sneak peek is from chapter 1.

The Veil Book 2.5/3

Through the panes of beveled glass, the first streams of the morning’s light pierced the darkness of her room, cutting a swath between the twin curtains fluttering on the current of the wind flowing through the open window. A new day was about to begin. Lying beneath a multi-colored comforter, Celine found she no longer looked forward to uncovering new discoveries, but the day and her employees didn’t care about her current melancholy. The minutes and hours would continue to tick ever forward. Her staff had expectations that she would continue to garner business to ensure their healthy paychecks padded their pockets and checking accounts. She was needed, and yet…she wasn’t.

Raising her hands, she scrubbed her face, and groaned. “Alright, Celine. Enough of this pity party. Get your ass out of bed and get going.”

Her body and mind still at war about leaving the warmth of her bed, she laid there a bit longer until the fullness of her bladder, making itself known, settled the argument of whether or not to get moving. She threw back the covers and shivered as her feet made contact with the cold wood floor. Hurrying to the bathroom connected to her room, Celine’s ears listened in vain for sounds of her cousin, Daria, moving around, even though she knew she wasn’t here. Daria wasn’t even in the same realm, which just made the silence in the house that much louder. Shaking her head, Celine tapped down the maudlin feelings threatening to rise within her chest, and got on with the business answering the call of nature.

Stepping out of her room, the scent of freshly brewed coffee tickled her nose. “Thank the gods for whoever inspired the person who made programmable coffee makers.” © Jolanthe Aleksander 2108

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Writing Is A Curious Thing…

Books. I LOVE books. In fact, I would rather spend any spare money on books than clothes and or shoes. Books take you away from the humdrum of everyday life. The good ones stick with you, become a part of you.

Go shopping? Is there a book store nearby? No? I’ll pass, thank you. Go out to party? Have you seen my TBR pile? There are books waiting and waiting to be read. I must give them my attention.

I have travelled worlds, lived lives, fell in love and lust, and have been swept away to different time periods. All through the magic of books. So, as I sit…working on the second book in The Veil Series, I want to give that gift to those who read the story.

There is a theory, that you should vomit out your story onto the page, and clean up the mess later. Frankly, I’m not a fan of vomit. Though, the theory may have some merit. I have been accused by a few, of overthinking things. The small details can be added later. My fear is, later…I may not know what the small details I was struggling to include were any longer and I will miss something. There is no doubt that that something could very well be pointed out by an editor, but I would kind of like to avoid the sea of red ink on my manuscript. lol. I’m striving for perfection on the draft, and it would be fair to say, it’s kicking me solidly in the hiney.

There are times when I can see the whole scene, and yet the words to convey what my mind’s eye sees escape me. Other times, it all unfolds as I type each word and there is no thinking to done at all. I love those times. I marvel at the authors that can produce more than one book in any given year. I recently read a post by a well known writer that she had three manuscripts heading to the editors, and another author was working on multiple books at the same time. It boggles my mind and leaves me in awe. Will I ever get to the point that I can claim to be doing either of those things? Who knows. In the meantime, I will keep plunking at the keys to get my one book out this summer. Wish me luck and send coffee and beignets!

Until next week….Happy Reading! ~ ❤ ~


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Welcome December

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” The winter holiday season is upon us. Some look upon it with trepidation, some with great joy. I think there are more than a few of us that fall somewhere between the two. lol

This year, while in the midst of working and shopping for that perfect gift, I’m also working on the sequel to Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams and beta reading for a fellow author. Like Savannah, I’m falling behind where I had hoped to be. I have to admit to being lax on decorating my home for the holidays so far. If it were not for my child, I think I would gladly forgo the decking of the halls. The joy of seeing the tree decorated on my son’s face and eyes makes it all worthwhile, however.

December represents a lot for a lot of different people. Different faiths, different celebrations. The ending of a year and the heralding in of a new one. Whatever it means to you, I hope you are able to find a moment or two to embrace the magic. To see the wonder with youthful eyes. To find you moment of perfect peace. And maybe find some time to read a good book or two. 😉

Until next week….Happy Reading.




It’s saturday. I want to post some good shenanigans and I’m hopeful to have some by next week. It feels like I’m slipping up when I see Abyrne working away and posting and Aedan doing mostly the same, but I’m new and not known so I don’t know what to do. Suggestions?

Meanwhile, it will be four up and four down today for eye exams, glasses, contacts and optical fun. *Sigh*  I believe I know where all the money goes. 🙂 Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Spring is coming, and I’m researching still for the book, but it’s getting close. Sooooo…suggestions to blog? What new writer stuff is still out there to offer up?