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There are so many connotations for ‘perspective’ in writing.

One definition of the word is: a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

Point of View here is as a synonym, but in writing it is the application of perspective to the work.

Yeah, okay. So what?

I’d like to look at a perspective from a different example point of view. This weekend, as we near the end of getting Kingdoms Fall done and nearer to ready to print, the work load was HEAVY. My dad face-planting into the wood stack on Friday evening did not diminish what needed to be done, only reorganized the time in which we had to accomplish it. “I” may not like to, but I can force myself to stay in the seat to reach what needs doing. My co-author (ahem – you know who I mean), looked at the task and said it was impossible.

{Those who don’t know me very well should be advised that it is never wise to tell me something is impossible before it has been attempted. I’m not wired that way. I’m my father’s ‘son.’ Quitting and tears are for pussies.}

I took it as a challenge instead of a pronouncement and away we went. For hours upon hours we worked at it. I’m pleased as crazy to say, we missed. But we missed by a margin in lieu of sleep. The goal was 10 chapters. We wrapped Sunday with 9 1/2 to the count, and well over 20,000 words. I’d say, if we’d had Friday as originally planned, we would have surpassed the goal. It wasn’t impossible, only daunting.

In perspective, for those who aren’t writers…20,000 words is roughly one quarter (in many cases more) of most traditional novels. The metric for novel is 40K, but many naysay it to actually be more like 60K words, and the collective average is 70K.  Any way you slice it, for us, this weekend’s production landed between 75 & 80 pages. And for comparison, (I checked…because I’m snarky like that) Book II finished at 72,618 words. This weekend was literally nearly a third of that finished product weighing in at 28.2%.  I got your impossible dude. You need to have my faith.

Today my perspective is, I’m tired, but accomplished. I know why and it was worth it. What did you do this weekend that was?