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Laboring on Labor Day

If you follow my personal website, you know that I have proposed taking a small part of the holiday today to do work, specifically, to gather tax documents and begin the process of taming the paper beast before it becomes January 1st and a mad scramble. I intend to do just that. In fact, between editing and tax papers, working on some plot things and doing some small batch canning, I will be working all day.

Happy Labor Day.

For me, there is seldom unspent time to idle, and that’s how I prefer it. I’m not sure I’d know what to do with the excess anyway. I’m twitchy to sit still. It takes a monumental program or movie to hold my attention to conclusion, and mostly, I just don’t bother. My brain is unappeased. So, what’s a girl to do? Work. (or read, and I plan to do that today too. I picked up some great choices in Savannah at Authors After Dark.)

I have multiple projects running now though, which is the norm. I’m doing final edits for another author, which have become full edits (ie: 3 – 4 passes), I have my competition piece that I’m working on plotting and initial drafting, I signed on to do an anthology with some AMAZING authors that needs to be written as soon as I can finish putting the bible together for it and put up the sticky wall, and…oh yeah, over the weekend, I connected with Wickedly Innocent Promotions to get my street team up and off the ground. (I’ll post the link at the bottom here for anyone interested in coming along for the adventure.)

2016 has been a roller coaster of unforeseeable turns, and it’s not over yet. I still have 3 more signings to go; Read Between the Vines at Snus Hill Winery – a benefit for the Woodward Library Foundation, Penned Con in St. Louis which is a charity Con for Action for Autism, and Glass City Author Event in Toledo…which is shaping up to be epic on a whole new scale. Kimberly Beale has done an amazing job and I’m thrilled to be a part of the madness.

It’s no wonder I can’t find the top of the desk in my office these days. 🙂 And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I’ll be seeing you at any one of these upcoming events, shout out, stop by and say hello – I’ll be the one running 220 with my hair on fire. Oh, and before all that happens, I almost forgot, I’ll be part of the Book Nymph’s end of summer party, I’ll be author speed dating with blogger Tierny James for Penned, I’m part of the author takeovers for Glass City, I have a character interview going up for the Matanzas Moon Bookiversary, and I have a short story anthology coming out in the next week or so…I’ll sleep when it’s over, right?

ANNNNDDDD, don’t forget – there are still a few days to vote in the SIBA awards thing where Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is nominated along with a few of my fellow authors here…the fun never ends.

Soooo….now interested in the adventure and want to check out being on my street team?  Start HERE.

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99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Just a couple of things quick as I’m trying to clean up my act and get my butt back on track. It feels a lot like 99 bottles of beer on the wall after about the third bottle comes down.

One – if you’ve been waiting, there is a countdown to July 21st for the cover reveal for Book of Change. If you’ve not met me live in the last couple months you likely haven’t seen it and I LOVE this cover…follow along on my author page over at Facebook.


Second, If you’ve followed me even a little bit, or by accident you may have seen that I am a plotter. The board has been sorely void for far too many days in a row, but there is HOPE and LIGHT now…the board is awash in bright, beautiful sticky notes. I can’t wait to rip them down. 🙂 This board is soooo much easier than the last one I worked on for Kingdoms Fall…that one had so many freaking story arcs going on, that I think ‘Technicolor yawn’ was a grand description for that plot board. This board is more reminiscent of Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball. I’m hopeful it writes as well as that book too.


Lastly, if you’re joining me at Authors After Dark in Georgia, you’ll be first to get your hands on The Custos…come find out what the White Diamond is and what 43 is all about. Can’t wait to share more soon!!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday shenanigans.  -Sav

My self-aggrandizing post

Just a quick Friday post since the boss is off to a signing. Have you read any of the nominees for the BTS Magazine 2015 book awards? Eclectic Bard Books has FOUR authors nominated!


ME ME ME…for Best Book – The Red Queen

Aedan Byrnes…for rising star – latest release Warrior’s Watchtower

Savannah Verte…for Debut author – Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball

Miranda Shanklin…for Best Cover – Soul Journey


Check one out today!




Magic days and other amazing moments

So a month or so ago we found out that Abyrne’s The Red Queen was nominated for 2015 Best Book, and Aedan’s Warrior’s Watchtower put him in the mix for Rising Star Author at BTS magazine for the awards being given in Atlanta at TNEE. Friday night we learned that Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball has made ME a nominee for Debut Author. I’ve been above the clouds all weekend long…forget that cloud #9, I passed it moments after the announcements on a squeal that was total ‘girl’ moment. It was and continues to be an amazing moment in time.
Other things of amazing wonder included seeing my daughter, who turned 18 yesterday, for the incredible young woman she has become. Shopping Saturday complete with financial reasoning behind decisions instead of rouge spending, calm retorts when speaking with her sister (which I have never seen before), and a willingness to make the trek to relatives homes who could not come to her but wanted to see her for her birthday… I know some of these things have been coming, but it was like this past weekend they all coalesced and came together at the same time. I had to pause and pick up my slackened jaw from the ground. She has blown me away.
A different kind of magic appeared yesterday. While out shopping and such I picked up a couple of the mega bags of Halloween candies for my table at the next couple of signings I have…


bring that much candy into a house full of teenagers.

I figured everyone was busy, so I set out to mix the bags together so the variety would be better – treats are important. All of a sudden, there were hands everywhere. I hadn’t seen a soul when I was unloading the car, nor putting away groceries…but by damn as soon as those bags were opened everyone appeared…and you’d think they hadn’t eaten in decades never mind mere hours before. Like the title indicates…MAGIC MOMENT. Candy conjures teenagers just the same as it does primary schoolers.
I hope y’all are having your own magic moments. I will maybe get back to social media posts next week…but another pounding of amazing things might just have to detour me again. I didn’t write a darn thing all weekend, BUT for what I got in return, I think it’s okay this once.
Have a great week!

It’s Up!

I know it’s social media Monday…but I need to take a post to crow. The pre-order link for the e-book of my debut, Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is UP. The print copies are not far behind so that all formats are available on release day August 1, 2015.

check it out here!

If you’re in or around Louisiana, I’ll be signing on release day at Author-Reader Con at the Holiday Inn Superdome on Loyola in New Orleans.




Cover Reveal

With great excitement we are pleased to be able to reveal the cover for Savannah Verte’s debut novel due out later this summer.