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Turkey and All the Trimmings


Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the first indicators that we had entered a new phase in our lives was Thanksgiving.   My family used to have a huge gathering at my parent’s house. For some people it’s about the turkey, for other’s it’s about the pie, and for others it’s about the people.  I come from a big family. At the last Thanksgiving gathering at my mother’s home there were 38 people,  either blood or  related by marriage.

It was always a festive occasion.  My sisters and their grown daughters would plot their course for Black Friday shopping. The men would go off into the den and play poker.  I would  help clean up then sit and watch The Sound of Music with my mom, and then It’s a Wonderful Life.  I have never been into the Black Friday thing.  Seriously. I would have to use my writing skills to hide a body or two. It’s best if I  just stay  home that day and get out the holiday decorations.

When my mother passed away in 2009, our family no longer gathered en masse. My siblings have grown children and grand children, so now they have their own family gatherings. I miss it.  We still have dinner with my husband’s family,  but it’s not the same as my family.  He has one sister and they have three children the same ages as ours. It’s nice but it isn’t the same.

We’ve adopted our own traditions. I love to cook,  and do it quite well.  What? You don’t think I got to be Queen sized by being a lousy cook did you?

I make homemade yeast rolls are that my family goes nuts over. We skip the pumpkin pie – I know I know,  sacrilege.  It would go to waste so I don’t make it. I make either  apple or  cherry pie.   It used to be the one time of year that I would get  green bean casserole.  I don’t fix it because I would be the only one to eat it. I miss my dad’s corn.  He would raise the best tasting corn – EVER! I’ve never had corn as good as what my dad grew and tend to shy away from it because it’s not his.  I avoid corn. My husband has to have cranberry sauce,  made from  fresh cranberries of course.

It’s not really about the food,   but the “comfort” aspect of it matters. Ever since my kids were small we have played the Thankful game.  Once everyone has loaded their plates with their choices, we go around the table and list three things that they are thankful for. Let’s give it a shot, shall we?

I am thankful for:

  1. I’m thankful to live in America.  Even with all the political hubbub,  there is no other nation that can hold a candle to ours.  Freedom is of great value!
  2. I’m thankful for my children – they are the greatest joy of my life. Mother is the best title I’ve ever earned. Even on their worst days,  I wouldn’t trade them for the entirety of the world.
  3. My husband. We had a rough couple of years and  we came too close to calling it quits. We are complete and total opposites. I’m outgoing and talkative (I know, you never would have guessed!) and he’s  quiet, reserved and introverted.  I can strike up a conversation with anyone. He  would prefer to not talk to strangers at all or even some people he does know. For all of our differences (VIVA LE DIFFERENCE!)  he is my best friend. I nearly lost my best friend.

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment of what you are thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now go eat some  turkey!!!