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new direction

While working on the third Veil book, I had an eureka moment. It was a moment similar to one I had when working on Breathe Me to Life. This is a short  story. Not everything has to be shown or told…just the important bits that pertain to getting the story from point A to point B.

This little revelation, while awesome, also led to a couple of chapters being wiped out. That was a major ouch, but in looking at them, I wasn’t completely happy with them, and they were dragging the story out unnecessarily. But yeah…OUCH!

Sacrifice the word count for the sake of the story. The story is what is important. It’s a hard lesson to learn and to remember, but an important one.

Until next week…Happy Reading!

~Jolanthe Aleksander~







Welcome December

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year….” The winter holiday season is upon us. Some look upon it with trepidation, some with great joy. I think there are more than a few of us that fall somewhere between the two. lol

This year, while in the midst of working and shopping for that perfect gift, I’m also working on the sequel to Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams and beta reading for a fellow author. Like Savannah, I’m falling behind where I had hoped to be. I have to admit to being lax on decorating my home for the holidays so far. If it were not for my child, I think I would gladly forgo the decking of the halls. The joy of seeing the tree decorated on my son’s face and eyes makes it all worthwhile, however.

December represents a lot for a lot of different people. Different faiths, different celebrations. The ending of a year and the heralding in of a new one. Whatever it means to you, I hope you are able to find a moment or two to embrace the magic. To see the wonder with youthful eyes. To find you moment of perfect peace. And maybe find some time to read a good book or two. 😉

Until next week….Happy Reading.



Psychotropic Vision

Terrifying Early Alien Concept Art for EDGE OF TOMORROW by Kev Jenkins

Terrifying Early Alien Concept Art for EDGE OF TOMORROW by Kev Jenkins

You may have noticed my absence last week. Mother Nature decided that  breathing was a privilege that apparently, is revocable. At first I thought it was the usual fall leaf mold irritating my sinuses. Then it worsened to  a chest rattling cough and fever.

I am not one to run to the doctor for a simple cold. I’ve got this! A few hot toddies and  some daytime  medications and I’ll be as good as new.  The daytime meds helped me to breathe, and reduced the cough, but made no dent in the sinus fog and headache. This thing has really kicked my butt.  It worsened to the point that I admitted defeat and sought the urgent care center – eventually.

During the worst of it, bundled up in my daughter’s snuggie, box of tissues tucked in beside me, small trash bin in the floor right in front of the sofa,  hot tea on the coaster, battling between fever and chills I  did something that I abhor. I became a rapid clicker.

I hate it when the hubs gets clicker crazed. I have  taken the batteries out before. We bought a TV with PIP so he could satisfy his clicker addiction. Instead of  clicking through his channels in the tiny window, he puts what I was watching on the tiny window and begins the run through.  It’s never about what’s on,  it’s always what else is on.

He was at work during the day, so the TV was all mine. I  didn’t know if I was contagious or not,  but my ribs hurt from coughing so hard and with a fever I figured it wasn’t a good idea  for human interaction. As the couch accepted me as part of its own, I searched through the channels.  It isn’t fair that when I have control of the clicker,  there is nothing on during the day. What is the line – 57 channels and there’s nothing on? I don’t know how many channels there are, a bunch. I finally came to rest on my favorite channel – HGTV. I dozed off  watching Property Brothers.

Do you have any idea the sort of dreams that  a combination of daytime cough and cold medication + high fever + lack of proper oxygen can produce?  Once I get them sorted,  I may be able to write  a best-selling psychotropic horror. At one point there was this  mechanoid beta monster that made this high-pitched keening noise before it pounced on its prey. It then proceeded to shred the helpless victim as it threw back its head and gulped down hunks of flesh.  I was hoping that I had completely morphed into part of the sofa as my heart raced, because in my psychotropic vision it was right there in my living room, just four feet away from me.  It was a combination of the alpha from that Tom Cruise movie – Edge of Tomorrow and a powerful chainsaw used to cut down 6 foot diameter  trees. I woke to Yard Crashers,  where they were indeed cutting down an old overgrown tree with  the biggest chainsaw I’ve ever seen in my life.

The lucid moments were fleeting, as I slipped back into REM sleep, where the fever cocktail had its way with my imagination.  All I can say is WOW!  That night, when I tried to regale my husband with moments of my dreams he strongly suggested that I go to Urgent Care. I admitted defeat and took his advice.

I’ve been over 24 hours without a fever now,  I think I’m finally on the mend.  As I work to process the mad dreams and play catch up on the work I’ve missed,  I can’t help but think that  a couple of those terrifying dreams might make for interesting tales, some Forbidden Planet type of yarn . Maybe. For now, I have a lot to catch up on.   I prefer to be ahead of the curve.  Until I reach  the point where I feel I’ve got some wiggle room, I’m  still continuing my hot toddy.  You know, for good measure.


Till next time –