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99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Just a couple of things quick as I’m trying to clean up my act and get my butt back on track. It feels a lot like 99 bottles of beer on the wall after about the third bottle comes down.

One – if you’ve been waiting, there is a countdown to July 21st for the cover reveal for Book of Change. If you’ve not met me live in the last couple months you likely haven’t seen it and I LOVE this cover…follow along on my author page over at Facebook.


Second, If you’ve followed me even a little bit, or by accident you may have seen that I am a plotter. The board has been sorely void for far too many days in a row, but there is HOPE and LIGHT now…the board is awash in bright, beautiful sticky notes. I can’t wait to rip them down. 🙂 This board is soooo much easier than the last one I worked on for Kingdoms Fall…that one had so many freaking story arcs going on, that I think ‘Technicolor yawn’ was a grand description for that plot board. This board is more reminiscent of Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball. I’m hopeful it writes as well as that book too.


Lastly, if you’re joining me at Authors After Dark in Georgia, you’ll be first to get your hands on The Custos…come find out what the White Diamond is and what 43 is all about. Can’t wait to share more soon!!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday shenanigans.  -Sav



**amended 5/11/16 10:24 am CST**
Please watch for the price to drop today. Though the pricing was amended for the sale, Amazon has not changed it over yet.


Kingdoms Fall

has been out for almost two months now.

Have you read it? Have you shared it? Did you review it?

No? Let me entice you to make NOW the best time to give it a spin…
The print copy has gone on SALE, starting today. Do let me know what you think will you? Since it took two tries to get it right, I really want to know!
The e-book remains at list for only $3.99. Surely the price of a cup of good coffee is worth a great read!!


Get your print copy HERE.


Just for a moment

It is something akin to having bairn I think, the intense feelings. Eclectic Bard Books is in its third year now and as I sit back and look at it, I’m amazed.

Giving over full control to one of the founding partners has resulted in the house growing and flourishing. I am stunned to see 7 authors now on the roster. I am shocked too to hear that there have been other inquiries about joining our merry band of misfits.

Pride runs deep, but also goes before the fall, so for just a moment I want to puff up me chest and beam at what this has become, before I pull it back and say thank you to those who helped us grow, and continue to keep us grounded to the future…whatever it may bring.


Misfit me

I have always been the square peg when the world about me was teeming with round holes. I’ve never minded. Recent years, it has actually served me well and allowed me to step back and see through untainted vision what was happening around me, and I’m grateful for that.

What I’m going to talk about is not likely to garner me any friends in the literary world, but I think, in the interest of being able to look meself in the mirror, I need to say this to more than my immediate circle. We are in ‘the purge.’ I firmly believe this, and further believe that we are the ones who created the scenario which it is coming about.

There is a great amount of uproar about piracy sites, and the ‘mooch’ readers who want everything for free…but folks, we have created the situation where that is an expectation. It is not that we shouldn’t be compensated for our labor, quite the contrary, it is that in our zeal to reach the top spot on Amazon’s elusive algorithm, we have given away so much for free…free downloads of our work, free hard copies for release parties, free swag items that seem to get bigger and bigger, and free, free, free…if you can have milk everyday without a nickel, why would you seek to have one in your pocket tomorrow? The expectation is that we will eventually give it away because that is what we have done; so they just wait. They are out nothing, but we lose again and again. The piracy sites are the offspring of the impatient who just don’t want to wait for it…that and the infidels who need a medium to corrupt from for those who are otherwise cautious to scams.

Yes, I too have given away free things for promotions and takeover events, but have tried to limit them. In part because I can ill afford to give away so much. I am not wealthy; I am a writer with a dream to tell a story that lasts beyond my time here. Does that mean I value readers any less than the author who can afford to part with so many gifts, or copies? Not at all. It means that I have different financial priorities and keeping a roof over my family’s head is one of them.

I’ve been out in the publishing/writing world for three years now. I’m no more a household name than my cat is, but I can say this much; I have not had a single month since I started where I did not get paid. I can look at myself in the mirror and know that I’ve done the best I am able. And, I can look into the faces of my children and know that their dreams have not been short-changed as I pursued mine. That’s all I need.

Sure, I’d love more readers. I’d love more reviews. The challenge is that I’m not going to lose myself or my financial foothold to make it happen by giving away more than I make. I will pursue the piracy sites via DMCA notice, and will keep on doing what I can on the rest.

The purge I refer to is that I think we are in a time where, because so much available so cheap in many cases, we are seeing a time where we will find who can and cannot survive in this business. Who has the internal fortitude, and external support to survive this time of sales slumps and expectation of more for less or none at all. The only advice I have is if you love writing, hold on. The world as we know it has always been cyclic, this too shall pass. I have to believe that, or I’d be pulling the stakes and moving on.

Like I said in the beginning, this is not likely to earn me any friends as I point out what to me is obvious…we created this monster. But, I ask you each to take a moment and look objectively at the beast, he’s bigger than he used to be. Why? Because we fed him.


More than words

It’s been a week now since Kingdoms Fall released. For some of the family members who still don’t quite grasp the magnitude of the event, it is a bound tablet of words. It is, and it is so much more.

Writing is the pinnacle of crazy, the self-doubt, the hoping that your words convey the imagery you want to show, and the worry that it will miss the mark. It is a collection of words on bound pages, but at the same time it is the culmination of fear, doubt, worry, angst, incredible summits, and the brushing of dreams with your fingertips…if only for a moment.

Sav has passively suggested that I need to get back in the saddle immediately. I appreciate it, but have declined. I am exhausted by the last year of writing and re-writing Kingdoms. Perhaps when the fog clears I will be able to see what is to come, but for right now, I’m enjoying the reprieve and holding my breath to hear what the readers think.

I know it was a long wait. I want to know that it was worth it. I want to know too if it was not. To those who have hung with it and waited for Kingdoms to come and have already ordered, THANK YOU. To those who are just embracing the stories, thank you as well. I hope to hear from each of you what worked, what didn’t, what made you react, and what left you wanting more…it is all on the pages now, and in your hands.    ~Aedan


It’s Here!!!!

FINALLY – Kingdoms Fall is here!

So answer me this….

PAPERBACK?              or              EBOOK?


Whole lotta

Monday, Monday, Monday…wishin it was Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday…cuz I’m OUTTA HERE!! I know the forecast is for rain and thunderstorms, and that’s okay. I need a break from the daily grind.

Gotta whole lotta stuff to wrap up…one by one.

There are only 12 tickets left for the Crazy Cajun’s Bookin in Biloxi signing at the IP casino on March 19TH!!! GO! GO! GO!!!!!

Next on the spring tour of crazy will be The Novel Experience Event Atlanta – for which tickets close THIS WEEK….If you are staying at the hotel the 4 day Convention is FREE for readers…how can you not go?? It’s a lot of stuff happening, dinner, a ball, several costume/cosplay events, outings with authors, and a HUGE signing on Saturday April 9th. sign up before they are gone!!

After that, on April 30th I’ll be in Clear Lake Iowa for a great one day event that I’ll share more info on as we get a little closer….

I’m up against the wall with stuff to do before I leave, but one last thing::

For those who didn’t catch Aedan’s post – the pre-order for Kingdoms Fall e-version is LIVE – dropping at midnight Tonight.  Follow the link HERE. To those who preordered – THANK YOU!

For those who prefer the feel of pages turning in their hands. you’re in luck as Amazon has the paperback copies live now too!  Follow the link PAPERBACK.



The time between

Between now and this time next week, Kingdoms Fall will have debuted. I am aflush with mixed emotion at it. There is a deep melancholy for the dawn, but also an exasperated liberation at it being released. I’ve learned to breathe and stop regretting moments past.

The pre-order is LIVE for everyone who does it Kindle…

For the rest…the paperback will be out on Tuesday March 15th for your reading. At 400 pages, I hope it takes more than a moment and want to hear you. As always, if you cannot give it 3 stars or better…I beg of you to tell me why. This book was such a labor, I’m still wondering if we somehow got it all. Sav says we did.

Until then, read something great! ~Aedan


All of the above

There are different kinds of exhaustion. Right now, I have all of them.

My body is trying to shut down to recover the lost sleep from a very extensive working weekend. With less than 10 hours down time since waking up Friday morning, I’m overdue.

My brain is spinning wildly, also from the working weekend. Teaching someone how to format, formatting for another person, finalizing edits and formatting for something for myself…I have too many stories running around in my head.

My insides are in full on rebellion wondering when I’m going to remember to eat again. The war against the coffee glut started sometime Saturday…I couldn’t send the surrender flag, I had too much to accomplish.

So, there are different kinds of exhaustion, and I’m sure many others that I didn’t cover, because quite honestly, my brain won’t let me think of what they are right now. I’m going to check the box next to all of the above.

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating

Covers, re-covers, and releases…oh my!

Kingdoms Fall is coming!

The official cover reveal was yesterday.
See below for the release information.

Warrior’s Watchtower…

is re-released with the new cover and size, also yesterday.


For those who have been waiting, Kingdoms Fall will be available to add to your shelf come the Ides…March 15th. Please shout when you have it in your mitts, when you’ve read it, and when you read it again. LOL!
There is a lot in book III. I wrote it, (with help) and I’ve had to read it a time or three to know we got it done. 😉

Thanks for the follow. ~Aedan