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From our house to yours



The party this weekend was wonderful.
We hope you got to spend some time with us.
If not, never fear…our gift to you is good for the rest of the year.



As we begin our third year, we want to say THANK YOU to the readers.
All e-book titles currently published by Eclectic Bard Books are on sale now through the end of the year for $3.00 or less.

Books make great gifts…for yourself and others.
Happy Reading! -From our house to yours.

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The Fantasies, Fetishes & Flesh Series by Abyrne Mostyn
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Yehp. Friday came and went and I was none the wiser. So, it is F3 Saturday.

I’ve spent some recent time thinking about Some Might Call it Magick, the next book in the series. As you were made aware last week, I’ve also wondered if this genre has past its peak. I cannot say that I know the answer to either. With SMCiM I have a collection of shorts about people you’ve met so far in the series who will not get their own book but do have a story to tell. It’s a liberation of sorts as there are no boundaries for them.

Short stories are classified as under 7,500 words and these are easily that. In some ways it is bringing the series full circle before the last installation as Swingers was technically novelette length, The Dom’s Diary was Novella length and Maggie’s tale, The Red Queen was well past the threshold for novel length. How fitting that there should now be a short story group in the mix?

Last up will be Lock & Key. I know that story better than I know any of the shorts coming out next. That story also marks the end of the F3 series. It is with mixed emotion that I put it off until next year (which is where it was slated anyway) as I do not know that I have a book goal beyond it.

I have been given great opportunities to help other authors recently and I’m honestly enjoying it more than the pen just now. There is a decision on the horizon. Perhaps I’ll know the answer to that question when then sun sets on F3.

Then again, perhaps I won’t.


Flesh peddling

It’s Friday, which for those who don’t know, means it is my day (Abyrne Mostyn) to post the blog. My pound of flesh peddling to the masses if you will.  Today I find myself at a cross-road.

For many months now I was certain I knew the tenure track of the series…down to the last line of the last book even. I haven’t so much as worked up a sweat about it because it had become wrote in my thoughts. So what has changed? What has changed is the sales of the first three books through different venues has me questioning what I thought I knew.

I was working under the distinct impression that the erotica wave was ebbing. I have seen so many authors try to break into the genre and it appeared that things were fizzling. Imagine my surprise to find that I outsold two of my brand mates at a recent event??! Am I confused? Misinformed? Is erotica more level than I perceive it to be?

I don’t know that it will change anything for me. I also don’t know what it means for the last two books in the F3 series that are yet to come out. I am insanely curious though…what do you perceive the trend to be when it comes to erotica tales? Has the wave crested? Or are we resurging??

F3 Friday – Go!

Margaret’s tale (the first part anyway) has been out for nearly 60 days now…Have you read it? Let’s make this glorious friday an interactive one so I can go enjoy Beltane eh?
Wherever you see this post, on the blog or one of the reprint posts…please share what your favorite part of The Red Queen was, or if you haven’t consumed it yet, what you are hoping for in the tale.


F3 friday fracas

abyrneWith the hub-bub over Hawthorne DuFoe in Maggie’s book ((The Red Queen)) I thought I’d take a moment to mention that his book was book II in the F3 series (The Dom’s Diary). While we have not seen the last of Thorne, there is more out there about the Dom that got away.

In other news, I’m futzing some. I have Some Might Call it Magic due out later this year and it is a collection of short stories from the series for those who I do not see a book for in the future. The problem is that as I muck with the shorts, some of the stories are bigger than I think they would be, others I’m wondering if I have story to tell for at all. The bigger ones make me wonder if I should try for a novella for them, the shorters make me cringe and wonder if there is enough to tell to warrant calling it a short at all…

So, here’s where you come in. Of the known characters from books 1 – 3…who’s story do you want? YES, Carolyn’s story is coming, but other than that? I had decided early that the F3 series would be 5 books…now I’m just not sure.

Help please…and check out Thorne’s story:

TDD cover - front

Some days ya gotta crow…

The Red Queen launched finally late last week. After several long months of struggle to get Margaret to wrap it up so I could take it to print, she sat back and said “That’s all you get…for now.” Yes, there is more to come from our friend Mags but she will have to wait to finish her tale as others are getting their 15 minutes next.

Some Might Call it Magick is slotted to come out at the end of 2015 accomplishing two things; One, getting the release dates back on track, and Two, putting a second F3 series book in your hand this year. I would be a big fat liar if I said this was anything short of daunting! With this in mind…tell me who you want to hear about. Yes, we’ll hear from Thorne, can’t leave him hanging. We’ll may hear from Aaron & Sharilyn, Jade, Remy & Grant, Drew, and perhaps even our latest favorite resident bad boy Bart…I have lots of options and no hard decisions right now. The only one I know for certain is Carolyn who has been patiently waiting to tell her story after Colb left her at the quarterly party.

For the moment though, I want to crow. TRQ is out and Maggie did herself proud. Here’s what readers are saying…

amazon reviewer: I have read Swingers several times and could hardly wait to read The Red Queen. I wanted to get to know who the Red Queen truly was, her upbringing, thoughts and what molded her to become the woman she is today.
This is a must read by a brilliant author. I will be waiting on pins and needles for more in the series.

amazon reviewer: A journey of growth and becoming who we want to be. This is Maggie’s story. Full of emotional highs and lows, Abyrne Mostyn eloquently takes the reader through Maggie’s story, from her childhood, the tragedies, and items in a certain laundry bag that pulled back the curtain giving her a glimpse of what she wanted and helped form who and what she wants to become. Though the Fantasies, Fetishes, & Flesh series is in part, erotica in nature, these stories, especially The Red Queen, are so much more than sex scene after sex scene. So, if you enjoy a story with some HAWT sex scenes intermixed but not the sole focus, then this story is for you!!


amazon reviewer: I’ve read “Swingers” and The Dom’s Diary. Enjoyed both and looked forward to “Red Queen” continuing the story. The Red Queen was not what I expected. It was so much MORE! The book has my sensory perceptions on overload. If you are new to this world, you will gain an understanding that does not cheapen the lifestyle. And if you are already familiar with this world, I think you will enjoy Maggie and her tale.


Thank you to everyone who has read or is reading and sharing Maggie’s tale. I look forward to telling her and Chris’ story in Lock & Key, but again, that will be after SMCIM. Thanks for letting me take my moment!  have a great one.


Happy Friday! As you may or may not be aware, Maggie’s story The Red Queen has finally dropped! The delays were odd and unforseen, but we have finally seen the whites of her eyes and she is beautiful! Have you grabbed your copy?

The Red Queen is available on Amazon in e-format and the paperback copy is available through Createspace but it will also populate on Amazon in the next short while.

What’s your reaction? What do we think of the cover? If you’ve started reading, what’s your knee-jerk on the story so far? You know me…I want to know these things. 🙂
Lastly, if you read it, please post a review. If you can’t give it three stars or better, I’d like to hear from you. Christopher (and Maggie’s) story continues in Lock & Key in 2016…

F3 – The Red Queen

79,000 words +

that is all. 🙂

Friday F3 – What’s next?

It’s almost time for Margaret to return to the F3 scene in The Red Queen. As I work to wrap up the book and have everything finalized for it to drop I have been pondering the “What’s next?” question. I think I have an answer for you.

What’s next is Some Might Call it Magick, a flash release from a couple of years ago has the same title. SMCiM will be book 4 in the F3 series and I have decided it will be a collection of shorts. Besides Carolyn and B. Michael, I think we’ll get the story on a few others we’ve encountered in the F3 series and see who, what, or where they are now.

Further, SMCiM will also, (I sincerely hope) be out late in 2015 to get the release schedule for F3 back on track. This is the goal, albeit a soft one at this time. Until I wrap up TRQ and another project I’m working on, I cannot commit to a hard release date. As we saw with TRQ the best laid plans do not always consult with me when they change.

I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has waited and asked about TRQ since Swingers hit way back when. I appreciate your patience while Maggie and I sorted out how this story would be told and got it to the page. Margaret’s story is not a full out erotica read the way The Dom’s Diary was. It is also not an e-serial compilation like the first two books. It is more a coming of age and finding your place in the world tale where our sweet Mags finds hers as The Red Queen. I hope you enjoy her story!

Lastly, I want to say thank you for being willing to morph with me. Each book in the F3 series has been/will be unique. Swingers was the red carpet that opened the door to this world I love. The Dom’s Diary was the shadow and raw edge where the wheat separates from the chafe. The Red Queen is the balance and I hope that comes through for the readers as it has for me. Some Might Call it Magick is shaping up to be the binding pieces to tie the first three stories more solidly together. And, Lock & Key, the final book, is to my thinking the conclusion of where the story was supposed to go from the first word when I didn’t yet know the whole tale. I appreciate every reader and hope that you have learned something on our journey even if it is an appreciation for the complex amid things that seem simple from the outside.

At a time when ‘erotica’ reads are a dime a dozen and a new author is putting out work each day, I hope that these books have given you enough information to know the difference between reading the world and thinking to experience it and what to seek should you choose to try. Safety is not a laughing matter. Security and trust are not catch-phrases. Not all scenes are sexual and not all that use the name Dominant are gentlemen/women. Know the difference. Surrender if you choose, but scene safe!


F3 – Another TRQ peek

Whatever is Margaret up to now? I thought another peek for the patient waiters while I wrap up the edits would be a good kick start to the hearts & flowers weekend. O’course…nothing hallmark about TRQ. ((apologies for the formatting, seems that we are having consistency issues from program to program))


The woman toyed with her hair and tried to up her stare, leaning back to stand with her hip kicked out.

“For you hot stuff? I’ll let you throw at me for free.”

Margaret laughed out loud, finished her drink and set it down with a nod to the bartender for a refill before locking eyes with the woman, crooking and curling her finger for her to come closer. When the woman finally leaned in, Maggie dropped her voice to the low rumbling timber that Thorne used on her.

“Darlin, if you think for a second that I pay anyone for their privilege of feeling my toys, you are sorely mistaken. I didn’t come to or court you. Pay up or shut up and walk away before I give you a freebie. Feel me?”

The woman’s eyes had grown wider with every word Maggie had spoken. By the time she got to ‘freebie’ the pupils were fully dilated. Maggie was glad she had the Cat or the bluff would have been a lost game as the woman pulled money from a pocket in her wrist cuff and handed it to Maggie.

“What will this get me?”

Maggie unfolded two Grants and looked blankly at the woman thinking. She didn’t want to stay all night. Maybe she could change her mind another way.

“Tonight? About twenty minutes.”

The woman didn’t flinch. Her breathy response made it clear she was sold even if it had been for five minutes.


Put up or shut up genius. Maggie scolded herself. “Follow me.”

Maggie led the woman beyond the nearest drape to the hall of doors. Synchronicity prevailed and the room with the cross was vacant. The woman walked over and stood in from of it as Maggie closed the door. Was she really going to do this?

“Do you need to be restrained?”


“Turn around please.” Guess so.

Her face fell. “But I want to do it this way.”

Oh hell no. “You failed to negotiate that term when you made your deal. Turn or we’re done.”

The woman turned. Someone had to be first. There was just no way Maggie was facing them. She had practiced for weeks, and earlier in the day with Wendy had worked on this scenario. It really was now or chicken. Channeling Thorne she gave the woman one last out.

“Final answer?”

“Final answ…”

Maggie didn’t wait for the second word to carry back to her before pulling back and rolling the Cat forward the way Wendy had taught her.

“…err.” Came out on a breathy, high-pitched, new air intake moan.

Maggie curled under, rolled it again and pulled back opposite the pink stripe of the first throw. The woman let out a soft whimper.


Bart crashed through her thoughts and charged out her mouth.

“You like my toy?” Maggie sneered the last word as she threw again.


She continued as she crossed the pattern over again diagonally, “So, not just for show?”

The woman held the uprights tightly. “No. Not for show.”

“Good girl. I believe that answers your question. Now, not another word unless I tell you to speak.”