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Sneak Peek Cover Reveal

The official cover reveal isn’t happening until Wednesday…but I love sneak peeks! so….shhhhhhhhhhhh.

I’m head over feet for this cover too…so much so, it’s made concentrating on the other stories SO HARD. See what you think!!
(For the full effect…rotate the image sideways so the spine is down…TELL ME it doesn’t give you goosebumps!)

By Savannah Verte
PreOrder August 2017
Release September 26, 2017

Secrets and lies don’t stay buried long in shallow graves.

working blurb:
A string of seemingly unrelated murders force sleepy town detective Eric Dublin to earn his retirement. The national news descends when Callie Faire, the one local girl to make good, becomes the latest victim retrieved from the Howard Community Cemetery as all hell breaks loose. But, the connections between the dead are finding light too.
Can Dublin put the pieces together in time to stop the next murder, or will the gravedigger have to unearth another fresh corpse in the morning?


Another Thursday Another Snippet

In the previous snippets, we’ve seen exchanges between all the characters but the *whispers* villian….Dramorion. So to shut him up so I can enjoy my coffee in peace, here is a sneak peek at how Dramorion is doing.

Remember…this is unedited and subject to change.

Dramorion’s body ached. No, he decided. Ache was to tame a word for what he was feeling. He hurt. His mind was still swimming in the dark abyss, but there was a glimmer light above him that hadn’t been there before. He had also become slightly more aware of his form. Was his endless torture coming to an end?

He pushed and clawed his way towards the brightness overhead, fighting against the currents wrapping around his limbs and neck trying to drag him back down into the darkness. His muscles burned with the effort. His heart pounded in his chest and echoed in his ears. Inch by inch, the darkness receded with the growing brightness of the light. Chest heaving, he reached out a hand, grasping for something to hold on to, lest he fall back down into the inky depths of pain.

The fugue state of his mind burned away beneath the expanding illumination burning his eyes, accompanied with the memory of a prophesy heralding the new era for the Fae with the progeny of the King and his chosen Queen, which spurred him on. He had failed in his attempt to rid the universe of Verisiel over a millennium ago. He would not fail again. Gathering his waning strength, Dramorion squeezed his eyes shut and made a final lunge for the surface.
The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2©Jolanthe Aleksander

Until next week…Happy Reading!


Can it be teaser ‘Wednesday’?

I learned yesterday that there is this thing called Teaser Tuesday. How interesting. I thought perhaps, since I’m chin deep in the last pieces that perhaps instead of a blog about whatever, I would do my own teaser piece of the upcoming book. Okay?

Teaser Wednesday – ala Aedan style. 🙂

from Kingdoms Fall.

“…Once upon a time, many of the pieces I gained were Draega. That seal has been visible far longer than the Byrne one that seems to shadow behind it. It is the opposite actually. The Byrne one is newer, but not as strong. What your eyes tell you is the truth of my life. The seeds that were cast away from other trees who did not require them to become stronger, did not die or disappear. They became me.”

F3 – Another TRQ peek

Whatever is Margaret up to now? I thought another peek for the patient waiters while I wrap up the edits would be a good kick start to the hearts & flowers weekend. O’course…nothing hallmark about TRQ. ((apologies for the formatting, seems that we are having consistency issues from program to program))


The woman toyed with her hair and tried to up her stare, leaning back to stand with her hip kicked out.

“For you hot stuff? I’ll let you throw at me for free.”

Margaret laughed out loud, finished her drink and set it down with a nod to the bartender for a refill before locking eyes with the woman, crooking and curling her finger for her to come closer. When the woman finally leaned in, Maggie dropped her voice to the low rumbling timber that Thorne used on her.

“Darlin, if you think for a second that I pay anyone for their privilege of feeling my toys, you are sorely mistaken. I didn’t come to or court you. Pay up or shut up and walk away before I give you a freebie. Feel me?”

The woman’s eyes had grown wider with every word Maggie had spoken. By the time she got to ‘freebie’ the pupils were fully dilated. Maggie was glad she had the Cat or the bluff would have been a lost game as the woman pulled money from a pocket in her wrist cuff and handed it to Maggie.

“What will this get me?”

Maggie unfolded two Grants and looked blankly at the woman thinking. She didn’t want to stay all night. Maybe she could change her mind another way.

“Tonight? About twenty minutes.”

The woman didn’t flinch. Her breathy response made it clear she was sold even if it had been for five minutes.


Put up or shut up genius. Maggie scolded herself. “Follow me.”

Maggie led the woman beyond the nearest drape to the hall of doors. Synchronicity prevailed and the room with the cross was vacant. The woman walked over and stood in from of it as Maggie closed the door. Was she really going to do this?

“Do you need to be restrained?”


“Turn around please.” Guess so.

Her face fell. “But I want to do it this way.”

Oh hell no. “You failed to negotiate that term when you made your deal. Turn or we’re done.”

The woman turned. Someone had to be first. There was just no way Maggie was facing them. She had practiced for weeks, and earlier in the day with Wendy had worked on this scenario. It really was now or chicken. Channeling Thorne she gave the woman one last out.

“Final answer?”

“Final answ…”

Maggie didn’t wait for the second word to carry back to her before pulling back and rolling the Cat forward the way Wendy had taught her.

“…err.” Came out on a breathy, high-pitched, new air intake moan.

Maggie curled under, rolled it again and pulled back opposite the pink stripe of the first throw. The woman let out a soft whimper.


Bart crashed through her thoughts and charged out her mouth.

“You like my toy?” Maggie sneered the last word as she threw again.


She continued as she crossed the pattern over again diagonally, “So, not just for show?”

The woman held the uprights tightly. “No. Not for show.”

“Good girl. I believe that answers your question. Now, not another word unless I tell you to speak.”

F3 Friday – Maggie’s Birthday repost

Original cover work which will change when the tale is released a bit later this month…If you missed the sneak peek for Maggie’s birthday on my facebook page on 2/5, here it is again.

((maybe the formatting will hold here))


TRQ cover new


“You weren’t due in ‘til noon.”

“I know. I was going stir crazy.”

“Sorry Mags, I guess it must be hard.”

“No Jade, not really. I closed that book a few weeks back. I just want to be done and move on and I can’t yet, one more day.”

“Will you sleep at all tonight?”

“I hope. Everyone will be here first thing tomorrow. It might be too much without sleep.”

Jade winked. “Ri-ight. Cuz you’ve never done anything without sleep before.”

“Not the point smarty-pants. Tomorrow will be the first I’ve seen everyone since the funeral. I closed that book, it doesn’t mean they have.”

“Guess that makes sense. Let’s see if we can tire you out then. Charlie came back late and full. Help me get through the bags.”

“Okay I’ll help, but for my generosity if Mr. Markley’s bag is in the bunch, it’s yours.”

Jade made several gagging noises before responding.

“Fine. Consider it my housewarming present.”

They both laughed hard and got to work. Noon came and passed quickly. Jade left promptly at one as scheduled without leaving extra work thanks to Maggie’s early arrival. True to her word too, she had donned the makeshift hazmat suit and done the bag tagged ‘Markley’.

The added bonus didn’t appear until near the bottom of the last pile around two-thirty in a flat black canvas bag marked ‘Eldeiress’. Finally Maggie thought. It had been weeks.

Knowing she would want to savor the experience if the bag was anything more than regular clothes, she forced herself to save it for last. It was painful to wait. Her every urge shouted to grab the bag and just have a peek. She resisted. As she busied herself with the last few before her prize she wondered how exactly how one went about negotiating the cleaning of such personal items. As she pondered, she thought to herself that Ms. Eldeiress must not be modest if she would send such things out to begin with. That or she was very busy.

Her mind spun wild. Did she have a secret cupboard for such items or were they out on display? Did she have a bat cave like Bruce Wayne hidden away behind a sliding bookcase with a fireman’s pole too? What about a butler? Maggie dismissed the butler idea or why would Wenstry’s be doing her leathers? So many questions coursed her mind. More questions than answers. She wanted the answers.

Anxious to get to the final bag, she nearly missed the front door chime. A tall, svelte, fairly nondescript man stood at the counter.

“Can I help you?”

“Perhaps so. The laundry was taken before Mistress had finished. Is it too late to add items?”

“No sir. Do you know the name on the account?”

“Yes miss. G. Eldeiress.”

BINGO! Maggie bit her tongue to keep from smiling before responding.

“I have just gotten to that bag now, would you like it back?”

“No-no. If you could just add these to it, Mistress would be grateful.”

As he finished he handed her a pillowcase that clanked as she set it on the counter. It was everything she could do to hide her excitement.

“Just a moment while I get you a ticket for this bag since it came in separate.”

“Very well.”

He stood stock still at the counter and waited. Maggie issued the claim ticket after noting it that it was additional to the one they already had and should be returned together. She handed him the ticket, he nodded and walked out. Curbside a dark sedan waited. The rear window lowered, an arm encased in red leather down to fingerless gloves reached out and patted the man’s head as he dipped down toward the door before it was withdrawn. He looked content as a praised puppy as he turned and got into the front seat before the car lurched forward and pulled away.

Maggie bubbled up with laughter thinking he might have piddled on the sidewalk he’d been so happy as he turned. Excitedly she began talking to the empty room.

“That was her. I almost saw her. What was the head pat? Ho-ly crap on a cracker she was here.”

Maggie absently remembered the bags then and took several deep breaths to regain her composure. She laughed at herself a little too thinking this must be the feeling mama talked about from seeing the Beatles ages ago. She shook her head on an out loud ‘Wow’ and headed for the bags on the sorting counter.

Amid the odds and ends were the items she had seen before. A few new ones were included but nothing shocking. It seemed that her glimpse of an arm was to be the big event of the day.