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Collecting Pens

I’m finding that I’ve lapped myself on the hamster wheel lately. It’s a good thing, even as I fight not to give in and let myself ride the next turn and slow down. If it wouldn’t put me severely behind, I would in an instant. But alas, it will only make the next lap harder and I find that catching up is simply not in my ability if I get too far behind.

Instead, I’ve taken to doing some long hand writing. It’s got a certain meditative quality to it that typing can never encompass. As such, I’ve also taken turns writing with the myriad pens I’ve collected over the years, or through other authors at signings…because I’m a pen whore. There, I said it. No, I don’t want a 12-step program. I happen to love my obsession. There is something about finding one that just glides for you that makes the words all the more magical.

Do you have a favorite? A favorite single you’ve never been able to replace, or is it a certain brand that works for you every time? What about the feel? I have recently discovered one that I like a lot…and then found that it came in different barrel styles. They are NOT the same, even though the ink and roller are…the feel is completely foreign and I cannot make myself pick the one up…which really bites because I bought a whole package of them.

So…what’s a girl to do?

Part of me thinks that authors, like the president, should write one word or letter and then give them away like prizes. Could that become a thing? ‘Here, I wrote with this…treasure it forever.’ Somehow, unless you’re a big shot, and it has your name on it, and maybe the title of the work it was used for, and maybe some writer’s tears on it, I don’t think so. Guess I’ll go back to the old stand-by solution…donating them to the classrooms at the local school. Somebody is always needing one, right? That’s what I’m telling myself.

Meanwhile, the tried and true I’ve fallen completely in love with ones will make it into one of the multiple holders around my office and wait for rediscovery. I mean, fair is fair…gotta try them all. Don’t I?

Running 220 with my hair on fire

It’s that day. I’m on the road and likely recording errant thoughts for work I intend to do when I reach my destination. I’ve been running 220 with my hair on fire for weeks leading up to this. C.A.S.E. Revelations came out a scant two weeks ago, and I’ve got an anthology & a boxed set on the near horizon that has been calling hours to promote as well. Add in packing & prep for a signing (and liberation from the real world), plus final edits/assessment of a manuscript for someone else (that I finished at nearly 3 am on Saturday morning, I might add), and you’ll have me scrambling to pack and get out the door on time.

But, by the time this posts, I’ll be long on my way. Send coffee. I’ll need it by now.

With the sun coming up to my left, I should be well beyond my beloved home state and likely  well on my way to warmer. It’s always amusing to make this trek, shedding layers as the hours pass.

So…what will you do this week? Me, I’ve got no phone, no neighbors…and a large riverhouse to shelter me and my thoughts as I try to plunk out at least 1 or 2 of the upcoming works that need words…and grab a few lazy hours on the deck in the hammock catching up on some great reads! Bliss folks…bliss is coming.

I’m going to hope for access to post next weeks snippet with fun from Booking In Biloxi…the signing is the gold standard and I’m hopeful to find a coffee joint if necessary to upload before I get back on the road to head north and have to stop to once again put pants on.

Til then…read something awesome.
See you on the pages.


Back to work

Last week as I was preparing to leave for an event in Wisconsin my laptop arrived back on my doorstep. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. I was expecting it to be gone for a lot longer.

To be honest I was expecting them to send me a check with a letter saying that it could not be saved and I would have to replace it. To receive it back two days after they received it and to have everything exactly as I had left it was more than I believed possible.

I accepted it without question (I didn’t want to jinx this newly found luck) and now I am able to get back to work. I can work whatever hours I want on the trilogy and when edits come in I can work on them whenever I want too! My stress levels immediately dropped.

It feels good to be able to do what I love.


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Brain soup

Sorry folks. My brain is absolutely in the blender lately. I have been racing to the finish of so many projects, and finding others that I forgot were on the plate. I’m going to try, but not promise, to be around next Monday. It is month end, but also scamper like a madwoman to finalize packing and weighing of bags to go on the plane bright and early Tuesday…I’m going to the final AAD in Savannah Georgia…who’s joining me??

Meanwhile, this week I have 2 federal compliance audits to complete for other field locations for my company…the job just won’t lie down so I can pack. And, I have some promised shopping to do for mini #2. Guess I’ll be sleeping on the flight home, cuz everything from now until then is booked.

Read something great!

Coffee, it plays an important role

I stared at the blinking cursor with a blank mind  while listening to the coffee pot waiting for it to be done. I had no idea what to write for my post this week. No idea were forthcoming. I was hoping inspiration would come with that first cup of coffee.

After that first cup inspiration did indeed hit. Coffee plays an integral role in what we do as writers. Without the caffeine it provides to our brains I’m not sure we could come up with half of what we do for our stories. We mainstream the substance into our systems to keep going when we are on a roll and the result is a draft. Then we continue to mainstream it and the next result is a second (or third, etc.) draft. Then edits, then formatting. Finally, we end up with a book.

Coffee is one of the main ingredients that we need to write. I had a hard time even getting started on writing even this blog post without it. It is hard to admit it, but I think it is time to put it out there. I’m not sure I would be where I am without coffee 😉


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Mixing things up

When you get into a pattern it is hard to break it. You get used to the way that you do things. It never occurs to you that things could be done in a different order and still turn out the same. Your way is not always the only way.

This is not something that any of us wants to think about. When it comes to a project that you are not the only person working on, it is something that you have no choice but to look at. It is also something that will smack you right in the forehead. It is not good or bad. Your way is not wrong, neither is their way. It is just two ways to get to the same destination.

Instead of having lag time waiting for one aspect to be completed, I could be doing another aspect that can be completed. (insert forehead smack here) Sometimes you have to look outside of your little bubble of existence and realize that there is a whole world of other people out there with ideas and their own way of obtaining their objectives.

Just remember that just because you think it all has to be done a certain way, doesn’t mean that is the only way it can be done. There is always someone out there you can learn something from if you are willing to listen.


Another great event

Yesterday three of us were at Writers on the River. It was a great event. Not only was it only 10 minutes from my house it was a great success. There was a steady stream of people and it was a great time.

We all had so much fun. It was the first year for this event so none of us knew what to expect. I was so happy to see that it went so well. I got to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and meet some new ones. I also sold some books.

It is always nice to sell books at events but my favorite part of events is getting to talk to everyone. I love meeting new people and talking to the ones that I don’t get to see very often.  I love to walk around and see what the other author tables look like and see what they have worked so hard on.

I feel a connection with everyone at these events. We all have one thing in common a love of books. No matter what else we have in our lives we have this one thing we can talk about for hours. We may not enjoy the same genre but that doesn’t make a difference we can still talk about books and writing for hours upon end (to the dismay of our significant others in most cases) and that is something that you will be hard pressed to find outside of an event like this. Unless of course you are part of a book club or it is friends but those are different circumstances.

Before the signing starts I always walk through and look at everyone’s books and find a couple that I really want. If I sell well enough I always buy at least one of them. This time there was only one that I had to have. The foot traffic was heavy enough that I wasn’t able to run over and get it myself so I sent my Mom who was there as my assistant. She came back with the book that I wanted and the author had written ‘never stop chasing your dreams’ when she signed it. I have heard this phrase many times. I have even said this phrase many times. To see it written in a book by an author to another at an event hit home with me. It showed me that the author community is very supportive of each other and I am proud to a part of it.


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Missed it by ‘that’ much…


Last Tuesday, the final cover for Book of Change was revealed a few scant hours after my normal Monday blog post here. If you weren’t on my Facebook page to see it, here it is…

12790143_10154607971165031_350283778_o - Copy

I LOVE THIS COVER. It blew me away when I saw the base image because it fits so well with a scene from the book that I almost had to check my office for hidden cameras. I put the base image up on my wall immediately to remind myself where this was going, and still get goose bumps to see this as I write the next pieces. Next pieces? yes actually – next pieces.

I, with my PA Jillian (who honestly saves my bacon on a regular basis) worked a few things out recently, including that this book is part of a larger series…
While very tentatively called The Custos, I am probably not going to officially title the series to demarcate it on each book. What I can tell you right now, is that I believe there are 5 books in the series. Book of Change is technically the first, but actually the second as Book of Time is a better introduction to the players and the overall pretense of the stories involved. I just wrote them in the wrong order.

Because of this little flippity-flop, I have elected to hold the release for Book of Change just a little longer to correlate with the release of Book of Time. Keep an eagle eye on the horizon for August because after I wrap Authors After Dark in Savannah Georgia (where attendees with get first option on them), both books will go live…and you’ll get to submerge into a side of New Orleans and Mardi Gras that you didn’t know was there.

2017 will bring the release of book 3 in the series – Book of Mysteries, and the remaining two will have release dates determined after I get a few other things settled out. Book of Revelations and Book of Prophecy are the working titles for those but will have to come after I get Chasing Daylight – (my book for Cherry Adair’s 2016 Finish the Damn Book challenge), and Bet the House off the desk. We won’t talk about the sticky notes for the other books I can’t shake from my head yet. 🙂

Annnnd then there’s the list of books I’m working on for the other EBB authors…ya’ll are getting spoiled. NO other coop of our size has such an active roster. I believe I’m finally back on track. The first 6 months of 2016 have been insane. The surgery I had in April is now nearly healed and ready for phase II, the mother in law’s estate is close to being finally settled a month later, the hubs is halfway through recovery from his surgery and the oldest has had her grad party and is ready to sign for her ship date now and get off to the Navy to see the world.

My world can officially become Write – Edit – Promote – Repeat again

It’s about time!!     ~Sav

Too late for goodbye

Lately, I do not know that I can clearly identify much. My world has been topsy-turvy and upside-down on so many fronts, I think instead of meeting myself at the door, I’ve just run into the door a few times and said ‘excuse me’ never noticing that no one was there. Looking back, as the song goes, ‘it’s much too late for goodbye’, opportunity lost and alla that.

BUT…it has not been without reason. good gracious mabel I’ve been running…220 with my hair on fire, but running. If you caught last weeks post, you know there is a cover reveal on my facebook author page happening tomorrow for Book of Change… Will you be there?

The Custos (though I’m seriously thinking that title is going to change) is nearly in the hopper…and I’m covered in duck bumps for that. I finished researching and doing “the bible” for the next one to hit the desk, and I am halfway through the piece I’ve been reading/editing for another author, and I got all of my swag for Author’s After Dark wrapped, lined up and boxed to go.  PHEW.

I finally have all the details together for my daughter’s graduation/anchors away party that will happen this coming Saturday…and then, THEN I will have a couple of weeks before the next round of back to back signing events kick up again and I’m on the road. I honestly had serious doubts about if I’d make it through the last couple of months, but now the proof is in. I did.

In the process, I have learned a few things about what loyalty is actually about, found an INCREDIBLE place for swag items for the series that Book of Change and The Custos are in, found a secluded river house rental for an event I have next year and yes…BOOKED MYSELF A WEEK OF VACATION AND WRITING TIME. I’ve been talking about it for the last couple years and finally jumped when I found the perfect spot. The only problem is the road floods out if it rains too much…DARN! I might even be stuck.

Next year, I am looking at the events on my books and honestly paring them back. I have been trying to find ways to maximize events where I know the readers, or have made contacts that will be returning to my table and hopefully bringing friends.  I will spend the money to drive or fly to an event where the turn out and reception is worth the price, as opposed to doing ten others because they are close or cheap. RoI IS a factor. In a time when there is a signing event of some kind nearly every weekend somewhere, I feel like I am finally at a point where I can be choosy and not have to jump at every one. That lesson is actually courtesy of a signing event that is essentially in my back yard that I can’t get a reply from to save my life.

Soooo…I know this is rambling, and I apologize for that kinda. I am not quite done meeting myself at the door…but the frequency is less. I hope to get some kind of rhythm and pace in line soon. Til then, thanks for hangin with me…here, facebook, or live.                               -Sav.

99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Just a couple of things quick as I’m trying to clean up my act and get my butt back on track. It feels a lot like 99 bottles of beer on the wall after about the third bottle comes down.

One – if you’ve been waiting, there is a countdown to July 21st for the cover reveal for Book of Change. If you’ve not met me live in the last couple months you likely haven’t seen it and I LOVE this cover…follow along on my author page over at Facebook.


Second, If you’ve followed me even a little bit, or by accident you may have seen that I am a plotter. The board has been sorely void for far too many days in a row, but there is HOPE and LIGHT now…the board is awash in bright, beautiful sticky notes. I can’t wait to rip them down. 🙂 This board is soooo much easier than the last one I worked on for Kingdoms Fall…that one had so many freaking story arcs going on, that I think ‘Technicolor yawn’ was a grand description for that plot board. This board is more reminiscent of Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball. I’m hopeful it writes as well as that book too.


Lastly, if you’re joining me at Authors After Dark in Georgia, you’ll be first to get your hands on The Custos…come find out what the White Diamond is and what 43 is all about. Can’t wait to share more soon!!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday shenanigans.  -Sav