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It’s Olympics season! Are you an Olympic Couch Athlete? What’s that you ask? It’s a person who sits watching the Olympics and thinks…”I could do that.” Many moons ago, in my younger days, I was an Olympic Couch Athlete. Nowadays, while my brain may dream of attempting the impossible, my body is saying…”don’t even think about it.” lol

I am, what I like to call…athletically challenged and not normally a sports watcher. But the Olympics is a whole different story. These athletes have worked their hineys off to get to the top of the podium. They are part of an elite group of people at the top of their game. They are bravely and boldly reaching for their dream with the eyes of the world watching them with bated breath. Whether their goal is to win the gold or achieve their personal best while representing their country, they should be watched, supported, applauded, and celebrated.

I wish reading was an Olympic sport…I could soooooo be a top contender! lol

Until next week…Good Luck to the Athletes of the World and Happy Reading!





It’s that time of year that we, in the USA, set aside for giving thanks for the blessings in our lives. We get together with family and friends, cook up a feast, and enjoy being with the ones we love even as we remember and miss the ones who cannot be with us.

Keeping with the spirit of the holiday, I wanted to give thanks for not only my family and friends, but for my on-line for my on-line friends, my fellow authors, the readers who I have met and those I have yet to meet, for my publisher, Eclectic Bard Books, and for you, the bloggers who, with your likes on my blog posts, let me know that I’m not talking to the wind.

Thank You!

Until next week…Happy Reading!


Back to Work

When my first signing of the season ended, and The Veiled Path to Destiny was released, I had planned to jump right back into writing and getting the next book on the agenda out. My muse, she’s a fickle one, decided otherwise. So,  I took the time to catch up on a little bit of reading. I should actually say, I did a re-read of a book I loved so much I have a pristine, signed copy on the shelf and an e-copy on my Kindle. Do you do that? Buy a book in both formats?

Here’s another question…do you follow an author when they branch out from the genre you’re familiar reading them write? Or do you only want to read the books they write in said genre? For me, if I love the author’s writing, how they bring a scene to life, I will follow. For some, it might take me awhile to make the jump, but for others I jump with little to no hesitation.

Now….I am back to putting words on the page.The book I am currently working on is another Fae romance, but not a part of the Veil series, and will be a stand-alone. At least that is the goal. One just never knows when a secondary character will jump up, waving their hands, demanding their story be told.

The second WIP is a fairytale retelling, but more on that later one. After that, we return to The Veil Series. Celine and Coipeail will have there story told. 😉

What was the book I re-read you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya…It was Sky of Dreams by Jenna Jacob. It’s a departure from the Doms of Genesis series, but OMG…it has all the feels you could possibly want in a contemporary romance. Give it a read. You’ll love it. (link at the bottom of the page)

Until next week…Happy Reading!





So Many Books…So Little Time

Once upon a time, it wasn’t unusual for me to read at least 3-4 books a week. Anymore, I’m lucky to read a book a month. Writing has taken over my free time, and I wouldn’t change that, but I really…REALLY…miss reading. The lack of reading time, however, hasn’t stemmed my book buying. Nope. I still buy the books of my favorite authors, and my shelves are full of books that are waiting to be read. How many books are on your to be read bookshelf?

I have promised myself that once The Veiled Path to Destiny is in the hands of the readers, I would take the time to catch up on my reading. In the meantime…there is writing to be done and a story to be told.

Until next week…Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e

Sometime You Just Need To Do Nothing…

Last week I talked about stepping away from social media if you needed to. I needed to, so I did. It was a bit liberating, though I have to admit to missing the interactions with my on line friends.

I got some writing done. Consulted my publisher who has promised to show me how to plot when I see her in April, and she gave me some insights that may make the writing of Veiled Path to Destiny a bit easier….once I get past the current chapter I’m working on. This weekend though, I confess that I got very little written. Instead I escaped into a couple of books. Some were good…some not so much. It’s amazing and a little disconcerting how having written a book, gone through the editing process, and currently writing another book, your brain catches things that stick up like a red flag during your reading. If truth be told, it can be downright frustrating. lol

That being said, I’m glad I had a ‘do nothing’ weekend. I think everyone needs that mental break. And now….I have some writing to do.

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e



I have been a reader for many many moons. I can remember sitting in the reading circle in grade school. You know the one. The one where everyone takes a turn reading. *sigh* Yeah…you know my pain. There were some slow readers, so I would read ahead, because (as we’ve already established) patience is NOT one of my virtues. This reading ahead, in turn, would get me in trouble because when my turn came around again, I had no clue what page everyone else was on. Yep, notes of daydreaming and not paying attention went home. BTW, I still despise reading out loud.

Anyway, I remember the wonder of going to the school library. The first book I fell in love with there was about a little fluffy white bear exploring the great outdoors. I have no idea what that book is called. I loved the Richard Scary books, and then I graduated to my new obsession….The Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I can thank Mrs. Wilder for my introduction to series reading. During the summer months, the school library would be open and I would spend many hours sitting on the floor in the back corner of the library reading the Little House books, over and over again. Why didn’t I just check the books out and take them home? Two words. Late Fees. I could have the book with me as I walked past the library multiple times in the week, and it would still be late. I think I am incapable of turning in a library book in on time. Even to this day, if I check out a library book….I better be prepared to pay the fees. lol

The point of this week’s rambling…books have always been and will always be my escape from reality. The escape from the populace that seems bent on being negative. The allowance my spirit sometimes needs to just be and let go of the days drudgery. Some people play video games. Some people play sports. Some knit. I read…and write. In writing, I hope to give those looking for an escape a fantastical place to go.

Until next week…..Happy Reading! ~ ❤ ~ if-you-truly-want-to-escape-this-reality-all-you-have-to-do-is-open-a-book-and-your-imagination-book-quote