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Writers On The River ReCap

As some of you may remember, my first signing was last weekend at Writers on the River in East Peoria. It was the second year for this event, and oh my….how it has grown.

As soon as the doors opened, we were off and running. The VIP readers came pouring in. There was never a lull in the day. It was awesome, and the event raised $7,500 for two charities, Thistle Farms and The Center for Prevention of Abuse. I love when the proceeds of an event I’m signing at go towards a charity. The ladies who put this signing together are pretty darn awesome as well.

Sooo, as I said…the reader traffic was non-stop, which means the two books I was able to buy right before the doors opened, are the only ones I purchased this time and I didn’t have time to even think about taking pictures. Busy is a good thing!

Ooooooh…and The Veiled Path to Destiny made it’s debut! As of this morning, the ebook was still available for $0.99. If you were thinking of downloading it onto your Kindle, now would be a good time to do that.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


All set and ready to sign some books.

With Deandra Hall and Savie

With Ms. Jenna Jacob

With Savie


Well…there’s that.


I’m home from a week+ away. I spent over 35 hours on the road there, back, and in between to other places and I’m spent. But…there’s no rest, not really anyway. There will always be something more to do and the list is cross one-add three. Invariably, I’m looking at one thing and something else pops up…”well, there’s that now too.”

BUT…it’s all good. I met some amazing readers, had some awesome chats with new to me (and new to publishing) authors…and got to laugh out loud. So, I’m solid. This week will be a lot of catch up for me, to get the promo back on track for Sultry & Sinful: The Femmes of Paranormal, and Prowlers & Growlers….as well as to be continuing the promotion for C.A.S.E. Revelations…there’s tons in the hopper.

I’m off again in less than 2 weeks to North Iowa Book Bash, and another fun, incredible signing event, plus I’ve got to finish Ela’s Cinder for May. Like I said, no rest. So, I guess I should take a moment to say thanks for the ones I just had.

The little river house was lovely, and mostly quiet…and if I didn’t use each moment to the fullest, I have no one else to blame.  Watch for the last March newsletter coming out from me on Wednesday with some reads from the signing authors at Biloxi…I’ll leave you with my final sunset from the trip.

Til next time…see you on the pages!


Time Warp

Time wise, this has been a weird week. My internal clock has either been a day behind or a day ahead, and it’s only Wednesday. Yep. I checked, multiple times today.

It’s February already. Time is flying fast. Savannah has a book due to drop in March. Madison is in edits for her second book. Me….I’m racing to the end of The Veiled Path to Destiny. I would like to apologize to the readers waiting so patiently for this book, and to thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. You are truly who this book is for. I’m working to make it worth your wait and patience. On that note…I’m off to put words on the page.

Until next week…Happy Reading!

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The Ending of 2016

2016 is coming to a close. What a year it has been. I’ve done more traveling this year than I’ve ever done. Three of the 5 trips included me driving. I know what you’re thinking….there’s a scary thought. I thought so too, but aside from getting rear ended (not my fault) before I even made it out of town on my first driving, road trip, it was all smooth sailing.

I met a lot of wonderful readers and made  connections with authors I have admired for a long time. All in all, connecting with the readers, face to face, and meeting some of my writing heroes was in a word…PRICELESS.

I am looking forward to seeing what is in store in 2017. Hopefully, it will include meeting many more readers and authors. Will you be one of them? I hope so.

Until next year…Happy Reading and Happy New Year! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e


You’ll know it when you FEEL it.

Deadline red grunge textured vintage isolated stamp


I think as a reader I can tell when the author is in flow. I think as a reader I can also tell when they are not. For me, this is part of the driving force to writing as I try to smooth the transitions and hide the pages that were written in a manic panic as the deadline loomed. It may not be that the sentences are any less polished, or the editing isn’t right on point…I think it is a feeling that we have as we build our vision of the world we are reading.

I’ve said it before, readers are SMART…but they are more than that too…readers are sensory, and writers need to remember this. The words are often trying taskmasters as they fight for a place on the page, but we have to remember the goal and the end result as we work, or we will just as surely toss the reader off the tale and miss holding their focus if we do not do the whole process in favor of the deadline.

As the red pen here at EBB I’ve said it many times to multiple authors…I would rather put out a book late that is right, than one time completely wrong. What about you? Would you rather have a book right on time or early…if it means that it is less than what you expect?

I didn’t think so.

Happily Ever After

As many of you know, I attended the Once Upon A Book Author Event in Frankenmuth, MI this past weekend. A wonderful time was had by all. It was a family oriented event so little ones were more than welcome. They were even included in the Happily Ever After Ball, where they were either given fairy wings or a nerf sword which they happily displayed as they marched around the ballroom. Total Cuteness Overload.

This was a fast paced event, and, unfortunately, I didn’t get to fangirl over as many authors as I thought I would. Which is good, because it means I was busy talking to readers at the table I was luck enough to share with the incomparable Darlene Kuncytes.

One of the most amazing things that happened was people I had met last year, coming to my table to say, “hello”. What an awesome feeling to be remembered fondly enough they would make it a point to come see me again. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

The event was held at the Bavarian Inn Lodge. It’s HUGE! I got lost at least 5 times. Those that know me know I’m directionally challenged, so that’s to be expected, but in my defense…all elevators in this hotel do not lead to the same place. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it!

13989448_1675719406081414_297134261_n 14009815_1675723682747653_791786638_n

The Happily Ever After Ball was AMAZING! There were so many creative costumes and beautiful formal gowns. Here I am with Darlene Kuncytes. Read her books, they’re awesome!  14012103_1675720369414651_1447337067_n

I ran a selfie contest. The winner received a Selfie Queen t-shirt, a mini tiara, and a specially made keychain. The recipient of the gift package was Ashley Cestra. She was an absolute joy to meet!


I also had a drawing at my table. The winner was Tina Donnely who was wearing the necklace that came with Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams when I made my book debut last October in Kalamazoo. How cool is that?!


You’ll notice that the drawing prize contains the first books in the following series by fellow EBB authors: Phoenix Rising~The Kindred by Madison Granger; Through the Oracle’s Mist~The Vengelys Series by Aedan Byrnes; and Soul Journey~The Soul Series by Miranda Shanklin.


I met Darlene Kuncytes last year in NOLA. She was soooo encouraging and supportive to a writer who had yet to be published at the time. I was over the moon to get to share a table with this wonderful lady.


After the event, dinner was had at the Bavarian Inn with authors, SF Benson, Bsm Stoneking, blogger Jennifer Moon Desulis, and their family and friends. Good times and much laughter was had.


There are so many more pictures I could share with you, but I really need to get writing. If you didn’t get to go to this year’s event, never fear…it’s happening again next year on August 11th & 12th. Mark your calendars.

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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Dream Chasing

There is a saying, “If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them.” I think this is pretty much true. Though to be frank, there are days…weeks even…when chasing that dream feels more like chasing your own tail until you fall to the ground panting in exhaustion. The trick though is to NEVER give up the chase.
As an author, the fun part of that dream chase is going to signing events. The event I’ll be going to on July 9th is Writers On The River in Peoria, IL. There is always the hope to sell books, but one of the biggest pay-out is getting to meet and interact with readers face to face, AND getting to meet some really awesome writers, who in a round-about way are a part of your tribe. Yes, there will be some fan-girling going on on my end. Did I mention there a LOT of awesome writers that are going to be there? If you’re in the area, stop by my table and say hi! I’d love to meet you.

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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The Love of Reading….

There is nothing quite like the pride and joy of knowing you have passed on the love of reading, the love of books, onto your child.

Will he read to me. Nope. Will he let me read to him. Absolutely not. Which when I think about it, is really annoying in some ways, but then again, I’m not a big fan of someone reading my books to me either, so maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree after all.

Right now, his favorite book is a book on flags. He has informed me that he is going to go to all the places the flags represent. I better start saving up now, or the next lottery better be mine to win. He has big dreams of all the places he wants to go….all the things he wants to see, and I love it. I love how books have encouraged his imagination to flourish and grow….even if he hoards his books and won’t share with me. lol

Until next week….Happy Reading




Raise them to be readers

We all have them, favorite pictures of our babies…be they traditional or fur. This is one of my favorites;


I love that they have been buried in books, picture or otherwise, from before they could sit by themselves. As a writer, and a reader myself, it makes me feel like I did something right to give them the firm foundation for learning that would get them through this thing called life. I hope that’s always true.

One of my girls recently did an activity with a group at a camp called a “privilege walk”. Essentially, the group all starts on the same line, different things are brought up and based on them, you either move forward or backward from the baseline. Things like, ‘If one or both of your parents have a college degree, take 2 steps forward.’ Or, conversely, ‘If you have missed a meal because there was no food in the house, take 4 steps backward.’ It was an enlightening exercise for the group as they saw where different people in their peer group landed after all the movement was done. Not everyone they presumed was privileged was at the front, nor was everyone they thought underprivileged at the back.

Why do I tell you this? For a couple of reasons.

ONE, because one of the items was, “If you have more than 50 books in your home, OR you have a library card, take 3 steps forward, if not, take two steps back.” My daughter was the only one who got to move forward. It made a HUGE impression, on her and the group.

Secondly, because there is an adage about ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ that was reinforced by this activity, but also the perspective that in the activity it did not say if you have 50 novels…it said 50 books. It is really so monumental an advantage to have 50 books? Evidently it is.

Where we are and where we are going are hard enough without being told that it isn’t good enough, or in this case a better, bigger, longer book. Raise them to be readers…whatever they can read, whatever they will read, if they are yours or not. The holiday season is upon us and I think a book would make a wonderful gift, don’t you?