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Make New Friends but Keep the Old

I have some pretty darn awesome friends. Friends I’ve had since Jr. High and High School, friends who I’ve known before I ever  thought of publishing anything I wrote, and friends who I’ve met since becoming an author. Some of the common denominators is that they are all supportive, they are real, and they aren’t the type of people who are your friend until someone new comes along.  I love that each and everyone of them comes from a different walk of life, but what connected us in the first place was our love of of something. Whether it was for an activity we participated in during our younger school days, or sitting on the floor of our dorm rooms talking and laughing as we learned to be self-sufficient without the watchful eyes of our parents making sure we didn’t fall, or through our love of books and the characters within.

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in getting the next story on the page and into promoting the books I have out, I feel like I’m neglecting those friendships. There’s a certain amount of guilt that comes with that, and I’m so very lucky that as I travel down this road of being an author, those friends who aren’t a part of the publishing world have stuck with me…and even cheer me on.

There’s a song I learned when I was a Brownie/Girl Scout. It’s one of the few that I remember:

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.
A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend.

True friendship doesn’t need constant attention and tending…but it does need  and deserves some of your undivided attention. Show your friends you see them, you hear them, you appreciate them, and you love them. In other words…be present in their lives. You never know…it could be just the thing they need to know in a moment when dark clouds are looming. Your time and attention may be the light to guide them through.

Until next week…hug a friend and Happy Reading!




Holiday Brain

As you know, yesterday was a holiday. Many of us got to have an extra day off from work. There were probably more of us that had to work on the holiday that is supposed to be for the working masses. Which I always found odd and quite frankly, kind of sucky.

Anyway,  my brain turned Monday into a second Sunday. I kept forgetting today was Tuesday and my day to post. The child and I started the day by sleeping through the multiple alarms. Needless to say, there was a mad dash to get myself and him ready and presentable for the day. He gave me sad puppy dog eyes and fake crying to try to get out of going to school. It didn’t work for him, but I give it an “A” for effort. lol.

The hurry out the door was sans coffee. So that gives you an idea of the state my brain has been in today. Yes, I did have my fair share of the caffeinated nirvana once I got to work, but I gotta tell ya, some days there’s just not enough caffeine in the world to jump start the brain. Today would be one of those days. Enough of that drivel though….I gotta snap my mind out of the fog it’s been in and get to writing.

Until next week…stay caffeinated and Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e


The writing process is a love-hate relationship for me. I love, love, love the writing when I’m in the zone, but I hate, hate, hate the wringing my guts out to stay ass in the chair and get to the zone. I have read Stephen King’s On Writing and agree whole-heartedly with pretty much every page. I DID put my desk in the corner and occluded the view so I could focus. Yeahhhh, the brain still wanders and the heart still needs coaxing to face the blank page.

Further, my mind seems to think that it is a game. I’d almost think there is a contest of wills going on, but it’s the same will, mine. I can fight for words. I can word-game for words. I can even back into words when I’m not looking…but those words having meaning or point to the tale I’m telling is questionable at best some days. However, as soon as I sit down to do something else, or say… SLEEP, the words and the arcs spew up and keep me staring at the ceiling. (Hence, the tablet by the bed).

So, I ask my fellow writers…HOW do you coax the defiant heart into writing when YOU say it’s time, not when the mind decides to weep words? What do you do to ‘train’ yourself to abide your writing time? I know the rote answers…I want the out of the box ones. 🙂 I think we all do.

I have been a plotting whirlwind, which in many ways I love because I know that it makes the writing part a snap, or should. I flubbed it a bit though and got really excited about a certain arc and started writing before the plotting was done…OHMYLORDS, don’t do this. Let me be your lesson…just don’t. I cannot enumerate how hard it is to get back into plotter mode and do what I KNOW must be done first after being excited and actually started on the writing. I think this is part of my problem right now, I’m out of sequence.

This is my dilemma. I need discipline. I know how to do this. I know why to do it, and in the proper order…but I wanna do the fun part when I want to do the fun part. And with that statement, I have completely contradicted myself from my opening premise haven’t I? This post was originally titled “Defiant Heart” because that’s what I was feeling when I started…funny how sitting and typing it out has changed the perspective. It isn’t that my heart isn’t in it. It isn’t that my brain isn’t engaged…it is that I have allowed the loosey-goosey to prevail and treat my writing as my escape instead of as the career path I want and will achieve.

That’s really the road for the rubber I’m burning isn’t it? This thing…this writing thing, publishing thing, working to help others achieve this dream thing…this is a business. This is the job I want. I have treated it like it was going to jump up and do it for me because I wanted it. It’s not.

We started all well, fine, and good…with a business model and a plan. We started small, with the three of us here at Eclectic Bard, and it was great. I was running the business side and my partners were holding the writing side. A Triskelion in balance. This year, I decided to come out from behind the scenes and write too. I did not make a clear plan. I did not consider the myriad ramifications of doing it or what it meant to the business side. The imbalance is shrieking to be remedied. I think that is one piece of the challenge I’m having.

We also signed FOUR other authors to the house THIS year…two have debuted this 2015 Fall season, one will debut 2016 Spring, and the fourth is an Indie who decided to join us that I have the great privilege of working with to edit and polish stories she’s already written to re-release them bright and shiny under Eclectic Bard…the future’s so bright here, I am in awe of the road we are on.

I am also intimidated and apprehensive. I know we can do this. I have sworn it to myself every night for weeks now when I look at the long list of things undone at the end of the day that have rolled onto the list for the next day instead of being crossed off. I am thrilled for the journey, but terrified of the road block that I haven’t navigated yet. I haven’t even hit it yet and I’m partially defeated by worry that I won’t know the way.

I look at my writing and wonder what made me think I could. I think too long about the reasons I started and the reasons to stop now and focus instead on the editing, publishing and marketing side of the equation…and then I remember some things that my mom was fond of saying:

“A dream untried can only be a regret.”

“Start and Success don’t begin with the same letter by accident.”

“Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”

Guess I need to find some balance.  -Sav