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The time between

Between now and this time next week, Kingdoms Fall will have debuted. I am aflush with mixed emotion at it. There is a deep melancholy for the dawn, but also an exasperated liberation at it being released. I’ve learned to breathe and stop regretting moments past.

The pre-order is LIVE for everyone who does it Kindle…

For the rest…the paperback will be out on Tuesday March 15th for your reading. At 400 pages, I hope it takes more than a moment and want to hear you. As always, if you cannot give it 3 stars or better…I beg of you to tell me why. This book was such a labor, I’m still wondering if we somehow got it all. Sav says we did.

Until then, read something great! ~Aedan



It’s Up!

I know it’s social media Monday…but I need to take a post to crow. The pre-order link for the e-book of my debut, Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is UP. The print copies are not far behind so that all formats are available on release day August 1, 2015.

check it out here!

If you’re in or around Louisiana, I’ll be signing on release day at Author-Reader Con at the Holiday Inn Superdome on Loyola in New Orleans.