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This week…set 1 of 2 in April drops for me. I’m so stinking proud of the group of authors in the Sultry & Sinful: Femmes of Paranormal group. We had an absolute blast and the hashtags for our little company of crazy will be bouncing around forever for us I’m sure. I can’t wait to work with these ladies again!

This set is about the relationship between two women. It is, to our thinking, an underrepresented genre in the word world. Regardless of what you personally prefer, love is love, and these stories take it to the next level…because, well it’s paranormal on top of being F/F. The stories are diverse and cover the spectrum; sweet, sassy, sultry, sexy, sinful…we’ve got all you S’s covered here.

Dropping tomorrow, you can still grab yours today at the preorder price of $0.99. Such a deal!

Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XD398FG
Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XD398FG
B&N: http://bit.ly/2m3VSj0
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2m3WiGh

As I mentioned last week. I was just at North Iowa Book Bash. I love this event so hard. Here’s a couple of images from the event…yes, we do start signings by popping champagne…doesn’t everyone?

I had the great joy of getting to have a snap with the always amazing Jenna Jacob…and that handsome guy is Eric Jacob…the cover model I told you about last week. He’s a great example of how to be…say hello to him when you get the chance!

As I’ve been playing taskmaster on the youngest to wrap her online class, I’m behind schedule. Just in time, as I begin working on Ela’s…these little lovelies show up…INSPIRATION for sure!

And now…I’ll get back to the pages because…well, I took some time away and it’s time to put the hammer down. Read something great until I see you again! ~Sav





Return to the cave

I’m wrung out. Weirdly too. From Biloxi Mississippi to home is a 15 hour drive. I did that with few hiccups, though the drive to the gulf was nearly my undoing…15 hours on next to no sleep made the sway of the car far too soothing to easily continue. caffeine was my friend.  North Iowa Book Bash is a mere 4.4 hours away…should be able to do that blindfolded and in full zombie, but the return trip this time kicked my ass.

The great thing about it is that I sold out of 2 titles, and liberated most of my swag inventory….which means…I get to order books and choose new swag. YIPPPEEEE….it’s like a holiday all over again. My Mardi Gras connection is getting a call ASAP! I need more goodies with Book of Mysteries hitting this summer.

Seriously though, BFF Bookies do such a great job of putting on an amazing event. I swear – it’s like a reunion with all the folks that you shared the kids table with at Christmas and conspired with on how to liberate the desserts without the grown ups noticing. SO MUCH FUN! I will return every year they’ll have me. TRUTH. Normally, I’m a full table girl cuz I like to spread out. This year I had a half and shared which was fine…but I’d sit at a tv tray in the corner if I had to…if you’re in range – PUT THIS ON YOUR TO DO LIST! I promise you’ll thank me.

Other than a little library thing…I’m in the cave now. I’ve WAY overloaded my calendar and I’m raring to get on it. I’ve got a box set and an anthology releasing this month yet…but I’ve got FIVE more releases happening THIS YEAR…and after a brain detour in Clear Lake…I may be swapping a cover out yet for one of those (or quite possibly two) with a model whom I’ve come to respect for his professionalism and poise in the midst of the reader event crazy. It matters…and this guy has earned the marks…hope you agree when you see the covers. It makes me happy to give back to the community that shares this writing world.

So – keep an eagle eye on the horizon…there’s gonna be something popping up often. Til then, see you on the pages.  ~Sav


Wherever the ball bounces

I’m a mad bundle of crazy. I spent Saturday at a truly amazing signing event in Iowa, and then fought the car to get home. When the daughter texts the spouse to warn him “Mom’s rolling in red, you might wanna be ready…” the gig is up. I was HOSTILE, but also happy because it had been a great event. Balance is well beyond me most days anymore as I try to fight my way through the mountains of WTF to get to the joy, but I am determined to reach the joy, it seems I just need to take giant swings to get it and then to reach it again.

That said, Iowa was the last of three in a row for me before a much needed break to wrap a project, see my daughter do Prom, Graduation, and head off on her life adventure with the Navy, before the next three-peat back to back signings kick up in July. I’m well aware of the time constraints and fighting tooth & nail to keep ahead of the next curve. I think I can.

You could turn loose a super ball in my office and it will hit something that needs doing every time it bounces. I’m half considering taking a couple days before school is finished just to have the house to myself to wrap a few bits in quiet. As if… As always, I have crammed as much into my schedule as I can actually fit on the planner pages without going blind from the tiny print. I can’t stand a blank page or unaccounted time. It makes me twitchy. It also likely is what makes everyone around me crazy. Mneh – gotta be who I am.

So, here on the cusp of releasing one and cranking on three, I hope you’re reading something amazing. I myself have finished two books I got in Atlanta, started a third from the same event and picked up 2 more (insert 4) from Iowa (The Krypteia conspiracy) that are tempting the dream fairy to take a break and let me read instead. I’ll keep you posted. So far, I’ve finished Watcher and Protector from Shawnee Small and am tapping my toe HARD waiting for book 3. I need to know now. Elizabeth Raven is on deck and then we’ll get to the monster tomes from the trio I had the fortune to be across the aisle from in Iowa…

What’s on your reading plate today?  Sav

Turn the page

FINALLY. We put Kingdoms Fall to bed over the weekend and it is off the desk for the next couple weeks. I am elated. I think my cohort in crime is too. Then again, he wrote it twice, I only did it once.

The base image for the cover was finalized too.  click two things off the list. I’m on FI-YAHHH.

So now, it is on to an editing project that should be done in a week or so and getting the Technicolor yawn of sticky notes up on the wall for the next book on my agenda; Book of Change. I’m really jacked to write this one. I know approximately how long it will be, and thank gods…no where near the 95K+ that Kingdoms ended up being. Kingdoms Fall is huge.

I have an insanely aggressive first quarter agenda this year for myself & for the house and we are already 1/3rd done. So far, we’re right on track. This Rhino is running, make no mistakes.

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating

Kingdoms Fall is done -CHECK.
The re-release and recover for Warrior’s Watchtower is nearly done and will hit very soon all prettied up and re-sized to match books 1 & 3. (3 will be out in March) -almost Check
The editing project for an author we’re debuting at the beginning of Q2 is on the desk ready to roll.
The plot for Book of Change is half on stickies ready to hit the wall and as soon as the editing project is done moves to the desk between finalizing the editing calls to Kingdoms to send it to the printer…PHEW.

If you’re excited about any of these titles…I will have all of the Vengelys series with me at Booking in Biloxi in March. The new author will debut, and gods willing Book of Change will too at The Novel Experience Event Atlanta in April, and I’ll have them at the North Iowa Book Bash April 30th too.

After that…all bets are off. I might need a break. 🙂