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WWooooahhh Wednesday

It’s Worder Wednesday and I had a lovely post all planned. My plans were blasted clean out the water this morn when I found out that I and a fellow Eclectic Bard Books author are among the nominees for the 2015 BTS Magazine Book Awards.


There is a certain amount of  OUH MAH GODDESS happening at my house. To see the current listing of nominees click HERE. It appears that there may be additional nominees coming yet, so who knows.

At this time I am nominated under the ‘Rising Star’ category for Warrior’s Watchtower, which was the second book in the Vengelys Series. Abyrne Mostyn is also nominated for The Red Queen in the Best Book category.

For the now I want to say a huge thank you to anyone involved in this and especially the readers who loved the story and shared, or who left reviews so others could see their thoughts. You all have totally made my Wednesday.

I’ll hold the other post for a week and pop it up. I’m completely blown away by this nomination and cannot touch the ground yet.

Thank you.