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Klondike bars & ink pens


It’s my day to post and I know normally I do a social media link. I honestly haven’t stopped running since I got back from New Orleans to look. We have two new authors debuting here at Eclectic Bard in the next 60 days so it’s all hands on deck to polish, pimp, promo, and pray for no last-minute hic-ups. As if that weren’t enough it’s also back to school, back to sports, and oh yes…we’re going to re-escrow assess your house and need X, Y, and Z in triplicate.

Writing is a stolen moment adventure for my own work right now as I line edit for a colleague. Sleep is a really pretty word, but not much more right now. And, normal is my coffee order…dark, extra bold with an espresso shot and three creams. The thing is, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love this world. I love the people I’ve met and continue to meet. I love the crazy. I love the moment by moment highs and lows that the ride takes you on when you read a really good story. And, I love that the only limits are those I put upon myself.

Today is a social media day, but as yesterday was book day or author day depending on what you followed…Here’s to the authors and the readers. You rock my world! I know what I’ve done for my Klondike bars…what about you?






Five days

Normally I’m posting some random social media post that I’ve come across that has something to do with the greater process of being an author. I need to find some more golden goodies. Right now, I cannot sit still long enough to look. I’m FIVE days from my debut signing in New Orleans and might as well be walking through a swarm of mosquitos…I am antsy as a kid Christmas morning who has to wait.

The books were all sent ahead since my debut signing is not local, so I haven’t even held one of my beauties in my hands. First thing after we land, I’m tearing open a box to have my hands on one. The Author & Reader Con in New Orleans has shaped up to be a grand experience with tons of authors, lots of titles, and a cowboy or two…are you attending? The signing event on Saturday August 1st is free to the public and parking is cheap too…come say ‘Hi’. I’m going to be giddy to sell one, but secretly hoping to sell out.

It’s Up!

I know it’s social media Monday…but I need to take a post to crow. The pre-order link for the e-book of my debut, Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is UP. The print copies are not far behind so that all formats are available on release day August 1, 2015.

check it out here!

If you’re in or around Louisiana, I’ll be signing on release day at Author-Reader Con at the Holiday Inn Superdome on Loyola in New Orleans.