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Fleshing Friday again

I want to say I have something enlightening to add to the day. I really don’t. The cat is getting ill and whilst there are teenagers at the home, it seems we are incapacitated to act until after we have texted everyone who is not in the home watching it happen.

There are severe storms headed in once again and I am truly fried at this moment. I want a long nap. The kind of nap that is talked about in the Christmas story with sugar plums and kerchiefs & caps in it. The kind of long nap where Hiroshima could happen just beyond my window and I am none the wiser that the earth moved.

Ever been truly that tired? I think some days that the zombie apocalypse is happening now. I think I’m one of the flesh eaters myself staving off the madness with pots of coffee or a highball of scotch. I wonder what would happen if I cut off my vices?

nahhhhh. we probably don’t want to know.