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99 bottles of beer on the wall.

Just a couple of things quick as I’m trying to clean up my act and get my butt back on track. It feels a lot like 99 bottles of beer on the wall after about the third bottle comes down.

One – if you’ve been waiting, there is a countdown to July 21st for the cover reveal for Book of Change. If you’ve not met me live in the last couple months you likely haven’t seen it and I LOVE this cover…follow along on my author page over at Facebook.


Second, If you’ve followed me even a little bit, or by accident you may have seen that I am a plotter. The board has been sorely void for far too many days in a row, but there is HOPE and LIGHT now…the board is awash in bright, beautiful sticky notes. I can’t wait to rip them down. 🙂 This board is soooo much easier than the last one I worked on for Kingdoms Fall…that one had so many freaking story arcs going on, that I think ‘Technicolor yawn’ was a grand description for that plot board. This board is more reminiscent of Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball. I’m hopeful it writes as well as that book too.


Lastly, if you’re joining me at Authors After Dark in Georgia, you’ll be first to get your hands on The Custos…come find out what the White Diamond is and what 43 is all about. Can’t wait to share more soon!!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday shenanigans.  -Sav


Finding a Sliver of Light Within the Darkness

This post really has nothing to do with writing, but more my reflection on what has happened on Friday, November 13th.

It seems as though the world is filled with mass chaos and destruction from which there is no escape. Not a day goes by where there is not something on the news that some act of terrorism has occurred. Whether it be in foreign lands or here, each act chips away at the sense of security and well being.

People are understandably angry at the acts of cowards and bullies set on a course of mass destruction of innocents. What is not understandable is the anger at each other because you offer up prayers for one act of terrorism and not the other. All lives matter. Because one event has received more news coverage over another does not make this any less true. We tear at each other because we are afraid, but in doing so, we feed into the darkness.

For myself, I find that I retreat from the world. I am not, by nature, a confrontational person. I tend to avoid it like the plague. I escape into books, and movies like the LOTR trilogy where good overcomes evil. Because while there is darkness in the world, there is also light. Today’s sliver of light was brought to me by the sound of my son’s voice singing and laughing happily in his room.

When the world feels full of darkness threatening to overcome you, look for your sliver of light. I promise it’s there, if you only take the time to look.

Until next week, Happy Reading



Livin’ the dream

This week started as every other week ever does, with monday. Ruddy effing monday. It truly is the bane of my writing existence because it means that my weekend of wording and shaping things just so has come to a close and once again I must divide my time. Every working writer who still pulls hours for someone else to balance the budget knows this struggle. Perhaps the only thing worse than monday would be the dentist on monday, but that’s an unholy terror that I’m not sure even the great wordsmiths would tackle.  Then again, that could just be me.

Moving along though…I had thought to share this awesome little bit of rhyme about living the dream and keeping yourself aloft and how *poof* with that fancy bit of magic comes the golden moment when it’s no longer a dream but reality…sadly, I cannot find the wretched thing. I have no notion of who it’s by and neither does the almighty Google as the stanza’s I can recall give me nothing close to the lovely bit of prose it should be.

So now, Monday has become a mission to find it. And, with location, to share it because it really is one of those little gems of wisdom wrapped up in a good rhyme scheme. Great plans and alla that aside, I know how mondays are for me, and thus I presumed that there were others who needed the motivational pick me up to keep fighting the good fight and make the day worth it with some words, even if the time is short. Even if the days are long and thankless, find a few moments to reconnect with your craft and make something to be proud of, if it’s only a sentence. There are plenty who would step up to pitch a spit ball when we’re at full count…don’t let them have the final say.

Remember that it’s your dream, and like all good bits of rest and fantasy, there is a window where you aren’t quite sleeping, nor are you fully awake where you control the path. You have the say in which way the road goes and sometimes this is the sole moment of influence…seize it with both hands and drag it into the light. It’s your dream, but if you do it right, with a little bit of luck, it’s your reality too.