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In the last few posts, the discussion has been food.  Have you ever noticed that when  people begin talking about food you suddenly get a taste for something, like Klondike bars? Yeah, don’t think I wasn’t drooling over those images.

I won’t even begin to go into the guinea pig discussion. I’ve been trying real hard to resist temptation,eat nutritious wholesome foods, and exercise regularly to drop some weight. To say that I have expanded my horizons would be the understatement of the century.  I was in a car accident a few years ago and still have some issues from  back injury.

At one time I was in the gym doing 45 minutes of cardio at a time, and I was making progress in my battle against the bulge. The bulge has won the last few rounds, but I’m not down for the count just yet.

Instead of using the cardio equipment at the gym, I’ve spent more time outdoors walking.  Walking is supposed to be good exercise.  It isn’t as jarring as running, and with the extra weight on my frame, it’s probably not a good idea for me to run  even if I could. I was eeling pretty proud of myself last night, upping my routine from  .8 miles to 1.2 miles.  Discouraging considering I was doing nearly 5 miles three years ago,  but  definitely progress from the .4 mile that was at my full limit  at the beginning in March.

On the one hand,  I was an athlete in my youth, running 5 miles a day.  On the other hand, after college I settled into too much of a sedentary lifestyle.  There have been times when we  would be more active, but after my car accident I haven’t dealt well with it.  Life throws things at you that  were unplanned.   Pain can be a strong motivator.  After wallowing in self pity for a while, and self medicating with food, I’ve gained back the weight that I fought so hard to lose.

I remember how I felt when I was in shape, and I know how I feel now.  The gap between the two is shrinking – slowly, but it’s shrinking. So how does this tie in  to my mention of food  at the beginning?  Easy –  I’ve been stressed out these past few weeks with too many irons in the fire. The dayjob has  license renewal obligations  that  require me to take a class in September. I just finished a freelance editing job for a course that I co-teach in the fall. I wrapped another editing job for an author  while doing revisions on my book. I have a book coming out –  there are urgent  things that must be done! Both of my kids are  in college this fall, at two different colleges. The youngest begins next week, the oldest the following week.  It’s like a whirlwind, or a merry-go-round that is out of control.

In other words, I’ve been stressed.  I am a stress eater.  There are no junk foods in my kitchen, I made a point of that in order to behave on my eating plan. The desire to munch my way through  an entire bag of chips is still there.  I ahve chewed the end off my inkpen.  I’ve chewed through several glasses of ice.  I’ve chewed an entire pack of gum.  Stress eating is a thing with me.  I’m trying to avoid  consuming extra calories but the call is getting louder.

Are any of you stress eaters?  Do you snack on sweets? salty?  Or whatever you can get your hands on?

That salad doesn’t hold the same appeal as a bacon double cheeseburger, it just doesn’t.  I can’t wait until Sunday, my splurge day. I’m going to buy some Klondike bars and some steaks to grill.   – Ellie