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No Resting on the Laurels

Breathe Me to Life in the Once Upon A Twisted Time box set has been out for a little over a week now. It’s now available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you have a KU membership and have been waiting for it to switch over…your wait is over. ūüėČ

So, what have I been doing since release day? There is no rest for the weary, wicked, or authors.¬† I’ve been working on Celine and Coipeail’s story. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a shortish story, but who knows…characters sometimes throw you for a loop and insist certain events that weren’t initially planned happen. I’ve also agreed to do a short story anthology…and there may be another project in the works…I’ve also agreed to do an anthology that isn’t going to be released until next year. In other words, I’ve been presented with a writing challenge that will not only push me, but will introduce my writing to different audiences. Of course I answered that challenge with a “yes”. Pray for me and my sanity. I promise to let you all know what is going on with these other projects as they come up.

In the meantime…I need to get back to Coipeail and Celine.

Until next week…Happy Reading!¬†




It’s Worder Wednesday again.

I think I’m in love. I went looking for inspiration as I work on Kingdoms and WOAH¬†MAN did someone deliver. Gracious me I have fallen hard for a vector artist/photographer from the UK named Angela Harburn. Every piece is better than the next and every nuance screams Scath¬†to me…or Amaranth, but mostly Scath. It’s like she’s seen into my brain and popped it out into image.

Beyond that, we got dumped on over the weekend. The actual snow fall wasn’t too bad, but the drifts are murder. One state road has FIVE FOOT drifts.¬† Yes, 5 FOOT not inch…crazy. I’m watching more fall out the window as I type this amazed that the clouds aren’t bone dry. *shrugs* I’m not complaining, I like the snow, I’d just prefer to be home before it begins and have both girls in safe¬†for the evening as well.

As usual, my plate is a spot full and I’m furiously writing every spare moment. It was pointed out to me that I need to update the cafepress¬†store as there is nothing for Watchtower. I have been so busily working on everything else I forgot I HAVE a cafepress store. I didn’t forget I have a website, but that too needs some attention as soon as I finish what I’m on right now. Perhaps a week or two out, but I’ll get there and be diving into the next bit.

For all of you who are readers…what’s good right now? For the writers…a little thing to keep the perspective that I found earlier…


…which is my way of reminding you (and me) to get to it!

See ya next week. -Aedan