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It only grows

It used to be that every other year, we did Thanksgiving with my parents, and the opposite with my in-laws. With my MIL’s passing last year, it hasn’t really had time to shift, but more it became if my sister and her brood would be present or not as they were still on the alternating year plan. Interestingly, this year my parents are taking the holiday to my sister since they cannot get away with school things. As my girls are older, we don’t have that hiccup…only multiple work schedules to navigate.

Which means…it’s just my household doing the holiday together…which is nice on many levels. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I love being with family and laughing…but there’s a perk to keeping the gathering small too. I have no idea how many years are left before there will be plus one’s at the table and it won’t just be us anymore. I can totally enjoy turkey day in my jammies this time instead of having to dress for the travel & company factor this round. We can have our favorites at the table and all the leftovers we can handle. There is a win-win to this scenario.

The challenge is everyone keeps adding to the menu and I think I’m going to need a bigger table soon if we hope to sit at one to eat. I am also wondering if I should make the bird. Our family is not opposed to turkey…I’m happy to make it…but good gracious the sides are getting to be so abundant, that I’m not sure anyone is going to eat turkey anyway. And, just when I think I have the list complete, and most of the ingredients, except the fresh ones, bought and set aside, someone adds another dish to the list. I’m going to be waddling for a week or more…and that’s before seasonal baking.

At this rate also, I’m not sure what NANO WRIMO holds for me. I had thought to use my holiday week to crack out the backlog, but at this rate, I’ll be in the kitchen…likely wearing ingredients and laughing like a maniac. 🙂 see…there was a writer’s reason to mention the holiday odd going on…food & family vs. words? Family wins.

My writing itinerary is getting complicated for 2018. Then again, I’m not sure I’d recognize it any other way. 🙂 manic is me.

What’s your favorite holiday dish? What’s the one you could live without? Enquiring minds want to know…and, s’long as I’m already cooking enough for a battalion, what else can I add to the fun?


Playing Catch Up!

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the kind. It’s the kind where you’re pedaling your legs as fast as you can, trying to get from point A to point B, only to find out you’re on a stationary bike.

This is going to be a really, REALLY short post. lol. Yes, I could ramble on forever, but there are things that need doing, and I’ve been appointed to do them. I need a raise. lol

Anyway….I want to say, Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate or not celebrate, I wish you Tolerance of those who believe and celebrate differently than you and Love and Light for all your days.

Until next week….Happy Reading!



Quitters, apathy & trying again.

Every year we do a little holiday thing for the families we have served during the year. Nothing big…just a day, some baked goods, some music, a chance to say Hi. Three years ago it was a cold, crappy, sleeting day and there was a large crowd. Last year not so cold but also not as many in attendance, and this year it was a whopping 16 people including the staff, BUT it was a balmy 55 degree, sun filled day. Now, keep in mind we’ve done the same thing for four years now. (The first year was new, so we don’t really count it much).

So what, right? Well I’m mentioning it because it was yesterday. We on staff this morning talked about it and want to try something different to see if it effects attendance if we change it up. The boss came in this morning and announced he doesn’t want to do it at all, it isn’t worth it for the turn out. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement.

I’ve never understood the quitter mentality. Our other office on the other side of town has been doing this for years and their numbers, while better than ours, are declining as well. Their ‘answer’ is to cut ours and combine it in with the other office. THAT, pissed me off…once again the message is that our customers are less important and should have to go to a place they didn’t do business with to see us and have a chance for a holiday greeting. I personally think that sucks eggs.

The final word on it, for now anyway, is that we the staff here can try something different, but we’ll essentially get little to no help to pull it off and if the numbers are not significantly better, it will get pulled anyway. What’s a girl to do? 😦 I guess he doesn’t know me very well. Anyone who’s told me ‘No,’ or that ‘it can’t be done’ wouldn’t say those things to me a second time, but evidently my boss’ memory is not what it should be because he sure as shit did. Now I gotta prove him wrong. *sigh*


Turkey and All the Trimmings


Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the first indicators that we had entered a new phase in our lives was Thanksgiving.   My family used to have a huge gathering at my parent’s house. For some people it’s about the turkey, for other’s it’s about the pie, and for others it’s about the people.  I come from a big family. At the last Thanksgiving gathering at my mother’s home there were 38 people,  either blood or  related by marriage.

It was always a festive occasion.  My sisters and their grown daughters would plot their course for Black Friday shopping. The men would go off into the den and play poker.  I would  help clean up then sit and watch The Sound of Music with my mom, and then It’s a Wonderful Life.  I have never been into the Black Friday thing.  Seriously. I would have to use my writing skills to hide a body or two. It’s best if I  just stay  home that day and get out the holiday decorations.

When my mother passed away in 2009, our family no longer gathered en masse. My siblings have grown children and grand children, so now they have their own family gatherings. I miss it.  We still have dinner with my husband’s family,  but it’s not the same as my family.  He has one sister and they have three children the same ages as ours. It’s nice but it isn’t the same.

We’ve adopted our own traditions. I love to cook,  and do it quite well.  What? You don’t think I got to be Queen sized by being a lousy cook did you?

I make homemade yeast rolls are that my family goes nuts over. We skip the pumpkin pie – I know I know,  sacrilege.  It would go to waste so I don’t make it. I make either  apple or  cherry pie.   It used to be the one time of year that I would get  green bean casserole.  I don’t fix it because I would be the only one to eat it. I miss my dad’s corn.  He would raise the best tasting corn – EVER! I’ve never had corn as good as what my dad grew and tend to shy away from it because it’s not his.  I avoid corn. My husband has to have cranberry sauce,  made from  fresh cranberries of course.

It’s not really about the food,   but the “comfort” aspect of it matters. Ever since my kids were small we have played the Thankful game.  Once everyone has loaded their plates with their choices, we go around the table and list three things that they are thankful for. Let’s give it a shot, shall we?

I am thankful for:

  1. I’m thankful to live in America.  Even with all the political hubbub,  there is no other nation that can hold a candle to ours.  Freedom is of great value!
  2. I’m thankful for my children – they are the greatest joy of my life. Mother is the best title I’ve ever earned. Even on their worst days,  I wouldn’t trade them for the entirety of the world.
  3. My husband. We had a rough couple of years and  we came too close to calling it quits. We are complete and total opposites. I’m outgoing and talkative (I know, you never would have guessed!) and he’s  quiet, reserved and introverted.  I can strike up a conversation with anyone. He  would prefer to not talk to strangers at all or even some people he does know. For all of our differences (VIVA LE DIFFERENCE!)  he is my best friend. I nearly lost my best friend.

Now it’s your turn.  Leave a comment of what you are thankful for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now go eat some  turkey!!!


Review, Rafflecopter, Announcement, and Coffee too.

Sorry folks. I’m completely turned around with the holiday yesterday. As many of you know it was weekend #2 of canning for me. I only know it’s a workday, because though not Monday it sure is acting like one…so I’m posting as though it’s my day even though my day was yesterday. 🙂


Super big, awesome, Social Media related news.

I asked for help understanding the role of an author’s Personal Assistant a bit ago. I got some great responses. Amid them, I had a chance to have a conversation with someone who I had met at a recent convention but didn’t know was a PA…they were patient and informative as I took in their responses and tried to decifer if I in fact needed one, or if I was just doing it wrong.

Turns out, I really can use the help because I am doing it wrong. Actually, I have no clue what I’m doing in some things. I am immensely grateful to have met, and to introduce to you (if you haven’t met her) Jillian Wood. Jillian is helping me figure it all out and is trying to steer me in the right direction on a number of fronts. Through my author page on Facebook you can message her, or you may get her if I can’t figure it out.

In the mean time, before we came to accord, we decided that she should read Viva Zapata to see if she could support how I write. I am tickled, giddy, and plumb proud to share her review of the book with you. See her blog HERE and check it out. You might find a few more books over there that you want to read. While you’re there you should also sign up for the Rafflecopter that is going on for prizes… Sounds like a win-win to me!!