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New Year…New lesson

As you may recall, I’ve been a busy beaver lately. With 4 releases in roughly 8 weeks, it’s been a bit helter-skelter. BUT, without it, I would not have the latest “Oh” moment, thanks to a reader.

Baiting a Berserker came out last week…and woahmygosh Y’all blew me out with the numbers. So far up to #3 in category AND on the Hot New Releases charts… I’m stunned silly and speechless…but let me say THANKS!

Anyhoop…one of the readers, who noticed that Fynn is a bit long-winded, made a comment about paragraphing in dialogue, which forced me to do what I always do…hit the books and research it. I’m tickled for the lesson. I was right to break the monologue into paragraphs, but there is a better way to distinguish it in the larger body. SO THANK YOU! I learned something new because you read my work and made me look. I love that.

A writer is never more than the reaction of a reader who enjoys the story. You guys have sent me flying. I’ll never have enough words for that.

Read something great til we meet again.


Thank you


& sorry for the delay…

For quite a long time, you’ve been gracious as I’ve blathered on about the Prowlers & Growlers boxset…Thank you for that. And to those who ordered it anyway…THANK YOU. We, the authors of P&G are most grateful for the readers who launched us to the USA Today Bestsellers list last week. It is still surreal.

I’m not going to cloud this up with anything else. Just thank you to those who made it possible.

Just for a moment

It is something akin to having bairn I think, the intense feelings. Eclectic Bard Books is in its third year now and as I sit back and look at it, I’m amazed.

Giving over full control to one of the founding partners has resulted in the house growing and flourishing. I am stunned to see 7 authors now on the roster. I am shocked too to hear that there have been other inquiries about joining our merry band of misfits.

Pride runs deep, but also goes before the fall, so for just a moment I want to puff up me chest and beam at what this has become, before I pull it back and say thank you to those who helped us grow, and continue to keep us grounded to the future…whatever it may bring.


Yesterday & Tomorrow

As we stand at the precipice of another new year, I am mottled with thoughts. Where we have been, as well as where we endeavor to go, are among them. I have decisions to make and yet cannot find terra firma to stand upon. I have never been one to make choices without a foundation beneath me to dig in. I am at odds, and unsettled.

I know that as the end of the third book in the series wraps to close, I have to make a choice. I have vacillated for months now about this decision. I am no closer to making it now than when I began. It has delayed production twice so far. Indecision is not normally part of my nature. This time, it is a choice between what I planned to do from the start, and what has developed since, but also it is a result. A result of watching reactions, sales, shares, and anticipation, or lack of anticipation.

I know, there are those who have been reading from the beginning who are ready to string me up by my toes to finish. I am so grateful to them that I cannot see straight most days. The truth is, I am a realist. I know, that is a weird arse thing for a fantasy writer to say, but it’s true. And, reality is that the numbers have not grown to sustain the work. Writing is a huge commitment to produce and follow through, but when the return on the labor is not there, it is more difficult to want to continue. Realist me does, and doesn’t.

I know, we are getting ready to start a new year and it should be an exciting time as we get ready to turn the page. I am. I am also, not. Like I said, I’m a realist. I believe thus that it is only fair that those who are following along, wondering what the bloody hells has happened to the next installment in the story, should know where I am. It’s only fair. I’m here somewhere. Just don’t ask where somewhere is. I’m not sure I know that.





We began


We dreamt.


We Became.




  1. the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.
  2. the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

As many of you know, Eclectic Bard Books recently celebrated our 2nd anniversary, and in high style I might add, as we ran twenty hours of authors and booksy games and chatter. Two years ago when the house was founded if we had been told that this would be us in two scarce years, I daresay we would have laughed out loud at the notion. I know this is not where we thought we would be in such a short window. But, like things have a way of doing, we have evolved into something more than what we began. It is surreal.

I am sincerely proud of our roster, and the diversity it represents. The notion that we are living up to our namesake is incredible. I cannot fathom that we would do it any other way and I am thankful that during the recent growth spout we took, we did not lose sight of why we began.

Eclectic Bard Books was founded to create a place for authors not just to be able to write, but to be able to write what they are passionate about without having to conform or try  to fit someone else’s mold. Yes, we do go through the editing processes and reviews like everyone else, but any changes that come forth are because the author decided it was a better way to tell the story, not of obligation, and not because the designated editor changed the author’s work. We feel incredibly strongly about creative rights, and wrongs.

That all said, we are still young, and growing. We will have, as we do right now, expansion pains as we try to adapt and adjust to more faces at the table. There is no ‘kiddie’ table here, everyone has a seat with the grownups. The fact that half of our roster at this moment are brand new or yet to debut authors is EXCITING to us. Situationally, it is abundant with issues unique to new authors and young authors, but we are up to the challenge. One day, we hope that the name Eclectic Bard Books will become synonymous with quality new authors and debut books you want to read.

For now, Thank you for finding us and following along. As I started, after two short, quick years we are astride the road much farther along that we could have imaged and it is because readers, other authors, and industry professionals have embraced what we are trying to do. We will continue to do our best to bring good books to the table and reach out to share new authors with readers everywhere we go. It is our mission.

When we began, we sloganned with ‘Your writing world – No excuses.’ This may need to evolve some too as we reach a wider audience, to something more like Our writing world for your reading – No excuses. (just off the cuff o’course) The picture is incomplete without the readers. I think as we embark on our next year (aside from the books on sale that I hope you saw) this will become one of my quests to find a way to recognize our readers as well.

We begin, we dream, we become. Thanks for being along for the ride.





Day by Day

Many of you know that I duel it out with pancreatitis several times a year. This year the kick up was just before the Thanksgiving holiday. Do not be fooled, I tried to sneak some solids onto the menu for myself. Foolish it was, and foolish I felt, but I just couldn’t bear the idea that my turkey shaped jell-o was the deal for the day. I’ll be insanely grateful NOT to do that again, ever.

I am still thankful for all that I have, and look forward to being genuinely grateful each and every day for the gift that it is. Time marches on and I refuse to become complacent to thinking that each day is just another one. They are not.

There is snow on the ground this morning. I was up late into the wee hours to watch it fall and get to see it build before it became sullied by the traffic of our hectic lives. There is a quiet, regal beauty about snow that I love. I makes me want to write (if I only had a fire hearth to sit by it would be quite Dickens.)

This post will be short, as I was up more than asleep through the down hours and I want to write today while my brain cooperates with the putting one word in front of the next thing. 🙂

Happy December. -Aedan


In this life

Today has been long. I’ve been to University, three grocers, the hardware, the bank and a few other stops. I’ve toted bag after bag into a house smelling like bliss, but have managed to neglect to eat more than some pretzels and mustard, and still…it has been a good day. Long, but good.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here. I have so many things in each day that make me crazed, but in each one are also things that I am thankful for. It’s sounds cliché, but as the house prepares bit after bit for the “day” of Thanks, I want to stop and remember that I am indelibly blessed, every day, multiple times over.

I have a roof over head, food for the table, family to cherish, and as was true yesterday, I am above ground to experience life once more. I will take tomorrow as the ‘official’ day of thanks, but want to do more than that. I’ve seen the ‘x’ number of days of gratitude posts and encourage everyone who reads this to stop each day and recall that there is always something to be grateful for, even if in that moment it is only a breath.

Gratitude is about so much more than a day, or a number of days to recount what we have. It is an attitude, and I think, a way of living where we know that each moment is a gift to be treasured. Frustration too is a gift we are given to take stock of what we value and what could be better.

I think Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday as it is supposed to be a reminder of this. I need the reminder, far more oft than once a year, but as there is only one ‘official’ Thanksgiving, I’ll embrace that for what it is.

New Year’s resolutions are wrote to many, forgotten by others, and cliché to the masses. I think more so than a new calendar year, I’d like to start on Thanksgiving remembering that each day is one that I have been given and to seek that which can be better because I embrace the gift. So tomorrow I begin my resolution of remembering. Remember each moment and taking whatever I am presented with as the gift and opportunity that they are.

I wish everyone a blessed day of Thanks tomorrow, but more than that. I wish everyone many days of thanks and blessings from here forward. We could all do with a little more gratitude and recognizing that which brings us together to the table than those things that divide us from one another.

May your belly be full, your home be warm, and your cup run over with friendship.


Thank an Author

Just my two bits, but I’ve seen a truck load of meme’s lately about this. I therefore have to believe that it is indicative of a more widespread issue. Widespread of course meaning, ‘not just me’.

What does it take to write a book? A bit of blood, sleepless nights, jag fits of wrestling emotion from yourself when you’d rather be as emotional as a good silver teaspoon, exuberant perspiration that it’s somehow great, nervous perspiration that you’re wrong and it’s dreadful, missed dinners with family, lost time with other loved ones, and those are just the non-pricetag items. Remember there are reams of paper (even for an e-book), ink, pens, postage, promotion expenses, swag, signing events have entry fees, traveling expenses, the list goes on. And yet, people wonder why we cajole for reviews and ask if you liked it or did you tell your friends?

Because…IT. IS. OUR. LIFE.

If you liked a book there are three things amazingly simple things you can do to show appreciation that cost you nothing!

ONE – Leave a review. On amazon, on Barnes & Noble, on Goodreads.

TWO – Tell everyone you know who reads. Post it on your facebook even.

THREE – “LOAN” your copy.

We aren’t asking for first borns or anything crazy…just a little lift that might bump us up someone else’s reading list so that perhaps another person will see our work, and so on. A review is like a pebble dropped in a still pond. The ripples are the circles of influence that pebble (review) has…how many ripples can one review generate? A lot.

Here’s the bottom line…and I’ve seen a lot of these meme’s too. Readers…career readers as well as hobbyists LOVE free books….IF we the authors cannot make enough to survive, there won’t be free books. The choice between free copies and dinner is an easy one. This industry drives and thrives on good will from BOTH SIDES to keep moving.

Many of us are writing as fast as we can…how fast can you write a review and thank an author?



Crappy first drafts


10454296_361006674073419_7970775334814670469_nWelcome back worders and guests. Today my topic is crappy first drafts…why? Because at the moment that is exactly what I have and exactly what I am hoping to accomplish. The cliché’s are endless…when you begin you aren’t writing, you’re putting sand in a bucket so you can build sand castles later, you can’t edit what isn’t on the page, write drunk – edit sober…I’m sure we’ve all seen them, but let’s face it, the message is the same, put the pen to the page and get to work.

With Watchtower I changed my writing routine completely. I actually took each storyline and wrote it to conclusion then broke it into pieces as I built the book by chapters. It was liberating; and it was scary as hell. With Kingdoms Fall, I’m not sure what I’m doing. I’ve left so much to this one body of work that I cannot find the beginning nor the end. I cannot decide if there will be a book four. I cannot figure out how to get everything that is hanging out into book three, and I’m terrified.

I’m excited to work with a plotter soon. As someone who has always had an innate sense of the story and where it was going next, this feeling of hanging by a hair over the cliff edge to oblivion is unfamiliar and unnerving. Here’s what I know to be true. I am eternally grateful to those who have embraced The Vengelys Series and the characters I have created. I want to tell the story in such a way that you feel like it is either a natural progression or conclusion to the tale.

In the end, I want to know that I told the story the way I needed to tell it and that it is complete. What that translates to is beyond my grasp right now. Whatever it becomes, thanks for coming on the journey.


Friday F3 – What’s next?

It’s almost time for Margaret to return to the F3 scene in The Red Queen. As I work to wrap up the book and have everything finalized for it to drop I have been pondering the “What’s next?” question. I think I have an answer for you.

What’s next is Some Might Call it Magick, a flash release from a couple of years ago has the same title. SMCiM will be book 4 in the F3 series and I have decided it will be a collection of shorts. Besides Carolyn and B. Michael, I think we’ll get the story on a few others we’ve encountered in the F3 series and see who, what, or where they are now.

Further, SMCiM will also, (I sincerely hope) be out late in 2015 to get the release schedule for F3 back on track. This is the goal, albeit a soft one at this time. Until I wrap up TRQ and another project I’m working on, I cannot commit to a hard release date. As we saw with TRQ the best laid plans do not always consult with me when they change.

I want to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who has waited and asked about TRQ since Swingers hit way back when. I appreciate your patience while Maggie and I sorted out how this story would be told and got it to the page. Margaret’s story is not a full out erotica read the way The Dom’s Diary was. It is also not an e-serial compilation like the first two books. It is more a coming of age and finding your place in the world tale where our sweet Mags finds hers as The Red Queen. I hope you enjoy her story!

Lastly, I want to say thank you for being willing to morph with me. Each book in the F3 series has been/will be unique. Swingers was the red carpet that opened the door to this world I love. The Dom’s Diary was the shadow and raw edge where the wheat separates from the chafe. The Red Queen is the balance and I hope that comes through for the readers as it has for me. Some Might Call it Magick is shaping up to be the binding pieces to tie the first three stories more solidly together. And, Lock & Key, the final book, is to my thinking the conclusion of where the story was supposed to go from the first word when I didn’t yet know the whole tale. I appreciate every reader and hope that you have learned something on our journey even if it is an appreciation for the complex amid things that seem simple from the outside.

At a time when ‘erotica’ reads are a dime a dozen and a new author is putting out work each day, I hope that these books have given you enough information to know the difference between reading the world and thinking to experience it and what to seek should you choose to try. Safety is not a laughing matter. Security and trust are not catch-phrases. Not all scenes are sexual and not all that use the name Dominant are gentlemen/women. Know the difference. Surrender if you choose, but scene safe!