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Recharging Through Craftiness

Courtesy of Stokpic

Courtesy of Stokpic

When we first  began planning for the upcoming anniversary special event,  I was like a kid in a candy store. Gifts –  I  need gifts for a giveaway! My mind raced with ideas. OOH –  I can make . . . . and the craftiness begins.

I love all sorts of crafts. One of the things I like to do is crocheting and knitting.  Yeah,  kind of old school but it is a relaxing thing for me most of the time.  I have undertaken a project for my oldest daughter however,  that may be my undoing. I am making her a Gamer jacket inspired by Assassin’s Creed character. First off –  that’s a lot of yarn.  Secondly,  to complicate things  it requires a new stitch that I taught myself called a Tunisian stitch. It looks pretty awesome,  but it is labor intensive.  This means that I can’t mindlessly crochet while watching The Walking Dead, or Castle.   I have intermittently  worked on other projects because I can “zone out” and whip out a cowl or infinity scarf in an hour or so.



If you look close at the stitches,  it has a woven texture.  It’s kind of hybrid between knitting and crocheting. The  flecks of dark are supposed to be there,  it’s part of the yarn design.  One thing I have discovered is that I can use my DRAGON to dictate the next scene while I work on this Christmas gift.

One of the benefits to me of this hobby  is while I am crocheting,  my mind is free to wander. As a Creative, this opens up doors that were locked, reveals hidden passageways and digs new tunnels. While working on charitable donations to a safe house here in our local area,  I am also able to recharge my  creativity and spark a few short stories at the same time.  Win win, right?

What hobbies do you have?  What recharges you when you seem to be running on empty?

I look forward to this coming weekend,  December 19th and 20th for our online anniversary event.  Sign up now! There will be lots of games and prizes!

See ya there!



In this life

Today has been long. I’ve been to University, three grocers, the hardware, the bank and a few other stops. I’ve toted bag after bag into a house smelling like bliss, but have managed to neglect to eat more than some pretzels and mustard, and still…it has been a good day. Long, but good.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here. I have so many things in each day that make me crazed, but in each one are also things that I am thankful for. It’s sounds cliché, but as the house prepares bit after bit for the “day” of Thanks, I want to stop and remember that I am indelibly blessed, every day, multiple times over.

I have a roof over head, food for the table, family to cherish, and as was true yesterday, I am above ground to experience life once more. I will take tomorrow as the ‘official’ day of thanks, but want to do more than that. I’ve seen the ‘x’ number of days of gratitude posts and encourage everyone who reads this to stop each day and recall that there is always something to be grateful for, even if in that moment it is only a breath.

Gratitude is about so much more than a day, or a number of days to recount what we have. It is an attitude, and I think, a way of living where we know that each moment is a gift to be treasured. Frustration too is a gift we are given to take stock of what we value and what could be better.

I think Thanksgiving will always be my favorite holiday as it is supposed to be a reminder of this. I need the reminder, far more oft than once a year, but as there is only one ‘official’ Thanksgiving, I’ll embrace that for what it is.

New Year’s resolutions are wrote to many, forgotten by others, and cliché to the masses. I think more so than a new calendar year, I’d like to start on Thanksgiving remembering that each day is one that I have been given and to seek that which can be better because I embrace the gift. So tomorrow I begin my resolution of remembering. Remember each moment and taking whatever I am presented with as the gift and opportunity that they are.

I wish everyone a blessed day of Thanks tomorrow, but more than that. I wish everyone many days of thanks and blessings from here forward. We could all do with a little more gratitude and recognizing that which brings us together to the table than those things that divide us from one another.

May your belly be full, your home be warm, and your cup run over with friendship.