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What is Real?

I saw a meme the other day on social media. The background was a picture of bookshelves stuffed to the brim…a bibliophile’s dream. The words were, “When was the last time you read a “real” book? That stopped my newsfeed strolling in its track. What did that mean…a real book?

One could say, they meant a book not on a reading devices, but does that discredit a book from being real? It is the same story if you reading on your favorite reader, or if you hold a physical copy with paper pages to turn. The effort in producing that book is the same. The manner in which it is read is entirely up to the reader.

I’ve also heard people imply that romance isn’t a real book. I so totally do NOT understand that thinking. I don’t think the book snobs know how much research we romance authors go through. For example, historical romance writers have to research the time period they are writing in and if they have any real historical people mentioned in their book, they may have to do a little research on them. Fantasy and paranormal romance writers have to research the mythical characters they write about. These are just a couple of examples…I am sure there are things writers in other sub-genre categories that are umbrellaed under romance, like weaponry, fighting techniques, medical and law enforcement procedures…the list is long. And trust me when I say, writing those more intimate portions of a romance book is no walk in the park.

I guess, what I am getting at is, just because you do not enjoy a genre doesn’t mean you get to discount the talent, imagination, or the medium that author chooses to publish their book in, and deserve the respect.

What do you think the question, ‘When is the last time you read a REAL book?’ means?

Until next week…Happy Reading!




More than a catch-phrase


It’s a word we hear often in different circumstances, though perhaps not as often in reading and writing, where many find a single or small group of genre they prefer to read or write. Me, I am as Eclectic as the company here in my tastes. I can easily jump from mystery to horror, slip-stream to a textbook, or from fantasy to erotica to a tome on the history of time and LOVE every single book. I don’t imagine that there are so many out there like me, but when I find them, the time flies.

This past weekend, the local Half Price Books had their annual ‘Fill a bag for $30’ sale. It would be akin to setting the ice cream truck loose in the school yard for the Pavlovian response from me. As luck would have it, we had a family event that the venue for was ONE BLOCK from the HPB. Talk about a MAJOR alignment of the good juju. In the sliver of time between the meal and the dessert, I made my break.

The lot was disturbingly full, as was the store, but once again the fates aligned to my limitations… Either that or I smelled funny. Every section I moved to was magically not as full as the rest of the store. I could easily read the shelves without having to peer through the bodies and carts of others, and could make selections quickly. My bag was overflowing in no time.

Some creative rearranging gave me a small bit of room, but it was over before long as my bag was ready to split. Mind you, if I would have selected more paperbacks than hard covers, I probably could have acquired more…but, I am a creature of habit, and hardcovers have been it for a long time. My daughter managed to squeeze a dozen cd’s into the slim spaces, but we were done. We needed to get back anyway.

I watched yesterday as everyone posted pictures of their Valentine’s flowers and gifts. I didn’t take a picture of mine. 😦 I got a new bookcase for the nearly three dozen books I picked up on Saturday. That I have nowhere to put said bookcase is not of issue. I GOT BOOKS!


Some would be as ecstatic as I at the haul, and others still would want the flowers, chocolates, and stuffed whatever. It’s called diversity, and I love mine…and ours.