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The world around us

As  a writer I get inspiration from everything around me. I was told recently that I have too many voices in my head. I have to disagree. I am never lonely because I can escape into my head and enter another world. I feel sorry for the ones that have not figured out how to do that yet.

I have story lines for two more books and another series running around in my head all wanting their story told. I have stepped away from writing for a short period of time so that I can make my first series as good as it can be. The voices are very impatient in waiting for me to get to them. While I may not be writing right now, I am still getting ideas and fine tuning the story lines that are marinating.

The simplest of actions that someone else does and they don’t look around to see the impact that action has caused is something that immediately draws my attention. While they are too busy to notice the world around them I am quietly standing on the sidelines taking it all in. Not only the actual ripples that occur but also the possible ones continuously run through my head.

I find it useful to watch people when they don’t know they are being watched. I can then see how other people react to different situations without influencing their reaction. Most of the time it is strangers that I see in passing but there are times that someone in my inner circle will do something and my mind jumps up and has another scene roughed out.

As a writer I try to get the big picture in there. If all I did was write a book in the way that I would react to every situation my books would get pretty boring really fast. As I said I am an observer and nobody wants to read about an observer. Readers want the action and the drama that comes with it. While I am not prone to participate in drama it helps that I have a teenage son and a preteen daughter. I am learning all anyone could ever want to know about drama and then some!

While anyone is going about their day and just living their life they don’t expect to help to inspire a book. There are so many people that I have never met but have just seen in passing that have inspired many of the chapters that I write. I would love to thank them for their help but that would defeat the purpose and since I don’t actually know who they are quite impossible.

As you go about your day just keep in mind that you may not know it but the chances are good that the actions and movements you make during the day could very well be inspiring someone. It may not be an author, but it could be something as simple as inspiring someone to be kinder in their interactions with others, or to give the forgiveness they have been withholding.

Every action creates a ripple. What we do with those ripples is up to each of us.


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