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Editing Away

I’m knee deep in edits. It’s never fun or easy, but a necessary evil required for all books to go through. I’m not going to go on about how much I don’t like going through edits because…really…what writer enjoys them? lol.

I am going to keep this short though. The deadline to get them done is looming, and I have many more pages to go through.

In the meantime…if you haven’t read the beginning of Daria and Iauron’s story, Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams, why don’t you check it out. ūüėČ You’ll want to read it before you read The Veiled Path to Destiny.

Until next week…Happy Reading!



School’s Back in Session

School’s back in session. What does that mean for me? Time adjustments. Ugh! There is no way, no how, it should be legal to be waking up at 5:30 in the morning to make sure the¬†chid is up, dressed, teeth brushed…with toothpaste (it’s important to remind them of the toothpaste because somehow it always slips his mind until I ask to smell his breath) and ready for the bus, that comes at 6:20 in the morning. I don’t know about all of you, but my brain is not even thinking about functioning at that time of the morning.

On the flip side of this sending the child out to have a productive day of learning (which I have been informed by the child means he eats¬†lunch and that’s it, nothing else) at the butt crack of dawn is this….I have an hour and a half of alone time! Squee! Once the caffeine kicks in, I can get a few words on the page before I have to prepare for my day.

I will be honest, some mornings (mind you, this is only the second week of school) I don’t wanna write, but then this little annoying voice in my head says, “Suck it up, buttercup. You have a deadline.” That I do. So if I want to meet it, and I do…I need to hop off here and get to writing!

P.S…Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams was nominated in the Fantasy Category for the¬†Summer Indie Book Awards! How cool is that?!

Until next week….Happy Reading!

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One Step Closer

How  is it even  the end of March already? This month has just flown by!

Deadline red grunge textured vintage isolated stamp

Deadline red grunge textured vintage isolated stamp

I haven’t accomplished everything that I set for myself as goals for this month, but I’ve made progress. One ¬†benefit that Eclectic Bard Books has ¬†provided for me¬† was ¬†setting a deadline for Red Wine and Roses. Although it was stressful at the time, ¬†it was necessary to be disciplined and stay on task.

Like many, I tend to get distracted, ¬†often procrastinate, and sometimes seem to be trudging through a bog without making any progress. However, that outlined date on my calendar looms before me demanding my attention, setting my radar to high alert. It’s getting closer.

Without a deadline I drift aimlessly along, never accomplishing anything. But ¬†give me a firm date and come hell or high water I will bust my butt to meet it. ¬†With many things, knowing is half the battle. ¬†I know this is ¬†an area that I am really bad about so I set myself on a schedule with my own deadlines. ¬†In fact, I’ve set a few for myself for the rest of the year. I figured I would borrow the tool that Eclectic Bard Books had previously set for me.

Sadly, ¬†I didn’t meet my goal for today, which was to have Valkyrie’s Curse: The Awakening sent to my beta readers today. ¬†I have been working on it the past two months revising, adding ¬†epigraphs, and cross checking my plot and subplot. This story is far more complex than Red Wine & Roses, but then again, it’s not a romance. ¬†I am close, but my self-imposed deadline has to be pushed back a couple of weeks. ¬†Here in lies the rub, ¬†if it’s my own deadline I don’t give it the priority that I would ¬†if it were set by someone else.¬†

*SIGH* ¬†On one hand I’ve made progress but on the other hand, I revert back to old habits which don’t accomplish my goals.

On another note,  I write in ink.

You’re saying to yourself: Yeah, so who cares and what does that have to do with meeting a deadline? ¬†

I use a planner — lately a bullet journal — which has been an absolute godsend for me! My point is, ¬†I write in ink on my calendar and in my planner. I can’t scratch it out or erase it. Having to push a deadline out further means that I have to put the dreaded forward task arrow into my planner. I put lots of stuff into my planner, like my monthly goals and daily todo lists but forward task arrows . . . . that’s like receiving an F on a term paper. There is no amount of smiley face stickers, washi tape, or colorful highlighters that can undo the bold forward task arrow. ¬†I DON’T want to have to add another one! I can go without sleep if I have to. The family can exist on cereal and peanut butter sandwiches if necessary but I am NOT sullying my¬† bujo with another forward task arrow.

April is shaping up to be a very busy month. I have 3 books to edit, Camp Nano to work on my newest WIP,  a class to learn how to use InDesign, and now the addition of finishing  my revisions and sending VC to my beta readers.

This is going to require a lot more coffee!

On a bright note,  I am the featured author on the Penned Con Fan Page today -woohoo!

Tomorrow is April and another chance to buckle down and ¬†get the bulk of a first draft down on paper or virtual paper. It’s one step closer to having another book released.

What goals have you set for yourself? Do you give yourself the same priority as you would someone else?

‘Til Next time,