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Missed it by ‘that’ much…


Last Tuesday, the final cover for Book of Change was revealed a few scant hours after my normal Monday blog post here. If you weren’t on my Facebook page to see it, here it is…

12790143_10154607971165031_350283778_o - Copy

I LOVE THIS COVER. It blew me away when I saw the base image because it fits so well with a scene from the book that I almost had to check my office for hidden cameras. I put the base image up on my wall immediately to remind myself where this was going, and still get goose bumps to see this as I write the next pieces. Next pieces? yes actually – next pieces.

I, with my PA Jillian (who honestly saves my bacon on a regular basis) worked a few things out recently, including that this book is part of a larger series…
While very tentatively called The Custos, I am probably not going to officially title the series to demarcate it on each book. What I can tell you right now, is that I believe there are 5 books in the series. Book of Change is technically the first, but actually the second as Book of Time is a better introduction to the players and the overall pretense of the stories involved. I just wrote them in the wrong order.

Because of this little flippity-flop, I have elected to hold the release for Book of Change just a little longer to correlate with the release of Book of Time. Keep an eagle eye on the horizon for August because after I wrap Authors After Dark in Savannah Georgia (where attendees with get first option on them), both books will go live…and you’ll get to submerge into a side of New Orleans and Mardi Gras that you didn’t know was there.

2017 will bring the release of book 3 in the series – Book of Mysteries, and the remaining two will have release dates determined after I get a few other things settled out. Book of Revelations and Book of Prophecy are the working titles for those but will have to come after I get Chasing Daylight – (my book for Cherry Adair’s 2016 Finish the Damn Book challenge), and Bet the House off the desk. We won’t talk about the sticky notes for the other books I can’t shake from my head yet. 🙂

Annnnd then there’s the list of books I’m working on for the other EBB authors…ya’ll are getting spoiled. NO other coop of our size has such an active roster. I believe I’m finally back on track. The first 6 months of 2016 have been insane. The surgery I had in April is now nearly healed and ready for phase II, the mother in law’s estate is close to being finally settled a month later, the hubs is halfway through recovery from his surgery and the oldest has had her grad party and is ready to sign for her ship date now and get off to the Navy to see the world.

My world can officially become Write – Edit – Promote – Repeat again

It’s about time!!     ~Sav


Mental Acrobatics


That’s my life now. Wake up, BLITZ, go to sleep (or fall asleep mid-something).
I returned from Georgia revitalized but stilted. I had a couple personal hurdles to leap before I could get my work on track. Now, the bone grafts have been done and are trying to heal, the writing agenda has been fully realized (and is also scaring the shit out of me), the information has all come in and the summation is that I’m going to be one crazy, busy, insane person until at least January 10, 2017.

I’m not one to live my personal life out in front of everyone…but a wing and a prayer would describe things neatly for so many aspects right now. Fast forward to the writing part: I have one book on the verge of dropping, another that I’m committed to finishing and releasing AFTER a sneak peek at it in Savannah, Georgia at Authors After Dark (you really want to be at this!!), one for Cherry Adair’s FTDB challenge, and a collaborative venture that I pitched to a bunch of writer friends recently that I’d really like to see happen (or at least start) by the end of this year. Yeahp, insane.

I’m leaving in a couple of days for another signing event…North Iowa Book Bash, which is shaping up to be incredible. I have a SHORT hiatus to work on words after that between Prom, graduation, and a couple other things before the summer signing season hits. I have Writers on the River in July, followed quickly by Florida Author Take over Event, and two weeks later…a week of OHMYGODS bookstuff at Authors After Dark! Start your engines, and fill mine with rocket fuel, I’m going to need it. The signing year for me concludes in St. Louis at Penned…and I’m just giddy to be a part of that event.

So, I’m not ignoring…I’m just running 220 with my hair on fire trying to make everything happen. I know, I know…nothing new. If you see me, and I miss you, just trip me or something. My head is probably entwined in 3 different tales I’m writing and trying to keep straight. .Sav

Color my world


I love this image.

How sad that after so long I have no idea who made it.


I’ve always been a bit of a color person. I have been OCD for as long as I can recall and color coding helps me to make sense of the chaos. As it happens, I was very lucky to get to sit through a class with Cherry Adair on plotting that happens to use color coding. My world changed…for the better.

I know, so what. It’s still Monday and color or no color, that is a burden of epic proportion. Well, I bring it up today because over the weekend we finally finished plotting out the book that I’ve been working on with another author of Eclectic Bard. For me, it was a glorious moment. For him, not so much. I look at this image: (a nearly completed plot board) and see a flower like the one above, waiting to be plumbed for each shade and secret. Others, well others see a wall of sticky notes.

plot board

Some see the bucket of stickies below (my back stock) or the caddy I use at the plot board with glee for the sticky notes, (I know…there is a huge market for these little buggers that have nothing to do with plotting.)

plot prep


I see a challenge to learn the tale that is to be told. The colors are magical to me. And, thanks to the class, I now know how to read them. I like sticky notes, but to me they are more than a sticky note now, they are a story.

2016 has started. It is day 4, but work-wise I’m on week #2 since I pushed for 60+ production hours over the long weekend. I couldn’t be happier. I have made some great strides to kick off the year for myself strong, which leaves me tired, but energized for what I need to do for the other authors here.

I hope your new year is tremendous! Keep your hands and feet in the car until the ride comes to a complete stop if you’re hanging with us here at EBB – It’s shaping up to be a grand adventure!












Colored post-its everywhere

As many of you know, I dropped my pride and asked the owner of EBB for some help with Kingdoms. I worked with a plotting person and made some great strides, but at the end of the day, fell short. I’m now living in a post it rendition of a skittles commercial. I’ve restrained from shouting “taste the rainbow” and tossing them…but I don’t have to. They’re everywhere.

She tried to explain it to me, and I get some of it. Some of it however, I’m brain numb from trying to process. So much so, I’m letting her take the lead AND handle the post its. She’s cursed me more than once for the number of character arcs going on, and I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I do.  She swears to me that there are not enough colors of post its available in the known universe for what I have going on in this book. I’m still laughing.

She threatened to send me to Cherry Adair’s Master class. I’m not laughing quite as hard. I heard Cherry is a drill sergeant. I think the class would be great, the timing is not funny right now.

Anyway, I’m posting to let you know that I’m alive, I’m working, and I have brought someone else into my zone of insanity to try to straighten out what I have rent to pieces. Huge thanks to the little shouts of support in recent weeks when my head hurt from banging it against the wall. I appreciate each of you more than you know.


Rogue sticky notes.

I have learned how to plot in color from the master, Cherry Adair. Her willingness to share her system has endeared her to me forever! That said, she did not include in her training the mastery of bending them to your will constantly and they have minds of their own.  I find that I need to watch the colored post-it notes as they can and do go rogue. The plot twist that I proudly stuck to the board just this morning went missing. 😦

Several hours and lots of cussing later (because I had cliffnoted an idea on it) it was found stuck prominently to my behind. Whether that was its way of showing me what it thought about the note or not I will not evaluate. NOW, I have two notes for the twist and am vacillating on which one I like. Guess we’ll know when that scene happens. lol

Which brings me to my question. Do YOU plot, or are you a panster? If you are a plotter, what method works for you and where did you learn it? I am crazy glad to work in a world of writers who share great ideas…what is your best advice for writing?



Gettin’ my fangirl on…

So normally I would be posting a social media link, and it should have been monday but I’m gonna miss on both counts. Been at the RT convention in Dallas hobnobbing with the greats and the soon to be greats…

Had a PHENOMINAL class with Cherry Adair who has achieved GOD status in my book (and I hope I win the red Friends Fight Together purse – j/s). Got a couple great squitchy hugs from the amazing Darynda Jones who blows my everything away every time I see her live. Met some ‘OHMYGODS you need to be reading these people’ new authors and had a couple insanely good meals that I will be dieting off for the next 6 months. ((Seriously…the warm whiskey pecan pie at YO is TO DIE FOR!))


COMPLETELY out of time to keep gushing…but had to pop on and post since I was nowhere near internet the last few days to do it on time. I’ll find a good social media post somewhere before my next scheduled post on Monday…Keep reading!