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New Year – same hustle

Booking in Biloxi is just over a week away, and like last year, I’m humping the deadlines to get everything off my desk before I leave.

Last year, I had a lovely river house, seclusion, and quiet to spend my writing retreat time, though I wasn’t there much. This year, it’s a beachfront condo facing the gulf. Maybe I’ll get more words on the page this round…maybe.

I have a stop in NOLA on my way in to visit my favorite Mardi Gras supply house and restock for the signing season. I’m hoping to find some new goodies since my tried and true are out of stock, and according to the shop, not due in soon. I’ll be picking up some event-specific things too for a signing that won’t happen until July, but prepared is a good thing.

so, for now…it’s back to the word-wrap and gettur done mode. I have 1 week to make it all come together, and great Goddess willing…all the swag will arrive before I leave this time, instead of after I’ve gone. Timing…always timing.

Happy Reading this week…there are some great titles hitting the shelf in March. Grab a few and enjoy the change over from winter. See you next week.


Well…there’s that.


I’m home from a week+ away. I spent over 35 hours on the road there, back, and in between to other places and I’m spent. But…there’s no rest, not really anyway. There will always be something more to do and the list is cross one-add three. Invariably, I’m looking at one thing and something else pops up…”well, there’s that now too.”

BUT…it’s all good. I met some amazing readers, had some awesome chats with new to me (and new to publishing) authors…and got to laugh out loud. So, I’m solid. This week will be a lot of catch up for me, to get the promo back on track for Sultry & Sinful: The Femmes of Paranormal, and Prowlers & Growlers….as well as to be continuing the promotion for C.A.S.E. Revelations…there’s tons in the hopper.

I’m off again in less than 2 weeks to North Iowa Book Bash, and another fun, incredible signing event, plus I’ve got to finish Ela’s Cinder for May. Like I said, no rest. So, I guess I should take a moment to say thanks for the ones I just had.

The little river house was lovely, and mostly quiet…and if I didn’t use each moment to the fullest, I have no one else to blame.  Watch for the last March newsletter coming out from me on Wednesday with some reads from the signing authors at Biloxi…I’ll leave you with my final sunset from the trip.

Til next time…see you on the pages!


Running 220 with my hair on fire

It’s that day. I’m on the road and likely recording errant thoughts for work I intend to do when I reach my destination. I’ve been running 220 with my hair on fire for weeks leading up to this. C.A.S.E. Revelations came out a scant two weeks ago, and I’ve got an anthology & a boxed set on the near horizon that has been calling hours to promote as well. Add in packing & prep for a signing (and liberation from the real world), plus final edits/assessment of a manuscript for someone else (that I finished at nearly 3 am on Saturday morning, I might add), and you’ll have me scrambling to pack and get out the door on time.

But, by the time this posts, I’ll be long on my way. Send coffee. I’ll need it by now.

With the sun coming up to my left, I should be well beyond my beloved home state and likely  well on my way to warmer. It’s always amusing to make this trek, shedding layers as the hours pass.

So…what will you do this week? Me, I’ve got no phone, no neighbors…and a large riverhouse to shelter me and my thoughts as I try to plunk out at least 1 or 2 of the upcoming works that need words…and grab a few lazy hours on the deck in the hammock catching up on some great reads! Bliss folks…bliss is coming.

I’m going to hope for access to post next weeks snippet with fun from Booking In Biloxi…the signing is the gold standard and I’m hopeful to find a coffee joint if necessary to upload before I get back on the road to head north and have to stop to once again put pants on.

Til then…read something awesome.
See you on the pages.


The road to readers

OMG! Booking in Biloxi is in the books for 2016. Awesome event. Amanda Lanclos puts on one HECK of a gig!! Can’t wait for next year.

Getting there…was a bit nightmarish. Mechanical failure on the first flight of the day delayed the works for everything else. Missed a connection, the airline rebooked me to a later flight but did not tell me…so I arrived in Baltimore with, as far as I was aware, no way to get farther. I’m a planner…to the nth degree, I plan my world. Abrupt delays, misses, and then my final plane surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances as I lined up to board…threw my world upside down.

FINALLY arrived, 7+ hours late, and then got to my hotel at 2:15 am. Got to watch up close as a wall/wedge cloud and tornado crossed in front of me the following day when I was coming back from lunch in Gulfport. And, had a mild issue with valet parking at IP on Friday going to set up.

Saturday though….totally worth the whole of it. GREAT readers, amazing authors, and a good day with old friends and new. The road to readers is not always paved. Sometimes, you gotta make your own trail.

I had the party floor at my final hotel for the trip….and a 5 am shuttle for a 7 am flight home. Not a great combo. Flights were great, the end was not. TSA liked my lime green bags so much they went through them and kept my locks. Somewhere in the trip, they threw the bags against the ground or something else because the interior side wall support of one suitcase is shattered…but it’s interior, so the airline says they aren’t responsible. Uh-huh. We’ll see. I’ve got phone calls, emails, and snail mail already on the way.

Sooooo, crap travel and accommodations trip – but, sometimes you gotta deal with the drek to get the cream…and the readers in Biloxi are gold!! (authors too!)


Turn the page

FINALLY. We put Kingdoms Fall to bed over the weekend and it is off the desk for the next couple weeks. I am elated. I think my cohort in crime is too. Then again, he wrote it twice, I only did it once.

The base image for the cover was finalized too.  click two things off the list. I’m on FI-YAHHH.

So now, it is on to an editing project that should be done in a week or so and getting the Technicolor yawn of sticky notes up on the wall for the next book on my agenda; Book of Change. I’m really jacked to write this one. I know approximately how long it will be, and thank gods…no where near the 95K+ that Kingdoms ended up being. Kingdoms Fall is huge.

I have an insanely aggressive first quarter agenda this year for myself & for the house and we are already 1/3rd done. So far, we’re right on track. This Rhino is running, make no mistakes.

open magic book, stories and educational stories floating

Kingdoms Fall is done -CHECK.
The re-release and recover for Warrior’s Watchtower is nearly done and will hit very soon all prettied up and re-sized to match books 1 & 3. (3 will be out in March) -almost Check
The editing project for an author we’re debuting at the beginning of Q2 is on the desk ready to roll.
The plot for Book of Change is half on stickies ready to hit the wall and as soon as the editing project is done moves to the desk between finalizing the editing calls to Kingdoms to send it to the printer…PHEW.

If you’re excited about any of these titles…I will have all of the Vengelys series with me at Booking in Biloxi in March. The new author will debut, and gods willing Book of Change will too at The Novel Experience Event Atlanta in April, and I’ll have them at the North Iowa Book Bash April 30th too.

After that…all bets are off. I might need a break. 🙂