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There are some weeks where you want to climb into a book and escape from the real world. This is okay, unless you are working on a couple of different deadlines and every minute of writing time you can squeeze into a day is essential to meeting said deadlines.

To meet these deadlines, I’ve been trying to work on two different stories at the same time. No, there is no way to get them mixed up. They are different sub-genres beneath the romance genre. On one hand, it’s sort of good to step into a different world when the one you’re working on is giving you fits. On the other hand, there’s a real possibility that I may develop multiple personality disorder before the summer is over. I’m sure one of my personalities will let you know my mental status then…or my publisher may let your know where my padded room is located. If you come to visit, I’ll be the one in the bedazzled, purple, hug-me jacket. A girl has to have her bling.

So, until next week…do what I wish I could take a week or so to do, and read a good book or two. Happy Reading!





Book Escape-cation

The election is finally over. Do I think the right candidate won? It doesn’t matter. Just like it doesn’t matter to me if you think the “right” candidate won or not. I believe EVERYONE is entitled to the own opinions and their own beliefs.

It’s disheartening to see and hear the anger and hate born out of the “if you don’t agree with me, think as I think,  and do as I do” mentality. I’d rather not become a member of the Borg Collective, thank you.

What’s my suggestion for distancing oneself from the hate and anger being spewed around until tempers and emotions calm down? A Book Escape-cation! Slip away from the everyday into a realm of infinite possibilities in a book of your choice. I bet you’ll feel better for it.

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e