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Make New Friends but Keep the Old

I have some pretty darn awesome friends. Friends I’ve had since Jr. High and High School, friends who I’ve known before I ever  thought of publishing anything I wrote, and friends who I’ve met since becoming an author. Some of the common denominators is that they are all supportive, they are real, and they aren’t the type of people who are your friend until someone new comes along.  I love that each and everyone of them comes from a different walk of life, but what connected us in the first place was our love of of something. Whether it was for an activity we participated in during our younger school days, or sitting on the floor of our dorm rooms talking and laughing as we learned to be self-sufficient without the watchful eyes of our parents making sure we didn’t fall, or through our love of books and the characters within.

Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in getting the next story on the page and into promoting the books I have out, I feel like I’m neglecting those friendships. There’s a certain amount of guilt that comes with that, and I’m so very lucky that as I travel down this road of being an author, those friends who aren’t a part of the publishing world have stuck with me…and even cheer me on.

There’s a song I learned when I was a Brownie/Girl Scout. It’s one of the few that I remember:

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,
the other is gold.
A circle is round,
it has no end.
That’s how long,
I will be your friend.

True friendship doesn’t need constant attention and tending…but it does need  and deserves some of your undivided attention. Show your friends you see them, you hear them, you appreciate them, and you love them. In other words…be present in their lives. You never know…it could be just the thing they need to know in a moment when dark clouds are looming. Your time and attention may be the light to guide them through.

Until next week…hug a friend and Happy Reading!




Make New Friends but Keep the Old…

There is a song I learned in the Girl Scouts…quit laughing…I was a good Brownie and then Girl Scout. 😛  Anyway, the song…“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other’s gold…”

I recently had a wonderful chat with a group of ladies who I have known for a various number of years. Once upon a time, we were in daily contact, but life marches on and our paths have gone in different directions. There is a bond between us, though, that time cannot diminish or dull its sparkle. It felt good, like a small void created by the distance had been refilled.

True friendship does not need constant attention and tending. True friendship knows that sometimes life gets busy and the lines of communication grow lax. I think it’s important to remember the friends who knew you years ago. Who were there for you when the chips were down, who helped you keep your sanity with the world was spinning out of control and they were ALWAYS there to throw you a life line. I love my friends. My new ones and most especially my old ones.

Until next week…Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e