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Writers On The River ReCap

As some of you may remember, my first signing was last weekend at Writers on the River in East Peoria. It was the second year for this event, and oh my….how it has grown.

As soon as the doors opened, we were off and running. The VIP readers came pouring in. There was never a lull in the day. It was awesome, and the event raised $7,500 for two charities, Thistle Farms and The Center for Prevention of Abuse. I love when the proceeds of an event I’m signing at go towards a charity. The ladies who put this signing together are pretty darn awesome as well.

Sooo, as I said…the reader traffic was non-stop, which means the two books I was able to buy right before the doors opened, are the only ones I purchased this time and I didn’t have time to even think about taking pictures. Busy is a good thing!

Ooooooh…and The Veiled Path to Destiny made it’s debut! As of this morning, the ebook was still available for $0.99. If you were thinking of downloading it onto your Kindle, now would be a good time to do that.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


All set and ready to sign some books.

With Deandra Hall and Savie

With Ms. Jenna Jacob

With Savie

Cover Reveal, Pre-Order, and a SALE!

Guess what! The Veiled Path to Destiny is up for Pre-Order and Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams is on Sale!

If she had never been at a crossroad before, Daria found herself at one now.

With one foot in the distant past, the other remains firmly entrenched in the present. Daria tries to come to terms with the memories of her previous life as they inundate her mind on an endless loop. Can she deal with the past and find a way to walk the path that is laid out for her future? Is she brave enough to face her destiny, or will she walk away?

Iauron has his Queen back…or does he? His is aware of Daria’s lingering doubts about him as she tries to retain her humanity in the face of remembering and accepting who she once was. Though the main threat to her life is temporarily incapacitated, he knows it cannot, and will not, remain that way forever.

Not fully Verisiel nor Daria, is she strong enough to meet the coming threat head on? Can she come into her powers and stand by his side? Can he let her go if she cannot accept the whole truth of her situation?

Big questions remain with few answers in sight, and time is running out.

Things are not always simple or what they seem.
Daria McClaren is content. She has her dance school, her cousin Celine and the man of her dreams. Literally.

Iauron is uneasy. As the High King of the Fae, his chosen Queen Verisiel is calling to him, but he cannot find her. The court insists that she has crossed over. He is not so sure that is the case. He has searched every realm looking. Every realm, but the human one.

The race is on. Beyond the veil lie truths waiting to be revealed. Which one will have the courage to look? Will they be in time?

Until next week…Happy Reading! 

Editing Away

I’m knee deep in edits. It’s never fun or easy, but a necessary evil required for all books to go through. I’m not going to go on about how much I don’t like going through edits because…really…what writer enjoys them? lol.

I am going to keep this short though. The deadline to get them done is looming, and I have many more pages to go through.

In the meantime…if you haven’t read the beginning of Daria and Iauron’s story, Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams, why don’t you check it out. 😉 You’ll want to read it before you read The Veiled Path to Destiny.

Until next week…Happy Reading!


A Hint of Things to Come

There is a giddiness that comes from having a great working plan in place for a project. Last night I had the pleasure of doing some preliminary  plotting with another author friend for  a story that may be a part of a project for next year. It was awesome to bounce around ideas with someone. I can’t wait to get started on this story. I’ll let you know what it is once it’s official.

Meanwhile, The Veiled Path to Destiny is closer to being done. I thought about sharing another snippet with you from it, but decided to share one from Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams~The Veil Book 1…for those who have not read book 1 yet.

Excerpt from Chapter 4

The mist cleared and Daria found herself in a forest glade lit by tiny globes of light that seemed to hover in the air. She could hear the gentle gurgling of a nearby stream. Glancing down at herself, Daria held her arms out in front of her body, astonished at the gown of gold silk that she wore. Never had she owned anything like it. Never had she seen or worn anything like it. Tiny, barely there straps clung to the edges of her shoulders, keeping the deep v fitted bodice from falling down. The skirt of the gown clung to her form without being tight and fell to the ground in a cloud of golden silk with a train that seemed impossible to walk with. The grass beneath her bare feet was a thick, soft blanket of green.

Iauron stood in the shadows, drinking her in. It had been so long since his ancient eyes had seen her. He could feel Verisiel’s essence flowing through the form of this human female that looked so much like her. He knew he must tread slowly as not to frighten her. Though she held the spirit of Verisiel within her, she was still very human in her thinking, and a very young human in comparison to his many centuries of existence.

“Tá tú go hálainn,” he said softly from his place in the shadows, wanting to give her a chance to acclimate to the idea that she was not here alone. He watched as she spun towards his voice, her delicate features showing a trace of shock and wariness.

Startled at the sound of a masculine voice, Daria spun around and noted that a fast escape would be next to impossible with the gown twisting around her ankles. She cleared her throat, swallowing her fear. “Excuse me?”

“Tá tú go hálainn,” Iauron repeated, stepping out into the open.

Daria looked up at the man stepping through the curtain of trees. He was taller than any man she had ever seen. The black leather jerkin framed the bare skin of his broad chest. The leather pants that clung to his muscular legs like a second skin disappeared into the boots that rode up over his knees, making her aware of her own bare feet. Her eyes travelled back up his body to his chiseled face with piercing sapphire blue eyes that stared at her with a knowing gleam. A smile curved one side of his mouth. She felt her knees knocking and the core of her body heating in response. Blushing, she hoped he hadn’t noticed the uncharacteristic reaction to him. The teasing glint in his eyes told her that he hadn’t missed a thing. She nearly groaned in embarrassment.

She raised a hand to her chest and took a deep breath, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you said.” She frowned, “I don’t even know if you know what I’m saying. I apologize if I disturbed you, I didn’t realize anyone was here.” Bending slightly, she reached down to untangle the gown from her legs and turned to leave, “If you’ll excuse me.”

Iauron was amused by her babbling, a trait she had always had when he managed to fluster her. “You are beautiful.” His words managed to stay her intended flight. “Tá tú go hálainn means, you are beautiful,” he spoke softly and slowly approached her as one would approach a skittish doe.

She looked down at the gown, “It’s a very beautiful gown.”

Though he ached to touch her, he sensed that she was ready to bolt. He walked around her tense form to face her. “The gown is lovely, but ‘tis you who are beautiful.”

Daria looked down at her toes peeking beneath the hem of the gown and shook her head.

Iauron gently placed his fingertips beneath her chin and raised her face, smiling as she lifted her silver iridescent eyes to his, “Yes, mo chroí. Never doubt it. You are the truest beauty to be found in any realm.”
Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams~The Veil Book 1 © Jolanthe Aleksander

Until next week….Happy Reading!



On Your Mark….Get Set….Go!

We are now 5 days into the new year! New beginnings. New Possibilities. How cool is that? Every 365 days, we get a clean slate to write upon, to achieve the goals we didn’t quite manage last year, and to set new goals.

This year, I have 3 events, and will possibly be attending another event as a reader. My main goal is to finish the gosh darn book that I didn’t manage to get to press in the time frame I had planned. I also hope to get another book well on it’s way to being written. I have a story in mind. It’s one that had been vaguely outlined way before Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams was even thought of as possibly being publishable. The one person who helped me with seeing where this idea could go is anxiously waiting on it. There is also another story in the queue wanting it’s time at bat.

Sooooo…why only three signing events? I want to concentrate on my writing. I need to concentrate on my writing. Events take a lot of time, energy, and focus away from why it is I go to these events. If I am focused on one event to the next, I’m not going to get many books out, and I’m a slow writer anyway. I wish I could be faster. I envy those authors who can put out multiple books a year. That’s just not one of my gifts, and I’m alright with that…sorta…kinda…maybe. lol The year is full of possibilities. I may get more than one book out this year. I may not.

The Veiled Path to Destiny~The Veil Book 2 is closer to being done. I have not reached “The End” yet, but it’s closer everyday. Right now, I’m going to finish this post and get to writing more of that story. It’s the first item of business on my shiny new slate. What’s on your clean slate?

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e~Jolanthe~

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

This week I have been battling the Fall/Winter crud. Fun times…NOT. That stuff wears you out, physically and, surprisingly enough, mentally. Coupled with the arctic blast that has descended on us…Brrr.

Winter has decided to make it’s appearance. Some would say it’s not Winter yet…but to my mind, if it’s snowing and freezing outside..it’s Winter. To be fair, we only received flurries here yesterday. It was still snow, and I am not a fan.

While you’re out shopping for the holiday season, bundle up and stay warm. When you get home, treat yourself to your favorite hot beverage, grab a warm fuzzy blanket, slip into your comfies, and curl up with a book or two. Might I suggest, Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams for your reading pleasure? 😉

Until next week…Stay Warm and Happy Reading!



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Perchance to Dream

Everyone has dreams, the kind of dreams that are of things they want to accomplish, obtain, become. I once dreamed of being a dancer on the stage. I accomplished that goal. It didn’t last as long as I had hoped it would, but I had my moments on the stage. I felt my soul take flight with every leap, and I was free from all thoughts and constraints of life outside the stage doors. It was glorious.

I could have gone back to the stage after I had my son, but I couldn’t justify, to myself, the amount of time away that working, rehearsals, and performances would have required. And that’s alright, because becoming a mother wasn’t something I was planning on, but had dreamed of being when I was little. Probably why I loved baby dolls, but loathed Barbies. lol  A different part of my soul took flight when looked into his eyes…and still does.

I’d embarked on the journey to becoming a writer. It started out with doing NaNoWriMo…just to see if I could do it, and because some of my friends were doing it too. Sometimes courage is found in having like minds trying to achieve the same goal you are. I didn’t think anyone would ever read that story, nor that I would someday be published. It was but a dream.

Dreams do come true, though. I expanded and finished that story that started out as a NaNo “let’s see if we have the chops to write” story and Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams has been published.  I’m working on the second book of the series. I have to admit…the second book is harder for me to write. It’s been a struggle. Not because the story isn’t there, it is. I have to find the words to convey what I see in my head. I tend to  overthink scenes instead of spewing it out onto the page to edit later. I want it as close to perfect as I type it as it can be before revisions and edits take place. And sometimes, I have to get out of my own head. Stumbling blocks, I’m convinced, are sometimes of our own making.

To share your dreams with others is scary. It’s sharing a part of your soul that isn’t normally seen until you put your work on display for others to view and judge. No doubt about it, working for your dreams are hard, but then nothing worthwhile ever comes easy and the rewards for achieving said dreams are sweet, So you can either keep dreaming with your eyes closed, or you can open your eyes and work your butt off for them, because they will never come true if you just sit around and daydream about what you want most.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


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Too many books?

Books. Books. And more books. I love books! Books have the magical ability to take the reader on all sorts of exciting adventures, to travel to new places, imagine what life and love was like in another time period. All without leaving the comfort of your favorite reading space.

Books are portable magic. It’s one the reasons going to book signing events and conventions are so much fun. They are the largest book store ever, and on top of that, the authors are there to sign your books. I get to be one of those authors! How cool is that? My first signing will be at an event in Atlanta, Georgia called The Novel Experience Event. I’ll be there with three other authors on the Eclectic Bard Books roster. I’m scrambling to get the necklaces I’m giving away with the purchase of Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams. Crafty I am NOT. lol. Another lesson in patience the universe seems to think I need. I disagree, and yet, here I am attempting to create something the readers will want as a gift with purchase prize.

I have 4 events this signing season. My books shelves are looking at me and saying, “Don’t even think about adding one more book to us. You have enough books.” pffft….what do they know.  You can never have too many books, just not enough bookshelves. 😉

Until next week….Happy Reading! business cardsf1d235a9-c918-4b2a-b693-3a3be06b468e


Floating on Cloud 9

Before my signing debut, my best friend and mentor took me aside. She advised that while in the midst of the whirlwind of the book signing event, I take a minute to breathe and soak it in. There will never be another debut novel debut book signing. I should take it all in and enjoy every moment of it.

I took her advice. My books were going to sell or they weren’t. You can put your work out there, but you can’t make the reader pick it up, buy it, or read it. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at all worried that no one would want my book. After all, there are some readers that go to these book events to meet and see specific authors and to buy whichever books from them they have yet to add to their growing collections. That so many took the time to stop at the Eclectic Bard Books table and picked up my book to take home with them sent me over the moon.

Though I still find myself floating on cloud 9, the reality is I need to start work on The Veiled Path to Destiny, Book 2 of the Veil Series. The can be no resting on laurels here. Such is the life of an author, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Before I sign off, I just want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the readers who took a chance on a newly published author! As Savannah said, as she collected readers’ autographs on the GLBB tote, we would be nothing without you readers!

Cue the lights! Cue the curtains! It’s show time!

It’s almost time for my big debut! I’m experiencing several emotions, sometimes more than one at any given moment. They range from excitement, anticipation, high hopes, and nervousness. Surprisingly enough, anxiety is not one of them.

It may be that I liken my first signing to that of Opening Night of a stage production. You prepare. You know your lines. You go over your choreography. You believe that once you set foot on that stage everything is going to go off without a hitch. You prepare for the possibility of a hitch happening, like somehow your head hits the floor when you go to do a handstand instead of your hands (Yes, it did happen. No, I don’t know how. It’s a mystery.). You don’t, however, let the nerves take over.

It may also be because I know I won’t be there alone. I will have one of my mentors there to help keep me grounded. I had the privilege of being with Savannah Verte when she made her debut at ARC NOLA, so I know a little bit of what to expect. That being said, I also know being on the other side of the table, being the author trying to get readers to stop at the table, pick up your book, and hopefully (fingers crossed) buy the book, is completely different than being a support person. So, when I say I know a little bit of what to expect, I mean a very LITTLE         bit.

I have hopes and dreams for this book, but mostly, I hope those that read my book will love the story between the cover.