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Writers On The River ReCap

As some of you may remember, my first signing was last weekend at Writers on the River in East Peoria. It was the second year for this event, and oh my….how it has grown.

As soon as the doors opened, we were off and running. The VIP readers came pouring in. There was never a lull in the day. It was awesome, and the event raised $7,500 for two charities, Thistle Farms and The Center for Prevention of Abuse. I love when the proceeds of an event I’m signing at go towards a charity. The ladies who put this signing together are pretty darn awesome as well.

Sooo, as I said…the reader traffic was non-stop, which means the two books I was able to buy right before the doors opened, are the only ones I purchased this time and I didn’t have time to even think about taking pictures. Busy is a good thing!

Ooooooh…and The Veiled Path to Destiny made it’s debut! As of this morning, the ebook was still available for $0.99. If you were thinking of downloading it onto your Kindle, now would be a good time to do that.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


All set and ready to sign some books.

With Deandra Hall and Savie

With Ms. Jenna Jacob

With Savie


The road to readers

OMG! Booking in Biloxi is in the books for 2016. Awesome event. Amanda Lanclos puts on one HECK of a gig!! Can’t wait for next year.

Getting there…was a bit nightmarish. Mechanical failure on the first flight of the day delayed the works for everything else. Missed a connection, the airline rebooked me to a later flight but did not tell me…so I arrived in Baltimore with, as far as I was aware, no way to get farther. I’m a planner…to the nth degree, I plan my world. Abrupt delays, misses, and then my final plane surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances as I lined up to board…threw my world upside down.

FINALLY arrived, 7+ hours late, and then got to my hotel at 2:15 am. Got to watch up close as a wall/wedge cloud and tornado crossed in front of me the following day when I was coming back from lunch in Gulfport. And, had a mild issue with valet parking at IP on Friday going to set up.

Saturday though….totally worth the whole of it. GREAT readers, amazing authors, and a good day with old friends and new. The road to readers is not always paved. Sometimes, you gotta make your own trail.

I had the party floor at my final hotel for the trip….and a 5 am shuttle for a 7 am flight home. Not a great combo. Flights were great, the end was not. TSA liked my lime green bags so much they went through them and kept my locks. Somewhere in the trip, they threw the bags against the ground or something else because the interior side wall support of one suitcase is shattered…but it’s interior, so the airline says they aren’t responsible. Uh-huh. We’ll see. I’ve got phone calls, emails, and snail mail already on the way.

Sooooo, crap travel and accommodations trip – but, sometimes you gotta deal with the drek to get the cream…and the readers in Biloxi are gold!! (authors too!)


It’s Up!

I know it’s social media Monday…but I need to take a post to crow. The pre-order link for the e-book of my debut, Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball is UP. The print copies are not far behind so that all formats are available on release day August 1, 2015.

check it out here!

If you’re in or around Louisiana, I’ll be signing on release day at Author-Reader Con at the Holiday Inn Superdome on Loyola in New Orleans.