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Abyrne Mostyn

Abyrne is the author of the F3 – Fantasies, Fetishes & Flesh erotica series.

About Abyrne Mostyn

Writer, dreamer, or insanity embodied…Abyrne has taken the leap from method role-play for others to putting his writing out there with a name to love, hate, loath, crave, resent, or recommend. First published in the 1980′s, he took a long hiatus to put down roots and build a family. Now that his daughters are older, the tide has turned and he can get back to personal interests and spend time pursuing the dreams he put in the closet to support his children.

Aedan Byrnes

Aedan is the author of the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance Vengelys series.

About Aedan Byrnes

There is no simple description for Aedan Byrnes. Obsessive, dreamer, reclusive, compulsive, outdoorsman and wordsmith would be among the list if one were started. The displaced Gael lives in the upper Midwest with family between jaunts wherever the road goes. A frequent traveler, Aedan is as likely to be found rock climbing, spelunking, sitting fireside dreaming or aimlessly floating away as hiding with pen and paper working on the next tale. A lifelong lover of words and writing, Aedan claims a diverse reading appetite and the writing reflects the myriad influences.

A self-proclaimed ‘reader’s writer’, the emotional and sensory results of word combinations outweigh the visceral comprehension of phrases for the stories and drives the prose. The original ‘Eclectic Bard’ enjoys the special magick of storytelling, those who embrace the challenge of writing, and the dreamers who get whisked away by the words making the journey worth taking.


Jolanthe is the author of the paranormal romance Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams

About Jolanthe Aleksander

Jolanthe is a Marine Corps Brat and proud of it. The nomadic life of the military helped develop her love of reading and books became her friend.

A dancer, Jolanthe appeared in several productions in high school and later in the area theatres. She gave up her role of dancer/actress for her greatest role to date, that of Mother to a son who reminds her every day to find joy in the simplest of things and to use her imagination.

Missing the stage, and at the prompting of some on-line friends, Jolanthe gave rp-ing with an internet group a try. There she found and developed her skill as a writer. 

When not working, writing, or keeping up with her son, Jolanthe can be found scouring antique shops, used bookstores, and of course, reading. 


Madison is the author of Kindred Series

About Madison Granger

Madison Granger is a free spirited late bloomer that stubbornly believes dreams can come true, never giving up and you’re never too old to try new things.

At age 30, she got her first horse and went on to become a three time National Champion in the show ring.

While having a love for books all of her life, Madison had never tried her hand at writing. After having a story in her head for 3 years and with the encouragement of two dear friends, at age 60, she wrote her first book, and is on her way to creating a series for her beloved Kindred warriors.

Madison lives in southern Louisiana, sharing her home with her daughter, son-in-law and precocious granddaughter.  She was also adopted years ago by a Himalayan cat that insists on being fed regularly.

Madison works full time as a legal receptionist, but manages to find time to write. When not working or writing, Madison enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.

 Savannah Verte

Savannah is a contemporary vagabond who debuted in mid 2015. She has an eclectic style that embodies the goals of Eclectic Bard Books writing whatever strikes her fancy at the time.

About Savannah Verte

Savannah Verte woke up one day and remembered she loved to write. What she realized was that she didn’t know anything beyond the pen and page and thus stalled before she started. Faith from friends and other writers she met while wandering the convention halls made her believe she could, and so she shall. Wife, daughter and friend, she will add ‘author’ to her list of accolades, but only after the most important one she claims, mother.


1913870_1265877093016_4307669_nAndrea Kaye – Primary owner/coo

Long time reader and part-time writer, Andrea (Ande to her friends) assumed the helm of Eclectic Bard in March 2014. She has worked and continues to work with the authors, team coordinators, and marketing groups to try to move the company and its authors forward. She is the legs behind the movement to gain new talent to the EBB roster and the face behind the table at most EBB outings representing any and all of the authors at every opportunity.

Affectionately referred to as the ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ there is no task she won’t take on and no such thing as a dirty job. She is the first one to worry over the little things and the last one to pack it in making sure everything is complete or finding some one who can help with things she cannot accomplish. The ‘queen of 20 questions’, Ande is known for sitting with writers to help them work their way past the mental road blocks that are keeping them from writing and says the best part of the journey is helping other writers find the path to their dreams.


talbott, terri – street team coordinator



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