Glass City Author Event Bound

Holy Moly, it’s cold. Only days ago, it was flip flop and shorts weather. Now I’m fighting the urge to turn the heat on. My theory is…mind you, I haven’t had any coffee yet, so this may or may not make sense…but my theory is, once you give in and turn the heat on, any outside temperature lower than say, 60 degrees, is going to seem really cold, and then by the time winter hits you’re in full-on eskimo mode. Where am I going with this…no clue. Remember, there was a lack of caffeine coursing its way through my blood system, making its way to the brain, when I started this post. lol


Tonight, I pack for my last signing event of the year. Glass City Author Event in Toledo, Ohio. I love this event. I love that proceeds go to a charity. The charity, this year, is VETSPORTS. As a Marine Corps Brat, I love that this signing is giving back to those who have fought for and ensured our freedom to do things like write books. The following info is from the Glass City Author Event website.



Mental wellness
Over 22 Veterans commit suicide everyday. Our programs and chapters create continuous, positive outlets to help combat these alarming statistics.

Physical fitness
Through sport and physical activity, veterans are not only bettering themselves physically, but emotionally, and mentally.
It is imperative to the success of VETSports that we promote and fulfill a team atmosphere, where we can all count on each other.

VetSports Website – 

I hope I get to see you there!

Until next week…Stay Warm and Happy Reading!



Recovery mode

What a year…SERIOUSLY, what a year??!

From the early months when we were hitting the 80’s before spring officially sprang, to the summer of rain and cool breezes… & finally the autumn of record and near record highs… It’s finally temperate, and average for the time of year, and I’m in shell-shock. 42 degrees overnight after sleeping in the upper 50s & low 60s with the windows open is a hard pill to swallow.

But, that’s only one of the whirlwinds I’m trying to wrap my head around. This year has been manic, and exhausting, and exceptional, even as it’s been ominous and scary. I haven’t found solid yet…which is a problem since next year is looking like it’s going to be similar – or worse.  I need to find a way to recover quicker. The weather going wonky just doesn’t work for me…I need something to be stable. 🙂 As if, right?

This week is the week. It has to be. This Saturday marks my final signing event for the year- GLASS CITY AUTHOR EVENT – WOOOOT!!! -so the last time to clear inventory before the crates get tucked onto the shelf for the season, or something like that. It’s not like they get buried. It’s also the final piece on my white board of doom…kind of like the white screen of death, except that everything starts on the board and slowly disappears. The notion that I’m starting November with the board blank is giving me a twitch…but I’m looking for the lining and organizing my thoughts to fill it early.

Jump starts are allowed, aren’t they?

My November Crossword Puzzle Bloghop is nearly finalized and ready…look for the details on that with my post next week. I’m so excited to play…I LOVE WORD GAMES. I can’t wait to see how this format goes. It’s a new one, so there’s bound to be hiccups…but I’m excited. I hope you’re planning to join me.

Honestly, I need a week, or a month… where the fam leaves and I can do the gut and grouse…tough love clean sweep of the house with no witnesses. I think that’s the problem I’ve got finding level. Everything around me goes up for grabs while I’m in the cave, but it keeps swirling once I emerge and I can’t get a clear shot to take it out, and keep it that way. I’d hire a maid, but this is SO MUCH MORE than maid issue…this is borderline hoarder in a couple of rooms that I can’t peek into without getting hives.

I think a track loader starting at the back, shoving it all to the curb would make me feel so much better…I just need the others to stop chaining themselves to the woobies, roller skates that no longer fit, and the lawn ornaments that migrated from other family members houses. Do you think they’d suspect cruise tickets or something?? I mean, I can’t wear this whiplash collar forever…it’s me or the stuff. I’m voting for me.

See you next week – hopefully saner. Til then, read something amazing and thank the author…leave a review.



When Characters Speak to You

Basically, there are two types of writers. There are pantsers and plotters. Pantsers literally write by the seat of their pants, letting the characters and story unfold on the page as they write. Plotters, however are more disciplined. They’ll write an outline; getting the story arc and kinks out before they even begin to write. To me, neither one is wrong or right. It’s simply what works best for the writer.

I am a pantser. I’ve tried plotting. I actually had an outline for Eternal Embrace, and I stuck to it. Honestly, I had to. It was my second novel, and there were so many characters and story arcs, that I needed to keep track of where everyone was going. I didn’t have that problem with A Destiny Denied, and the fourth installment of my Kindred series, Blindsided, is about a third of the way in with no problems.

I’ve mentioned that I had two short stories to complete, too. Once those were done, I would have enough compiled to complete my urban fantasy book, To Kill a Demon. One of the stories was about zombies. *rolls eyes* I have no idea how that one happened. Personally, I don’t like zombies. I’ve never watched an episode of The Walking Dead, and I have no plans to. This was a story that took off on its own. It started out well, too. Then I hit the proverbial brick wall. I had the necromancer planning to raise his army from the dead. But to what end? I have no answer. Zombies for the heck of it? World domination? Who knew? The necromancer wasn’t talking. I put the story aside.

I pulled out the other one and read over what I already had. It wasn’t much, only a page and a half, but the story took over and now it’s finished. It got renamed three times, though. I liked the second title a lot, but after a very productive day of writing, I realized that I hadn’t used what was in the title. Threw that out, and came up with another title. That one is finished, and now sits with the others.

Back to the zombie story. Still nothing.

I woke up the next morning with a complete new story on my mind. Take that, zombies! I don’t need you anymore! Now, I just need the time to sit down and write it.

Until next week,


brand Sept 2017

Things to Come

Hi ho…hi ho…it’s off to write we go. Or something like that.

I’m excited to say I will be taking a part in a box set with some amazing authors. The theme of that box set …Fairy tale Retellings! It will be released in May. I’ll post the pre-order links as soon as I get the go ahead to do so from the set organizers.

My initial thought was to do one of the classic fairy tales. Then I thought about doing one that was less known. Then there is the vein of thought that maybe you could combine a lesser known with a well known. The possibilities are endless. What would you do? Is there a fairy tale you would like to read a re-telling of?

Anyway…I have much research to do…some of the original fairy tales are more than a little twisted. lol

Until next week…happy reading!



Jiminy Cricket

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep…”

Sounds good, huh? It is too…until you get to this line,

“Whatever you wish for, you keep.”

and you realize that this does not apply to writers. I cannot tell you the sheer number of dreaming moments that quilted so beautifully together, weaving the story just so…that even with intentional waking to jot it down, have become completely lost to me.  I’ve resigned myself to the truth that Jiminy Cricket was not an author. So, I’ll just plan to wake up and get my cussing done with first…I’m certain I will’ve lost something through the sleeping part.

With authorship among the many hats that I wear, I find that lucid dreaming is either my staunch ally, or my dire nemesis. Usually the latter. 2017 was an incredible year, even as it was surreal and exhausting. I made a choice to take on a HUGE production schedule. ((I kept it by the way, much to even my surprise)) And…sadistic fool that I am, 2018 is looking to be equally manic, falling essentially even on the production side, but with additional appearances on the signing/convention side. Don’t worry, I’ve already ordered a new ‘hug-me’ jacket in lime green.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, it seems to me that I need to return to a practice that I’ve sort of scooted away from over the last couple years of crazy: guided meditation for goals. I have purpose when I meditate, usually relaxation, but I’ve not used it for my writing production for a long time now. I think that’s good and bad at the same time and it’s coming full circle. To get bigger, and busier, I need to slow down.

I’m thinking this is step one of my twelve step program to personal growth. Acknowledging the problem:

Since I can’t count on a cricket to get me to the goal…it’s probably up to me. *shrug* Somehow it always has been. 🙂

Til next time, read something awesome!
((OH…and don’t forget about the crossword puzzle blog hop in November…it’s going to be EPIC!!))


Challenge accepted…

This week has been demanding, and it had little to do with writing. I started a new job, one that is probably my biggest challenge. It will inherently alter my writing world.

In my lifetime, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a librarian, worked for an answering service, a locksmith, a horse trainer, and a receptionist in a law firm, to name a few. Now, I’m a unit secretary/monitor tech for a local hospital. My first two days on the floor had me wondering if I’d made the right choice. Twelve-hour shifts in a fast-paced environ was new to me. The daily work load is incredible. I now have a new respect for the men and women who work in hospitals. CNA’s to unit secretaries to nurses, and everyone in between, work together to care for the patients. These people are selfless, and practically tireless. I hope, one day, to measure up to their standards.

I quickly realized that after twelve hours, there was no energy left in me to work on my WIP’s. Thankfully, my shifts are set up with enough time off to devote to writing. Book signings will now have to either fall on a scheduled day off, or I’ll have to bow out. It’s a sacrifice, but sometimes you just have to prioritize.

Good news is I now have four finished covers for books waiting in the wings. Two of these books will be released soon. The other two need to be finished. I’m close to wrapping up one, then I’ll be devoting all my time on the other one. After that, I’ll be free to finish up book four of my Kindred series.

I’ve set goals and mentally stretched myself to reach them. I’m close. It’s a good feeling.

Until next week,

~ Madison

2nd try

Two Years and Counting

Wow! Two years and two days ago I sent my baby, Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams, out into the world to make its debut. Two years and two days ago I became a published author. It seems surreal at times, until I meet those readers and bloggers who have read my story and want more, until I read the reviews from people I may or may never meet.

Have you read Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams? Here is what some of the reviews had to say about it:

Exciting new story!
on December 8, 2015
Format: Paperback
3 3/4 Stars! Great start to a new series!
Very promising beginning to a new series! This is a story where the Fae Queen is missing but is found in the human realm. She is no longer in fae form but reincarnated as a human.

Beyond the veil
on September 1, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
An entertaining and sexy start of a new fantasy series. I enjoyed the tension and romance between the characters. I’m a huge fan of fan so I was excited to read a new story about them.

Fantastic Fantasy Debut
on February 1, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Fantastic Fantasy Debut!! If I could just write that I would, but should elaborate, YES!If you are ready for a sensual journey through Jolanthe Aleksander riviting tale of love lost with a sudden twist of drama and betrayal this is the book for you!

Are you ready to give it a read? Just click on the link below the picture.

 Until next week…Happy Reading!


(don’t) Let it Show…

I’m not a big dog in this race…not even close. There are some that think I’m a big deal though, and well versed too…why? Because I learned one lesson in business young and have never forgotten it – Don’t flinch…and I don’t.  That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a full-blown tornado ripping though my soul at any given moment.

I did something a week or so ago, something I never thought I’d ever consider doing again…I pitched a literary agent to go back to traditional publishing. I LOVE being an Indie…don’t get me wrong, there’s just something about the idea of traditional backing, and marketing funds, and a few other perks that are tempting…though only recently. I’ll give it to you gospel…I was shaking in my shoes and nearly yerked my lunch before I got to the door. All in all, there are some great things on the horizon though because of that meeting…and I did manage to keep lunch in. So there’s that too. I just have to re-evaluate how I’m going to travel the road I’ve endeavored to take.

I’m fully confident of my abilities to write and be in the public eye at signings or conventions. I love the energy in a signing room…not gonna lie, it’s a hard habit to break and I have a fix every chance I get. That said, I also know my limitations. Public Relations and Marketing are easily my predominant Achilles heel, and the aspect of the business I struggle forward every inch to gain ground. I have to consider that I may need to go hybrid at the least to be able to have that front get the attention it deserves. It scares me more than a little, but I know I need help.


I did not make the decision to leave traditional publishing lightly. Any consideration to go back must be as carefully weighed. Whichever way this road goes, one thing will hold true…you won’t see my frenzy if I can help it. Composure will be me, if I have to stand on my own feet to accomplish it.

Plans made, plans canceled…

I sit here, way too early in the morning, sipping at my first cup of coffee, and rewriting this blog. I was already done with it, but when I woke to thunder and pouring rain, I knew it was going to have to be updated and revised. This was supposed to be a fun weekend. I was attending a book signing at my local library. I’d been looking forward to it because I’d had so much fun at the one last year. Unfortunately, it was canceled. To be rescheduled later, of course. But still. It seems Hurricane Nate has decided to be a bother, and mess up everyone’s weekend plans.

So, now we’re all scurrying around for last minute supplies, and clearing our yards of anything that could become lethal or lost when the winds hit. My daughter and son-in-law have been up all night, and are still at it. Our back yard is well used; filled with potted plants, patio furniture, grills, and odd pieces of lumber for all of their craft projects. It’s a LOT of loose stuff. And a LOT of work to pick up and store, only to drag out again in a couple of days. It’s been a while since we’ve had to deal with a hurricane. Such is life along a coastline. You learn to deal with what comes your way.

For me, I’m hoping to get some writing in. All my electronics are charged, so if the power goes out, I can switch to my laptop. If worse comes to worse, I have notebooks and pen. There’s nothing stopping me from putting words to the page, other than me.

I did manage to finish one of my short stories. Two more to go, and Sully and Larke will be closer to a done deal. I’ve got another book in the works that’s geared to be submitted for a boxed set. Before I get my publisher’s approval however, I need to finish it. I’ve got work to do. There’s a wasted regret that I didn’t get more writing done while I’ve been sitting idle for the last five months. Unfortunately, unemployment isn’t a good mindset for creativity. It is what it is. I’m slowly getting more words to the page.

Till next week,


Hurricane Danger Sign and Storm In The Background 3D Rendering

Penned Con Re-Cap

As some of you know, a week ago I was on my way to Penned Con. I can hardly believe it has been a week already. Here is a quick pictorial recap.

The road trip started out with a game of luggage tetris.

I love that we get to set up our tables the night before, which was followed by a pajama party and game night.







I love meeting new readers and introducing them to my stories.

I love seeing readers who have either read Beyond the Veil of Whispered Dreams and are looking to pick up Veiled Path to Destiny, or who have read both and are stopping by to see if I have anything new since Veiled Path was released.

Nothing quite picks up your spirits like hearing a reader who has read your books recommend them to new readers.


The Con ended with Casino night. Dave the dealer patiently taught us newbies the rules of the game. Tickets for prizes were won, chips were lost, laughter and team work was in plenty. It was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

Over $14,000 was raised for Action for Autism. How cool is that? Next year’s event looks like it’s going to be amazing. If you’re in the St. Louis are this time next year, you should really check it out.

Until next week…Happy Reading!