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Continuing my journey

As of November 1 I will no longer be an author with Eclectic Bard Books. This is not a decision that I came to lightly. My journey has taken me in another direction. It has made me make some very difficult decisions. One of them was deciding to leave EBB.

Although, I am leaving the business side, I will never forget or leave the friends I have made here. The authors here are wonderful people and I am glad that I have met them. I am sure that we will continue to keep in touch and continue to help each other it will just be in a different capacity.

This opportunity has helped me in a way that I never thought possible and I will forever be grateful. I have grown as an  author. I have been taught things that I didn’t even realize that I needed to know. My eyes were opened to a whole new world that I didn’t even know existed.

We all have our own journey. It is up to us to follow our own path. Nobody can tell us which way to go. We have to follow our instincts. As much as I have enjoyed my time here, it is time for me to move on.

Thank you for taking me into your corner of this world, showing me what I needed to see, teaching me what I needed to know, understanding that I am still trying to find my place in this author world, and making it easy for me continue my journey.


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When inspiration eludes you

There is nothing more frustrating than looking at your computer seeing that cursor blinking at you having nothing come to mind. It is not really writers block. You know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to put it on the page.

That is when inspiration eludes you. I have so many ideas running around in my head. It is almost causing a traffic jam. This is the time that you have to decide to either focus on one project or work on multiple ones.

Whichever of these methods works better for you, it will most likely help to get your mind less cluttered. I find that if I can get some of it down I can focus a little better and then I can clean it up and inspiration then strikes and I can move on and the projects take off.

If I have too much vying for my attention it is hard for me to focus on anything. Inspiration can be fickle. As long as you don’t try and force it, though, it can always be found.


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When life gets in the way

We all have busy lives. What we have to remember is to make time to get the important things done. Between the day job, kids, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and the daily chores, sometimes writing and editing gets put on the back burner.

When I do get to the writing and editing I feel so much better. It is my outlet. It is what I love to do. I have started to make sure that I make time for my writing. It is important to me so it needs to be a priority. Yes, life gets in the way, but writing is part of my life.

Always make time for what is important to you in your life!


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When to move on

We are always told we have to fight for what we want. That is true. There also comes a time, though, when we have to think about what we really want. We all know what our end goal is. That does not always mean that everything we thought would come with it will be there.

We have to fight for the things that really matter but sometimes we have to let go of the things aren’t necessary. We have to recognize when it is time to give up the fight and move on. That can be the most difficult thing to face. To admit that you have to give up something you put your time and energy in to. Something you pinned your hope on. That doesn’t mean it didn’t serve it’s purpose on your journey, it only means that it’s purpose is done. Now it is time for you to move on to your next phase.

I have always been a fighter. I have never been very good at giving up on a fight even when I have seen it was a time to give up. I could clearly see that I would lose but I would go down fighting. The older I get the more that I see there is no point in that. I can now see when it is time to move on to something new. When something has served it purpose in my life I can smile and be thankful for the good and part on good terms instead of burning a bridge that has no reason to be burned.

This is an important lesson to be learned in the book world. As you make connections and network you can always go back to people that you have met in the past. You may not have talked that person in years but as long as you did not burn that bridge you can still talk to them and have a nice conversation and talk books at the next event you run into them again. There is no tension and there is no problem with not getting to go to an event you want to go to because of a feud.

Words said in anger will haunt you. Fighting for the sake of fighting will only hurt you in the long run. Learning when to move on is what will make you the happiest. Not everyone will understand this, but it is not for everyone to understand. It is for you to be happy with your life.


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Changing things up

The event season is over for me. I am always a little sad when my last event for the season is over. This year was a little different because I ended up not getting to go to my last event. The brakes went out on my car a week before the event. The ABS system went out and that is a very expensive repair. The cost of that repair prevented me from making the trip.

When the season is coming to an end I let my stock of swag slowly dwindle down. By the time I finish my last event I am usually down to very little swag left. I do this on purpose. The reason is that every year during my off season I change up my swag. This is exciting for me. I love to look through all the swag available and decide what I will have for the next year.

I have already decided what I will be ordering and I will use the off season to take my time and slowly order and get a little at a time and stock up for next year. I am only keeping a couple of things that I have had from the beginning. I am adding some things that I am really excited about for next year. Sorry, no spoilers you will have to wait and see!

As much as you love to see all the swag that is on our tables, it is just as much fun for me to find and design it. I have to admit that I don’t make any of my swag. I am not that creative or crafty. I may decide to try it at some point but as of now I have not been that brave. I love to work with the person I order it from (who is amazing to work with) and get the finished product shipped to me 🙂  Not everyone can be crafty that is why there are people that run the swag sites LOL

Until next week


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Snowball effect

It seems like once things start on a path the snowball effect takes over and it is hard to stop it. That is what has been going on with me lately. The snowball keeps getting bigger.

I am the type of person that tries to look at the bright side of every situation. I have to admit it has been hard to find it lately. I am proud to say that I have been able to find a bright side every time though, even if it has been very small.

Last week Soul Redemption (Soul Series Book 2) was re-released and is now live and available for you! I am very excited to have it back out!

I have some changes coming for me. I am nervous about what they mean for me but I believe they are what is best for everyone involved. Hopefully this will be the boulder that stops the snowball!

Until next week, always find your bright side!


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Exciting times

I am finishing the final edits on Soul Redemption (Soul Series Book 2) this weekend. The cover adjustments will then be done and it will be uploaded next week. That means it will be live by Friday! I am so excited to have the next book re-released!

What is even more exciting is it is being re-released in just enough time for me to take it with me to Penned Con at the end of September. I have heard so much about this Con and can’t wait to attend. To be able to take my newly re-released book is an added bonus.

I have had a few of you emailing and PMing me on Facebook asking about how long the series has been unavailable. I apologize for that. Unfortunately, sometimes the editing process takes some time. We are diligently working on them and are getting them back out as quickly as we can. It does take some time to edit five books. The last three are not far behind and will be back out shortly! I know I have responded to each of you individually but I want to keep you updated.

Now I am diving back into my manuscript to finish the edits and get this book back out there!

Until next week


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Pick yourself back up

As writers we all get discouraged and think about throwing in the towel. We get to a point where the story isn’t flowing or we don’t don’t know where to take it next. We get the edits back and feel overwhelmed. We feel like we are not cut out for this. That is when we need to take a deep breath and realize that we are not alone in this feeling. Every author has these exact same feelings.

Every author has feelings of self-doubt. You have to pick yourself back up and keep going. You will figure out that plot hole, your characters will start talking to you again and you will make it through those edits. It takes time and patience, but you will make it through.

Take a deep breath, take a break for an afternoon if you need it, then get back to it, cause let’s face it you couldn’t walk away from this no matter how hard you tried. To be an author means that you have to write. You don’t have a choice, it’s part of who you are.

So, when you get overwhelmed or discouraged remember that you are not alone. Take comfort in the knowledge that there are many other authors feeling the same thing. Take a deep breath, pick yourself back up, and get back to what you love.


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Back to work

Last week as I was preparing to leave for an event in Wisconsin my laptop arrived back on my doorstep. To say that I was excited would be an understatement. I was expecting it to be gone for a lot longer.

To be honest I was expecting them to send me a check with a letter saying that it could not be saved and I would have to replace it. To receive it back two days after they received it and to have everything exactly as I had left it was more than I believed possible.

I accepted it without question (I didn’t want to jinx this newly found luck) and now I am able to get back to work. I can work whatever hours I want on the trilogy and when edits come in I can work on them whenever I want too! My stress levels immediately dropped.

It feels good to be able to do what I love.


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Things are moving along

I am steadily moving along on my research for my next series. The problem I am having is the further along I get the more I find I need to do! I am getting very excited and almost can’t wait to get started.

I still have a lot to get done before I am ready to start this series so it has to wait it’s turn though. While I am getting ready for it don’t think that it will be boring. I have so many fun things coming your way!

The Soul Series will be re-released this year!! The spin-off trilogy The Guardians of the Origin will be out either late this year or early next year. Then I am throwing a curve ball at you and will be coming out with a contemporary romance.

By the time I am done with all of that I should be ready for the first book in the new series and it will be my first book away from romance. The new series will be paranormal suspense! I am excited about my new ventures and it all seems to be moving along nicely.

Now to get my computer back so it can move along at home!


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