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Working on the to-do list…

I woke in a panic at 2 am because I realized I hadn’t written this week’s blog. So, here I sit, bleary-eyed, trying to formulate coherent thoughts without the aid of coffee. If I’m lucky, I can squeeze in a couple of more hours of sleep before I have to get up for work. Sometimes, it’s rough being me. 😉

There are only three more days to get Save the Last Dance at the pre-order price of 99 cents. Don’t miss out on the opportunity! This is my first stand-alone, and I’m really excited to share Jackson and Roni’s story with you. I hope you love them as much as I do.

3 days

I’m also sending out Christmas cards again this year. It’s easy enough to get one. Just let me know! PM me through Facebook or you can email me at Make sure to put CHRISTMAS CARD on the subject line.

If you live in the States, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your holiday is surrounded with family, friends, good food, and laughter.

Till next week,



Never enough time . . .

I never make plans. I learned a long time ago that if I do, something will happen to change them. I broke my own rule this week. I was looking forward to my first five-day off rotation. I planned on getting in some writing on a piece that I’ve been working on. Between appointments of one kind or another, and a list of errands that never seemed to end, I found myself getting zero words to the page.

Yesterday, I finally found myself more or less caught up on everything and sat at my computer to work on my WIP. Of course, I had to reread the whole thing to refresh my memory and figure out where to go from there. As you can imagine, I had to change a few things as I went over it again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to devote most of the weekend to writing.

I’ve also been busy with spreading the word about my upcoming release of Save the Last Dance. Just in time for the holidays, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.99 right now. The release date is November 21. I hope you like Jackson and Roni’s story. It’s my first stand-alone, and I’m rather proud of the finished product. Huge thanks go to my cover artist, Victoria Miller, my editor, Carolyn Depew, and my publisher, Savannah Verte of Eclectic Bard Books. Without these people I’d just have a rough story. They put the polish to my work.

On that note, it’s back to my writing cave. A story is calling my name.

Till next week,


Last Dance cover

Gearing up, making plans …

It’s been seven months since Eternal Embrace was released. I’ve been working on other projects, but it’s been at my own pace.

Now, the tempo has picked up. Save the Last Dance has been through final edits, proofed, and formatted. All that’s left are the last details; getting the cover spine to fit the page count, uploading it all to Createspace, and setting the prices and release date. Those details are in my publisher’s capable hands.

I’ve been busy this week on the promotional side of things. Making sure the cover and release date are on all my social media platforms. I finished the video book trailer, posting it to all my Facebook accounts and my website. There’s teasers to make, too. I’ve had to cancel a local book signing because of my work schedule, so I’ll be pushing a “Home Sale” soon. Signed books and awesome swag make great Christmas presents. *hint, hint* 😉

A Destiny Denied is with the editor this month, too. I’m trying to give myself enough time to correct it and get it ready without having to rush. The previous books of the series were released in April. While that’s the target date for all my Kindred series, who knows?

For now, I have a small window between releasing one and edits of the next. That gives me time to work on another project. If I can get it finished and edited in time, it might find its way to a boxed set. If not, I’ll have a fall/summer release. It’s all good, either way. Guess I better get back to work.

Till next week,


Last Dance cover

Rearranging schedules…

Starting a new job doesn’t come without sacrifice and changes. I mentioned that a couple of weeks ago.

My writing gig is taking a definite hit from the new day job. I’ve got a crazy 2 and 5, 5 and 2 schedule. It’s going to take some time to get used to it. Because of this schedule, I’ve had to cancel my next three book signings. I’m not sure about the one in October 2018 because I haven’t figured that far ahead. Being the new kid, days off are out of the question. It’s a possibility to trade shifts, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I’ve decided to deal with it the best I can.

The up side to my schedule is that I’ll get as many days off as I work. Which breaks down to half of the month working, the other half writing. Put that one on the plus side.

I just got back Save the Last Dance from my publisher. She was giving it her final read, which is also the final edit. I’ll be spending the weekend going over revisions. The sooner I’m done and can get it back to her, the sooner I can get it released. Originally, I was hoping for a December release date. Now, I’m pushing for Thanksgiving week. Nothing is definite yet, but that’s my goal.

After that, it’s back to one of my new stories. With my publisher’s okay, I’d like to submit it for a boxed set. But before any of that happens, I have to finish it. Back to the writing cave.

Till next week,


brand Sept 2017

When Characters Speak to You

Basically, there are two types of writers. There are pantsers and plotters. Pantsers literally write by the seat of their pants, letting the characters and story unfold on the page as they write. Plotters, however are more disciplined. They’ll write an outline; getting the story arc and kinks out before they even begin to write. To me, neither one is wrong or right. It’s simply what works best for the writer.

I am a pantser. I’ve tried plotting. I actually had an outline for Eternal Embrace, and I stuck to it. Honestly, I had to. It was my second novel, and there were so many characters and story arcs, that I needed to keep track of where everyone was going. I didn’t have that problem with A Destiny Denied, and the fourth installment of my Kindred series, Blindsided, is about a third of the way in with no problems.

I’ve mentioned that I had two short stories to complete, too. Once those were done, I would have enough compiled to complete my urban fantasy book, To Kill a Demon. One of the stories was about zombies. *rolls eyes* I have no idea how that one happened. Personally, I don’t like zombies. I’ve never watched an episode of The Walking Dead, and I have no plans to. This was a story that took off on its own. It started out well, too. Then I hit the proverbial brick wall. I had the necromancer planning to raise his army from the dead. But to what end? I have no answer. Zombies for the heck of it? World domination? Who knew? The necromancer wasn’t talking. I put the story aside.

I pulled out the other one and read over what I already had. It wasn’t much, only a page and a half, but the story took over and now it’s finished. It got renamed three times, though. I liked the second title a lot, but after a very productive day of writing, I realized that I hadn’t used what was in the title. Threw that out, and came up with another title. That one is finished, and now sits with the others.

Back to the zombie story. Still nothing.

I woke up the next morning with a complete new story on my mind. Take that, zombies! I don’t need you anymore! Now, I just need the time to sit down and write it.

Until next week,


brand Sept 2017

Challenge accepted…

This week has been demanding, and it had little to do with writing. I started a new job, one that is probably my biggest challenge. It will inherently alter my writing world.

In my lifetime, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a librarian, worked for an answering service, a locksmith, a horse trainer, and a receptionist in a law firm, to name a few. Now, I’m a unit secretary/monitor tech for a local hospital. My first two days on the floor had me wondering if I’d made the right choice. Twelve-hour shifts in a fast-paced environ was new to me. The daily work load is incredible. I now have a new respect for the men and women who work in hospitals. CNA’s to unit secretaries to nurses, and everyone in between, work together to care for the patients. These people are selfless, and practically tireless. I hope, one day, to measure up to their standards.

I quickly realized that after twelve hours, there was no energy left in me to work on my WIP’s. Thankfully, my shifts are set up with enough time off to devote to writing. Book signings will now have to either fall on a scheduled day off, or I’ll have to bow out. It’s a sacrifice, but sometimes you just have to prioritize.

Good news is I now have four finished covers for books waiting in the wings. Two of these books will be released soon. The other two need to be finished. I’m close to wrapping up one, then I’ll be devoting all my time on the other one. After that, I’ll be free to finish up book four of my Kindred series.

I’ve set goals and mentally stretched myself to reach them. I’m close. It’s a good feeling.

Until next week,

~ Madison

2nd try

Plans made, plans canceled…

I sit here, way too early in the morning, sipping at my first cup of coffee, and rewriting this blog. I was already done with it, but when I woke to thunder and pouring rain, I knew it was going to have to be updated and revised. This was supposed to be a fun weekend. I was attending a book signing at my local library. I’d been looking forward to it because I’d had so much fun at the one last year. Unfortunately, it was canceled. To be rescheduled later, of course. But still. It seems Hurricane Nate has decided to be a bother, and mess up everyone’s weekend plans.

So, now we’re all scurrying around for last minute supplies, and clearing our yards of anything that could become lethal or lost when the winds hit. My daughter and son-in-law have been up all night, and are still at it. Our back yard is well used; filled with potted plants, patio furniture, grills, and odd pieces of lumber for all of their craft projects. It’s a LOT of loose stuff. And a LOT of work to pick up and store, only to drag out again in a couple of days. It’s been a while since we’ve had to deal with a hurricane. Such is life along a coastline. You learn to deal with what comes your way.

For me, I’m hoping to get some writing in. All my electronics are charged, so if the power goes out, I can switch to my laptop. If worse comes to worse, I have notebooks and pen. There’s nothing stopping me from putting words to the page, other than me.

I did manage to finish one of my short stories. Two more to go, and Sully and Larke will be closer to a done deal. I’ve got another book in the works that’s geared to be submitted for a boxed set. Before I get my publisher’s approval however, I need to finish it. I’ve got work to do. There’s a wasted regret that I didn’t get more writing done while I’ve been sitting idle for the last five months. Unfortunately, unemployment isn’t a good mindset for creativity. It is what it is. I’m slowly getting more words to the page.

Till next week,


Hurricane Danger Sign and Storm In The Background 3D Rendering

Coming Up Roses . . .

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. It started with cataract surgery on Tuesday morning. The surgery went well, and the doctor is pleased with my progress, though my vision is still blurry. Not real sure what he’s so pleased with. But, I’m told it takes a few days. Things are definitely brighter, if not clearer, I’ll give you that. To be honest, my vision has improved a lot since the surgery. I’m optimistic on that score. I’ll be glad when the initial two weeks are over, though. I’m not supposed to bend from the waist, to avoid putting pressure on my eye. That’s a lot harder than you’d think. I’ve caught myself so many times, and yes, there have been a few oops here and there.

I did manage to wrap up one of my three unfinished short stories. I’m pretty pleased with it, as a whole. Now, I only have two more to complete, then I’ll see about editing, and getting with my publisher. There’s still time for that. I’m not rushing. I’m just happy to be moving forward.

Then, there’s the best news. I got a job offer, and was thrilled to accept. I’ll be a unit secretary/monitor tech for one of the local hospitals. I couldn’t be more tickled, especially considering the hospital is a whole two minutes from my house. Talk about save on gas! LOL After five months of being unemployed, I look forward to joining the ranks of the work force once again. I’ve worked all my life. Sitting idle doesn’t set well with me. Worrying about finances doesn’t help creativity, either.

Now, my life can get back to normal. Gainful employment and writing. My world is looking rosy once again.

Till next week,


2nd try

Moving Right Along . . .

I am thrilled to report that this past week has been a very good one. I’ve been working on my current WIP at a steady rate. Not getting a massive amount of words to the page in a day; more like managing a chapter a day, a good chapter.

I’ve also been juggling doctor appointments, so it’s hard to sit down and write without interruptions of some kind. After my eye surgery on Tuesday, the appointments should hopefully taper off.

Like it usually does when I’m focused on a particular story, one of my other stories had to nudge me, and mention a little something that needed to be changed. Could it wait? Of course, not! It had to be done now, while it was still fresh in my mind. That took up a day.

Then there’s the book covers. I have a novella coming out in December. I know I’ve mentioned it before. I’m sitting on the cover and I love it! While I was setting that one up, I went ahead and got Victoria Miller to do the cover for A Destiny Denied, the third installment of my Kindred series. It’ll be released in the Spring of 2018. I figured, why not get a jump on things? Well, I got that back this week, too. It’s amazing, and I’m going to be hard pressed to sit on it until January.

There’s that other project. Sully and Larke. My goal is to compile several short stories into a single book, chronicling their adventures. It’s not completed yet. I still have three stories that need to be finished. But, I’d seen the work of Ravenborn Book Cover Designs, and I really liked her Urban Fantasy and Paranormal covers. I emailed her, and she agreed to give it a shot. She’d do the e-book first, and give me the print cover after the book is completed, and I have a final page count. I got her first draft yesterday. A tweak here, a tweak there, and POW! Another awesome cover to sit on! It was like Christmas!

But, you know what that means, right? Yep, those other two stories—back on the shelf. Seems Sully and Larke need their stories finished. They have a cover waiting on them.

Until next week,


2nd try

When It Comes Together

This past week has been one of accomplishments. It feels like a very long time since I’ve been able to say that. I’m not sure if it’s because I was able to get a few things done, or that my mindset has taken a positive turn. Either way, it’s a welcome feeling.

I imagine every writer dreads getting their manuscript back from an editor. I’m no different. How many times did I mess up with punctuation and tenses? Will there be a lot of changes? Will there be a lot of deletions? Of course, changes are always subject to the writer. We don’t have to accept them. But, speaking for me personally, those suggested changes have always been more than helpful. This time was no different. Thankfully, the edits weren’t awful. To be honest, I was pretty tickled with the whole thing. I’d like to think that I’m getting a little better, too. 😉

The next step was formatting the manuscript. Once that’s done, I can put it back on the shelf until my publisher is ready to upload and release it. That will be sometime in December, a date is yet to be set.

I admit I dreaded starting the format process. I’m still new to it, and haven’t had a lot of luck so far. So, it was with trepidation and baited breath, I began. My publisher asks for two copies of the manuscript; one unnumbered (no headers or footers), and one with page numbers and headers. The unnumbered one was relatively easy. I uploaded it to CreateSpace and launched the reviewer. It looked good to me.

On to the next one. The headers didn’t give me any grief. My name at the top of one page, the title on the opposite page, but NOT on the front and back matter. Maybe it’s because I’ve done it a few times, but it went right up without any problems. Now to the page numbers. This one has always given me grief. I have moaned and wailed over this. It took me a few tries to get it to stick, and then—what? Beautiful formatted page numbers! Got it in one! Believe me, I saved it and called it a day! LOL

Hopefully, I did it right and when I send it to my publisher, it will remain that way. I had issues with that the last time, too. What I thought was correct turned out to be all the way wrong. Formatting is not something you learn overnight. But I’m determined to get this, because it’s a part of the process of getting my book published.

For now, I can take a breather and get back to writing.

Till next week,


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