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New Year – New Everything Part the Third

The year is flying. It’s only the 15th and this is already the 3rd part in the NYNE posts. GOSH!

I was going to post over the weekend and have it pop up this morning, but life happens. An electrical fire at the daughter’s apartment had us doing rewiring work, sure…the apartment people should…but since they are already upping her rent 1 month in, and we have the ability and pieces…why give them cause to raise it further? It didn’t take long…just details. A lot like writing work is…details: They make or break the job being done.

Then there was the ongoing writing work that I’m not happy with and trying to wrap since the first of several deadlines is approaching. Those pesky things will sneak up and bop you on the head if you don’t keep at it…so, I’m keeping at it. I did a re-read of the other part of one story, to make sure I have the nuances and details straight in my head. It’s been awhile since I wrote or reviewed the first part, so again, DETAILS…they matter.

Next up is a not so new thing. A year ago I got a promotion. I became the compliance chairman for my state, which has a lot of responsibilities for managing federal reporting for a number of locations. This position was supposed to rotate to someone new for this year, but as things go, that person is no longer available, and thus I am likely retaining the job. Which translates to some two-step shuffle to my signing schedule if I can’t finesse the details early. I’m hopeful, even as the realist in me knows what is probably going to happen. ūüė¶

All this as I’m waiting to hear on another promotion that will translate to a cross-country move. Until there is more to know, it’s a waiting game…one my recent personal challenges are making difficult to remain calm for. An answer, either way, would be good in the short course instead of the long, but we all know how that works…or doesn’t when you’re waiting. Watched pot & alla that.

So…I have lots of things in transition, and more that haven’t entered the fray of my crazy yet. I have managed to finally get the added bits into something of a routine, though they effectively manage to throw my regularly scheduled writing work for a loop several times a week. I’m still morphing. I’ll get there…hopefully before I crash & burn.

Last…as promised….here’s the next Custos Series updated cover. Book of Change, book 2, got the logo like book one, and a minor tweak to make the cover image fit the scene from the book more precisely. I’m tickled. Can you spot it?

The Book of Mysteries updated cover will be revealed next week and I hope you love it as much as I do. It feels more like it belongs with the first two and I cannot wait to see what books 4 & 5 look like, now that we have the logo and a clear sense of where the series is headed before it wraps up.

Enjoy the week. I for one will be indoors mostly I think. The snow has been falling all day and the roads are a map of ice-covered thoroughfares. Not good for prolonged travel, so I’m not. If I don’t have to be out, I won’t be…but maybe that means I’ll get ahead, or at least back on track in my word-work. It could happen.

Til next week, read something good and tell a friend!




New Year – New Everything continues

2018 is going to be full of changes for me, as previously mentioned. Some of it I’m planning and some things will happen as they happen. ūüôā

One new thing is that my titles are going wide. It’s a HUGE learning curve for me and I have no real idea what I’m doing, but I’m going to learn as I go and hopefully, like with other things, be better for the adventure. With this, one thing that needed to happen was to get The Custos series covers adjusted so it is easier to know which one comes next. For the next couple weeks, I’ll reveal each of them in turn.

This week is Book of Time, which isn’t much different, just has the series logo identifier added…but, by Mysteries I’m excited to share the new wash over with you. I feel like the cover finally goes with the others better. I hope you’ll agree.

Once we get these shared, I’ll start sharing the new stuff. I’m doing my last 2 boxsets this spring and can’t wait to share them with you. One, coming in March is going to be a fun PNR set called Magic Rising. That set has a single cover that I hope you’ll enjoy.

After that is Once Upon a Twisted Time…a collection of re-imagined fairy tales that you know, with twists you might not see coming. My contribution is based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses and is called Twelve. I’ll reveal my individual cover soon, but here’s the overall for you to gaze upon.

Next on the crazy train of ’18 for me is a regrowth of my street team, The Zapatistas. This group is who gets to see new covers first, helps with promotion of my work and shares back with me sites, events, and other places where my work would be a good fit, but hasn’t been found yet. Do you have a few minutes each week to share my work and get the 411 early?

If you’re interested in joining my Street Team and getting the sneak peeks at what’s coming before everyone else…you can do so HERE. We’d love to add you to the group. My VPA Jennifer runs the group and keeps everything tracking, so there’s no inventing the wheel going on…just sharing and sharing.

More New Year – New Everything to come in the weeks ahead. Thanks for sticking around for the journey. Til next time, read something great & share with your friends!





Only up from here

WOW! 2018 came in with a gut punch.

Around here, temps are hovering in the double-digit sub-zeros with wind chills colder than that. I know this is not unique to my area, the entire country is BRISK today. Some more so than they are used to baring. Welcome to the new year.

I have to admit, I was ready for 2017 to be done. Being a very private person I’ll skip the specifics but, there were too many hurdles in the last months for my liking. The last few days frosted everything, and while I don’t want to go into copious detail…I’ve added treadmill stress test to my ‘been there, done that, bought the t-shirt’ list. Once was enough. I’m not going back, which means change must happen.

2018 was scheduled to be another year of my normal crazy…that has to shift a bit. I’m working to put pieces in play to keep the year mostly on track with the new additions to the agenda that were not by choice. Only time will reveal if I can manage it. I can’t say yet if the writing schedule will have to give, the publishing one, or if things can titrate out to work…I just don’t know. I guess this is the fair warning shot. We’ll learn together.

So, as we all embark on this new year…I hope you have great goals and plans to make it the best one yet. I myself believe after the last few weeks and months that there is no where else to go for me but up. Join me, won’t you?

I’ll keep you posted on new projects and news as it’s available. Until then, stay warm, read something great…and share with friends and family!


Wherever you are

I could spend a page writing about any number of things, but I find as I stare out the window, watching the soft, lilting cascade of white fall, that I’m content to sit in the quiet. This is my wish for each of you as well. For a moment, a day, or more…I wish for each of you to have, and enjoy, a moment of perfect peace.

For family, friends, community, and everyone who makes us who we are, I want to say thank you and Happy Holidays to you and yours wherever you are.

The new year beckons and will be here before we know it. Until then, love the ones you’re with and say so to the ones who you are apart from.

Peace to us all.

You’ll know it when you FEEL it.

Deadline red grunge textured vintage isolated stamp


I think as a reader I can tell when the author is in flow. I think as a reader I can also tell when they are not. For me, this is part of the driving force to writing as I try to smooth the transitions and hide the pages that were written in a manic panic as the deadline loomed. It may not be that the sentences are any less polished, or the editing isn’t right on point…I think it is a feeling that we have as we build our vision of the world we are reading.

I’ve said it before, readers are SMART…but they are more than that too…readers are sensory, and writers need to remember this. The words are often trying taskmasters as they fight for a place on the page, but we have to remember the goal and the end result as we work, or we will just as surely toss the reader off the tale and miss¬†holding their focus if we do not do the whole process in favor of the deadline.

As the red pen here at EBB I’ve said it many times to multiple authors…I would rather put out a book late that is right, than one time completely wrong. What about you? Would you rather have a book right on time or early…if it means that it is less than what you expect?

I didn’t think so.

Resistance is futile.

I can do a great many things. Marketing however, is not my strong suit. I have learned and expanded the cadre of my knowledge over the past few years, and gotten better too, but I still have a lot to learn. I have also learned when it’s time to call in the cavalry.

As such, I took a leap and retained the marketing assistance of someone who knows far more than I can hope to learn in the next five years…so let’s see how this goes eh? Starting tomorrow…I’ll have a whole lot more going on than the election. ūüėČ

I finally managed to get my personal website back up too. Mind you, a few pages are still under construction, but it’s up and you can register for my mailing list there. I’ll get the blog, gallery, and book pages up and running soon, but I have a deadline I need to hit for words first. ūüėČ

THANKS for sticking with me on the rollercoaster of my writing career! I look forward to seeing you somewhere out and about soon.


Savannah Verte TWITTER COVER.jpg


Running in Circles

I was off today. Doesn’t seem like it since I’ve run 220 with my hair on fire for most of it, but I was. I worked all weekend at the 9 – 5 to cover for someone else, and today was my ‘comp’ so I wouldn’t have too much OT…you know….make more money for being on for 7 days in a row. But alas, as things sometimes go, there was a meeting scheduled so I had to go in any way. So much for the day off or the reduction in hours. Guess I’ll just be grateful for the moolah.

In the end, today, like every other weekday, I’m just getting to the computer and writerly business after the ‘work day’ so I am late, late, late in getting my post up. First and foremost, I want to say a THANK YOU to all of those who stopped and voted for Viva Zapata & the Magic 8-Ball in the SIBA awards. I appreciate the nods. I was in a huge category and loved finding new to me authors in the group along with some of my personal favorites. It’s a huge thing to be nominated amid those I read and enjoy, so Thank you. I am humbled and honored.

I’ll be posting more soon. I just need to find my groove for the night. lol

Get your voting fingers ready

Several of the EBB authors have been nominated in various categories for the SIBA awards put on by Metamorph Publishing.



Voting begins tomorrow, September 1st for a short window. I’m sure they would appreciate your vote.


Epic Fail

As some of you may know, I declared on Friday that I was taking the weekend off. It gave me fits to write it, and I never managed to actually say it out loud. The notion of not working or doing something is not in my arcana.

True to prediction, I failed miserably. I managed to do Friday night dinner and the gym, but that was the end of the not working bit. I woke up Saturday to an incredible invitation/opportunity and spent the rest of the day ferreting out if I could take it. Suffice to say, I said ‘Yes’ and so begins the next season of my busy plate. I’ve added yet another book to the agenda before the year concludes, so if you don’t see me much – just send coffee and good juju. I’ve taken on an epic load. I know, I know…you’re not surprised.

I spent the rest of the weekend doing laundry, shopping, setting up the canning racks and shelves for this years installment of ‘squirrel’s work,’ and made a vat of Skinny soup for the week of detox. All in all, I didn’t write much, but I did allow my brain free reign while I did other things. I think that might be as close to not working as I am going to manage, ever.

So, what did you do with your liberation from Monday to Friday? Shout out!! I’ll be checking in….


A Path Less Traveled

Girl Wearing Walking Boots Hiking Up A Mountain

Sometimes  it is good to take a step back and reevaluate. Are you where you want to be? Is the plan taking you in the direction of your dreams? Did you take a wrong turn   at Memphis?

I’ve been working ¬†on a project that has caused me to do that, step back and evaluate where I am , where I want to be, and how much progress I have made in the direction of my dream. ¬†*SIGH* How did I get so far off course from my original plan?

It’s ironic that life imitates fiction. Or in my case, imitates my plans for one of my stories. I make outlines, detailed in places, fuzzy in others. ¬†I don’t always know details for a specific point, but I have ¬†a plan. As I progress, I reach a point during the writing that I have to wad up the rest of the ¬†plan and start over.

That’s been the way my life has gone as well. ¬†I make a plan, ¬†then ¬†intend to follow the plan ¬†until I reach a point that it’s obviously not working. ¬†Time to wad that one up and toss in the trash bin. While working on this project I realized how far I’ve deviated from the original plan, the secondary plan, and even the tertiary plan.

I could throw up my hands and yell to the sky why bother or I can knuckle down and plot a new course. I’ll bet you can’t ¬†guess which one I’m doing. ¬†I will say that the scenery is ever changing. I am not ¬†watching the same trees go by day after day. I’m not taking the same route. I haven’t mapped out the entire route yet, but I have my destination marked and ¬†have made blocks of the entire trip. Currently, I’m working on a¬†detailed mapping of the first block, getting back onto the main road.

I get overwhelmed by the big picture at times and lose my way. I am a detail oriented person. I work best with smaller sections at a time. Besides, If I plotted out the entire route from here to my final destination, I would end up taking several side roads and changing the  course anyway.

The thing about an outline, it’s a guideline. It’s the rough sketch that gives the artist a basic skeletal structure for their masterpiece. ¬†My course is in pencil, roughly sketched. If it were in pen, I would ¬†feel conflicted about having to follow the inked lines. ¬†I wouldn’t do it, ¬†I’d feel guilty about not doing it, but it wouldn’t change the fact that everything is fluid and I would be moving in the general direction of the ¬†graphite line.

Life is an adventure that is meant to be an exciting journey, not ¬†a network of rails that take us only along the major lines, never exploring the hills and valleys. Those hills and valleys are where the treasures lie, where the masses do not travel. ¬†Mass transit is ok at times, but lacing up those hiking boots and experiencing the warmth of the sun on your skin, the brisk morning air, or even that nasty spider web that you walked into are moments that you can never get on the commuter train. I’m takingthee path less traveled.

The next part of my personal journey happens to be up a steep hill. It’s going to be hard work. It is a difficult climb, but I can’t wait to see the view from the top.

Where is your plan taking you? Is it in the direction you want to go? Do you need to readjust your course?

Until next time, write on!