Words on the page to book signings . . .

I’m finally unpacked, and life has settled back into what passes as normal in my world. Booking in Baton Rouge wasn’t exactly the event I’d hoped for, but I caught up with old friends and made a few new ones.

Genevieve Williams    Me

Danielle Dauphinet

I did manage to get some networking in, and learned a lot from author, Kris Michaels.

Kris Michaels

My table partner was Larynn Ford, a lovely lady who I found out, is a lot like me in many ways. We got along famously, and I hope to see her again soon.

Larynn Ford

I met new readers and bloggers, so I can honestly say I had fun.

Sandy Ebel  Cindy Schmidt Montgomery

Marie Saunders

I’m trying to get back into my world of The Kindred. Blindsided is coming along, though the characters are throwing me a few unforeseen twists. Since I can’t fight it, I’m letting them have their say. Once it’s all done, I’ll go back over it to make sure the story holds together.

The good news is that the twins are peeking in, giving me glimpses of the final installment, Deuces Wild. Not enough to figure out a storyline, just a tease here and there. That will have to hold me, for now.

Until next week,



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