One down, two to . . . Get in line!

You finally get to the point you’ve been working toward. THE END. The air whooshes out of you, leaving you slumped in the chair, exhausted but exhilarated. That’s where I found myself a few days ago. To Kill A Demon is finally finished. I even threw in an extra story because it nagged at me to be included.

Unfortunately, that wonderful feeling of accomplishment only lasted until I had to start revisions. The first draft means you have the story down on paper. Now, comes the hard part . . .  making sure everything works. No plot holes, add descriptions, fix typos, and a million other details that will make the book as good as it can be. Only then, does it go to the editor. Once the editor sends it back, the process starts all over again. By the time my publisher gets it in a formatted version, it’s been proofed so many times I don’t even want to look at it any more. But, that’s the way it goes.

I’m really looking forward to this one, because it’s my first Urban Fantasy piece. I hope everyone likes it as much as I did writing it Sully and Larke were fun. They’re tough, snarky, and a hell of a demon-hunting duo. I have a feeling they may come around again, either as a full-sized novel or another anthology. That one will have to wait until I finish the other two waiting in line, though. At least I’m making progress.

Until next week,


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