Finding my Passion

In the midst of making teasers and swag for my upcoming release, I decided to make myself a charm bracelet. I seldom wear bracelets, and never was really into charms, but this one was going to be a special one. I made tiny book cover charms for the books I’ve written, including the three I intend to publish this year. Added to that, I have charms that pertain to each book. Once I got them all on the bracelet, I was amazed at how full the links were already. Looking over the charms made me realized how exciting the last two and a half years have been. That’s right, I started Phoenix Rising in August of 2015. My life has certainly changed for the better. I can’t imagine not writing, now.

I’ll never get rich, and I may never make that elusive best seller list, but those were never goals when I started writing. They still aren’t. I started writing because I had a story that had to get out. Now that my Kindred series is more than half done, I’m working on other stories. I’ve found something I truly enjoy doing. I’ve found my passion.

I’m discovering I have a faithful following of readers who enjoy my stories, too. That’s my reward. Not money, not a label to stick on my book cover, (though I would be lying if I said I don’t want it 😉) No, my greatest reward is when a reader tells me how much they enjoy my books, eagerly waiting for the next one. This past week I’ve been able to visit with a few of those special friends. This is the best kind of encouragement to keep me writing.

On that note, I’ll leave you with the link to my upcoming release, A Destiny Denied. You can pre-order now for only 99 pennies. Grab your copy now! If my Kindred series is new to you, book one is Phoenix Rising, followed by Eternal Embrace. My sexy Alpha warriors would love to meet you.

Till next week,


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