Living Two Lives

When I got to the point of realizing I was actually going to publish a book, I decided to use a pen name, rather than my real name. Not for any enigmatic reason, rather a very simple one. I don’t care for my real name. Never did. My real name is very plain. To make matters worse, it’s spelled in the masculine form. Choosing Madison Granger was a decision I never regretted.

One of my closest friends has told me more than once that there’s a difference between Madison and me. He calls me by both names. I realize now there are subtle changes when in my ‘Madison’ persona.

This past week found me wishing I could be Madison all the time, living happily ever after in her world. Madison gets to write, interact with readers, and right now, is beaming with happiness from some incredible reviews on Save the Last Dance. Thank you, Kelli Smith and your Reviewer Roundup, for making that possible! Madison is in her happy place, working on the last short story to add to the anthology, To Kill a Demon. A Destiny Denied has been sent to the publisher, awaiting an April release.

The other me has to go to the day job to pay the bills. Such is life.

Till next week,


2018 Brand


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