Put your ego in your pocket . . .

When I was writing Phoenix Rising I was given the best advice I would receive, “Put your ego in your pocket.” This jewel of wisdom comes back to haunt me every time I work on revisions. I’ve started on the edits for A Destiny Denied. According to my editor, I’m going to drive her to drink with my excessive use of the word “and.” She’s a lover of good Scotch, so I seriously doubt I’ll drive her to drink, though I may make an alcoholic out of her. I guess I slammed her good this time around. She did the final read for Save the Last Dance, then edited A Destiny Denied. Between the two books, there were a lot of “ands” to be fixed. The good news is that it’s a lesson learned. I’ll be watching for that particular problem, correcting it as I go, from now on.

Overusing words is a common enough problem. My editor brought one particular word to my attention. While searching for it, I found another one that practically dotted the page. I keep a notepad handy, making a list of those that need to be trimmed to acceptable times used. It’s a tedious process, but valuable in the long run. We all want our story to be the best it can be. I’ve mentioned before that Thesaurus.com is one of my best friends. It still holds true. There are many ways to describe the same thing. There’s no crime in turning to an aid for help. Whatever works for you is my mantra. Luckily, I have the time to fix my story to be a really good one. There’s no rushing to meet the deadline. It’s a nice feeling.

I’ve got plans to release two more books in 2018. Which means I need to focus on writing more. This past year was filled with a lot of setbacks. I’m still here, more determined than ever to make this writing gig work. I never started this to get rich or famous. I’m too practical for that. What I have found out about myself is that I love to write, weaving a dream onto the pages, turning it into a story that people will enjoy reading. Those of you that have shared my journey, I thank you. Stick around, there’s more to come.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your holiday be filled with friends, family, love, and much laughter!

Till next week,


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