It’s a blur

My apologies for my tardiness this week. I went yesterday morning bright and early to use my Vision benefits for the year before they went hasta-la-bye-bye. SEVERAL hours later…I had, what I hoped, was my temporary lenses in and I was out the door.

Sadly, my eyeballs and I disagree often, and this was no exception…within a few hours, my eyes were glowing red and I couldn’t see much. Removing the lenses didn’t help as my eyes were so  angry that I couldn’t see through glasses a scant few inches from my face. No computer for me.

Today, things are moderately improved, but on the shallow end.

My eyes are still irritated, though now a pink instead of glaring red. I can see, but a lot is blurry. I will have to make a return trip to the ophthalmologist for another round of fun, and hopefully a set of lenses that don’t make me want to scratch my own eyes out. Until then, everything is a blur…so I’m going to cut short. The glare from the computer screen is painful…even as I can’t make much of it out. :/




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