Joy and Magic

This last week has been a wash, as far as getting any words on the page. The crud that has been going around hit me hard. A week later, I’ve turned the corner on to the street of feeling better, not  100%, but better. I hope all of you manage to escape its cruddy tentacles.

This weekend, the tree will go up for my son, for through his eyes, the magic of Christmas still shines bright. Words will get on the page, because the story isn’t going to write itself. I want to say that my website and newsletter will get done, but I’ve been working on trying to get those done for the better part of the last two months and yet….nada. To say I am not technologically inclined would be a HUUUUUGE understatement. Luckily, I have a local fellow author friend who has agreed to help me out after the holidays. Yay! And finally, shopping will get done. Usually, I like to avoid the crowds and shop on line. However as no one on my list seems to know what they want, I’m going to have to go out among the masses and see what stands out and shouts their name. It’s not as convenient as shopping on line, but there is something fun about finding gifts that way as well.

Whatever your plans for the coming week are, I hope you all find some joy and magic in the season.

Until next week…Happy Reading! 





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