Never enough time . . .

I never make plans. I learned a long time ago that if I do, something will happen to change them. I broke my own rule this week. I was looking forward to my first five-day off rotation. I planned on getting in some writing on a piece that I’ve been working on. Between appointments of one kind or another, and a list of errands that never seemed to end, I found myself getting zero words to the page.

Yesterday, I finally found myself more or less caught up on everything and sat at my computer to work on my WIP. Of course, I had to reread the whole thing to refresh my memory and figure out where to go from there. As you can imagine, I had to change a few things as I went over it again. Hopefully, I’ll be able to devote most of the weekend to writing.

I’ve also been busy with spreading the word about my upcoming release of Save the Last Dance. Just in time for the holidays, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon for $0.99 right now. The release date is November 21. I hope you like Jackson and Roni’s story. It’s my first stand-alone, and I’m rather proud of the finished product. Huge thanks go to my cover artist, Victoria Miller, my editor, Carolyn Depew, and my publisher, Savannah Verte of Eclectic Bard Books. Without these people I’d just have a rough story. They put the polish to my work.

On that note, it’s back to my writing cave. A story is calling my name.

Till next week,


Last Dance cover


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