Gearing up, making plans …

It’s been seven months since Eternal Embrace was released. I’ve been working on other projects, but it’s been at my own pace.

Now, the tempo has picked up. Save the Last Dance has been through final edits, proofed, and formatted. All that’s left are the last details; getting the cover spine to fit the page count, uploading it all to Createspace, and setting the prices and release date. Those details are in my publisher’s capable hands.

I’ve been busy this week on the promotional side of things. Making sure the cover and release date are on all my social media platforms. I finished the video book trailer, posting it to all my Facebook accounts and my website. There’s teasers to make, too. I’ve had to cancel a local book signing because of my work schedule, so I’ll be pushing a “Home Sale” soon. Signed books and awesome swag make great Christmas presents. *hint, hint* 😉

A Destiny Denied is with the editor this month, too. I’m trying to give myself enough time to correct it and get it ready without having to rush. The previous books of the series were released in April. While that’s the target date for all my Kindred series, who knows?

For now, I have a small window between releasing one and edits of the next. That gives me time to work on another project. If I can get it finished and edited in time, it might find its way to a boxed set. If not, I’ll have a fall/summer release. It’s all good, either way. Guess I better get back to work.

Till next week,


Last Dance cover


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