Coming Up Roses . . .

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. It started with cataract surgery on Tuesday morning. The surgery went well, and the doctor is pleased with my progress, though my vision is still blurry. Not real sure what he’s so pleased with. But, I’m told it takes a few days. Things are definitely brighter, if not clearer, I’ll give you that. To be honest, my vision has improved a lot since the surgery. I’m optimistic on that score. I’ll be glad when the initial two weeks are over, though. I’m not supposed to bend from the waist, to avoid putting pressure on my eye. That’s a lot harder than you’d think. I’ve caught myself so many times, and yes, there have been a few oops here and there.

I did manage to wrap up one of my three unfinished short stories. I’m pretty pleased with it, as a whole. Now, I only have two more to complete, then I’ll see about editing, and getting with my publisher. There’s still time for that. I’m not rushing. I’m just happy to be moving forward.

Then, there’s the best news. I got a job offer, and was thrilled to accept. I’ll be a unit secretary/monitor tech for one of the local hospitals. I couldn’t be more tickled, especially considering the hospital is a whole two minutes from my house. Talk about save on gas! LOL After five months of being unemployed, I look forward to joining the ranks of the work force once again. I’ve worked all my life. Sitting idle doesn’t set well with me. Worrying about finances doesn’t help creativity, either.

Now, my life can get back to normal. Gainful employment and writing. My world is looking rosy once again.

Till next week,


2nd try


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