Sometimes you’re the bug


I’ve been gunning 220, and likely had my hair on fire more than once this month, trying to get so many pieces into the mix…but I’m out of steam. The home office deconstruct-reconstruct officially wiped me out about 36 hours ago when I nearly dropped a 4-drawer filing cabinet down the steps trying to move it. The back is out, the bones are weary, and the mind is heltar-skeltar.

That said…because of the crazy, I’ve decided to hold off the last cover reveal for July until the last day of the month…so you’ll get to see it here on release day instead of waiting. YAY.

I think I’m going to take a day…not that I really have one…but, take a day, enjoy a few Godfather’s. ((sooo yummy///blended scotch with Amaretto over ice) and get my composure back. There’s far too much to do to be down for long.



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