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Sometimes you’re the bug


I’ve been gunning 220, and likely had my hair on fire more than once this month, trying to get so many pieces into the mix…but I’m out of steam. The home office deconstruct-reconstruct officially wiped me out about 36 hours ago when I nearly dropped a 4-drawer filing cabinet down the steps trying to move it. The back is out, the bones are weary, and the mind is heltar-skeltar.

That said…because of the crazy, I’ve decided to hold off the last cover reveal for July until the last day of the month…so you’ll get to see it here on release day instead of waiting. YAY.

I think I’m going to take a day…not that I really have one…but, take a day, enjoy a few Godfather’s. ((sooo yummy///blended scotch with Amaretto over ice) and get my composure back. There’s far too much to do to be down for long.


The Fine Line Between Picky and Obsessive

I have always been one of those readers who will find an error in the story I’m reading. It could stem from my OCD, which I thought had eased up a bit the past couple of years. Whether it’s a typo or the wrong spelling of a word, it tends to take on a life of its own on the page, glaring at me, daring me to call it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from perfect. My two novels have their fair share of errors. I still cringe when I think about them. Why didn’t I catch them if I’m so observant? Good question. One reason is time constraints. When you’re working against the clock, you don’t have the time to make corrections and still make that deadline. Those errors you learn to let go. The others… I’m human. I try to catch as many as possible, but I have a feeling there’s always going to be a few that slip past me.

I also have a pet peeve. Well, it used to be a pet peeve. Since I’ve gotten older, it’s gotten worse. It drives me up the nearest wall when I see a word that has the incorrect spelling. The word is right, the spelling isn’t. Not a big deal, I know. I realize what the author is saying. I get that. But what does it say if the author doesn’t know he’s using the wrong spelling? That’s where I trip over that line. Especially since I’ve started writing myself. You PORE over a book, you POUR water out a pitcher. You guide a horse by the REINS, a king REIGNS over his subjects. I go through numerous books in the course of a week on my Kindle. Errors abound, and I cringe every time. Authors depend on beta readers and editors to find and fix errors. I know, no one is perfect, and I’m being obsessive. Did you read the title of my blog? I know, I have issues.

Don’t even get me started on the difference between a muzzle and a snout. That’s a whole other can of worms. 😉

Till next week,


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Back to Work

When my first signing of the season ended, and The Veiled Path to Destiny was released, I had planned to jump right back into writing and getting the next book on the agenda out. My muse, she’s a fickle one, decided otherwise. So,  I took the time to catch up on a little bit of reading. I should actually say, I did a re-read of a book I loved so much I have a pristine, signed copy on the shelf and an e-copy on my Kindle. Do you do that? Buy a book in both formats?

Here’s another question…do you follow an author when they branch out from the genre you’re familiar reading them write? Or do you only want to read the books they write in said genre? For me, if I love the author’s writing, how they bring a scene to life, I will follow. For some, it might take me awhile to make the jump, but for others I jump with little to no hesitation.

Now….I am back to putting words on the page.The book I am currently working on is another Fae romance, but not a part of the Veil series, and will be a stand-alone. At least that is the goal. One just never knows when a secondary character will jump up, waving their hands, demanding their story be told.

The second WIP is a fairytale retelling, but more on that later one. After that, we return to The Veil Series. Celine and Coipeail will have there story told. 😉

What was the book I re-read you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya…It was Sky of Dreams by Jenna Jacob. It’s a departure from the Doms of Genesis series, but OMG…it has all the feels you could possibly want in a contemporary romance. Give it a read. You’ll love it. (link at the bottom of the page)

Until next week…Happy Reading!



Support hose on standby

I’ve never felt so old in my life.

A former assistant of mine was fond of commenting how the body began its crumble at 40. I laughed at her for years…
Having managed to eeek out another decade before mine started giving in, I guess I should be grateful, but MANNNNN, there are days when I’m thinking the years since 40 conspired and jumped to catch up all at once! My bones hurt, and my muscles argue for days after I do any project that is remotely physical.

My mad scramble lately has been wrapping a couple of writing projects for deadlines so I could get my office moved out of the lower level where just about every recent storm has decided to come in. Saturday night at 10:52 CST, the last of the words were sent off and it was time. The next line of storms are already tracking this way. I had to move quickly.

Over the next 24 hours, THIS…


…became this.

It sure feels empty now.
I’ll be spending the next week or so getting everything re-homed in the new space. Paint and recently shampooed carpets weren’t quite dry…so I’m giving it time. (or, maybe it’s just me needing a break.)

Either way, I’ve earned a respite…a day or two anyway. Stories #5 & #6 of 8 for 2017 have whisked away to where they need to be and it will be time to take #7 & #8 off the shelf to rework, clean, & polish once the office is back up. I can ill-afford the day…but at the same time, there isn’t another one coming soon, or in sight.  I set a heavy load & aggressive pace for this year. I’m determined to complete (and survive) it. Come November…Scotch for everyone. I’m pouring if I can move. 🙂

Til next time…all the usuals; read something good, take care of you, and keep checking my facebook page and author website, I’m still in the midst of cover reveals, preorders going live, and author features for my co-conspirators in Cimmerian Shade. Don’t miss out!!


Recharging your imagination…

I admit I haven’t been very productive this week, at least as far as writing goes. Instead, I’ve immersed myself in the world of movies. I think I’ve seen every movie that peaks my interest going back to 2005. Every action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi movie made. Ask me, I can probably tell you about it.

While I didn’t get words down on paper, I did get ideas. My imagination got a swift recharge. With a little creative juggling, I added names and places to my ongoing list for future stories. Paying close attention to details of creatures and monsters, I noticed the length and curve of the teeth of the Tei Tao in The Great Wall, and marveled at the characters and cities in Warcraft. I watched the expressions on the actors faces as they dealt with difficulties. All these little details serve as inspiration. I absorbed it all; to review and morph to fit my needs.

My mind is reeling with current WIPs to be completed, and ideas for future works. I know what I need to work on first, then get back to the others. So many stories, so little time. Guess I better get busy.

Till next week,


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Writers On The River ReCap

As some of you may remember, my first signing was last weekend at Writers on the River in East Peoria. It was the second year for this event, and oh my….how it has grown.

As soon as the doors opened, we were off and running. The VIP readers came pouring in. There was never a lull in the day. It was awesome, and the event raised $7,500 for two charities, Thistle Farms and The Center for Prevention of Abuse. I love when the proceeds of an event I’m signing at go towards a charity. The ladies who put this signing together are pretty darn awesome as well.

Sooo, as I said…the reader traffic was non-stop, which means the two books I was able to buy right before the doors opened, are the only ones I purchased this time and I didn’t have time to even think about taking pictures. Busy is a good thing!

Ooooooh…and The Veiled Path to Destiny made it’s debut! As of this morning, the ebook was still available for $0.99. If you were thinking of downloading it onto your Kindle, now would be a good time to do that.

Until next week….Happy Reading!


All set and ready to sign some books.

With Deandra Hall and Savie

With Ms. Jenna Jacob

With Savie

Running amuck-

First thing, I want to congratulate the coordinators and everyone who had anything to do with Writers on the River this past weekend. KUDOS on a job well done.

Second, If you aren’t following along on my fan page, website, newsletter, or something…you might want to get there. news is happening fast these next weeks with multiple cover reveals, pre-0rder links going live, and a crazy lot of stuff all coming in a short window! Doooo Iiiiiit.

Third, I am the Amazon Prime Day master. I bought absolutely nothing and I want you to be proud of me…because it means more resources to put into the work. I COULD have bought new furniture for my office space…drapes, desk, chair, file cabinets…the works, but I held firm and will be investing in swag. Yay me…Yay you.

Fourth, and finally…I have lost an entire manuscript from the computer. I don’t know how… I have a partial back up on drive, but the complete is renegade. With that…I’m running amuck trying to recreate and re-polish before the deadline which is coming fast. So, I gotta blaze.

Til next time, be good & read something great!

When it’s Broken… Fix it.

I recently sent my third installment of The Kindred series to my last beta reader. I trust this person’s judgment and value her opinion. She called me the other night, probably to prepare me before I received the manuscript in the mail. To be honest, I’m glad she did. There were more than a few things wrong with my story. She was afraid I would either get angry or hate her, or both. She couldn’t be further from the truth.

No one likes to hear they did a less than stellar job. But one of the first lessons I learned about writing was to put your ego in your pocket. No one is criticizing you to make you feel bad. They’re telling you how to make your story a better read. This is exactly what my friend did for me. She pointed out flaws, all of them obvious ones.

It’s embarrassing to be called on something when you knew better in the first place. Yeah well, me and hindsight have never been the best of buds. But, I do learn from my mistakes. Now I have quite a bit of rewriting to do. It’s not the end of times, and it’s not like I’m on a deadline. I have the luxury, for once, of time on my side. I can fix what’s broken, and do it right. All I have to do is shift gears and get my head back into the story. On that note, I’ve got a LOT of work to do.

Till next week,


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Covers, covers…everywhere!

Posting on Mondays is odd sometimes…especially when covers are revealed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. This past week, my PA started a promo/review tour for me that includes the cover reveal for Book III in The Custos Series – Book of Mysteries. Soon, I’ll be able to share the story – but for now…here’s the blurb & the cover, graced by a good friend of mine, Eric Jacob.

Book of Mysteries The Custos Book III

Release Date – September 2017 Pre-Order coming soon

Twins Poppy and Bergie share everything, including an ability to read the mysterious book that Bergie gets Mardi Gras Day when the Muddy Graws debut in the big parade. Not to be left behind, Poppy inserts herself into the twisting turn of events when she takes the book from its hiding place and changes everything, shifting the balance between light and dark.

Sebastian Winder has his hands full. The new Keeper has a twin who knows more than she should and is being actively recruited by White Diamond. Fearing the worst, the Custos guardian asks for an assistant. Who he gets is as green a Custos as there ever was, fresh from the Farther Fields, Ramsby Roth.

In this third installment of The Custos series, it might take every one available to keep the book from the wrong hands as the odds are stacking against them. Just when they think the end is in sight, World War I erupts, Bergie is sent to serve, and Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans are cancelled.

How can they keep the book safe now?

Only the book knows.

NEXT WEEK – I have ANOTHER cover reveal for Imposs-i-Bella. Sadly, unless you’ll be joining me at Writers on the River in Peoria this Saturday, you’ll have to wait 2 weeks to see it here since it comes out on Wednesday…


My Need to Read

I’ve always been a dreamer. That’s not to stay I shirk my responsibilities. But when things get really rough, I escape… sometimes a movie, but mostly through books. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have books in my life. From the time I was small, I was always surrounded by them. The stories enchanted me, taking me to wonderful places I would never get the opportunity to go in real life, or teaching me things I would never learn in my everyday life. They were my portal to the unknown and the fascinating. To this day, they hold that power over me. They are my escapism, my center when life gets too crazy to deal with.

The past couple of weeks have been like that for me. Trying to learn something new, but no one has time to answer questions. Someone close to me suddenly pulled the rug out from under me. Figuratively, thank goodness, but it still hurt. A lot of little things mount up. I’m strong, up to a point. My mask is firmly in place, hiding the insecurities of a lifetime. I’m not as thick skinned as people think. I hurt, I retreat.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. The bright side is that I found three new favorite authors. I finished their first series, and have all intentions of delving into their other works. I love finding a story that I get caught up in. The characters become my friends, and I live in their world for a brief time. When the story ends, I find myself at a loss. I don’t want to lose my new friends. I’m sure you all know where I’m coming from. Last night, I finished the last of a four-book series. That makes eleven books in less than a week. I find myself at the intersection of What’s the Next Book? and I have Work to do.

Play time’s over, time to get back to work. I have my own story to write.

Till next week,


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